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Colorado could get hit by blizzard conditions again
Eastern Colorado is bracing for another snowstorm that could once again produce blizzard
Nebraska and Wyoming lawmakers find tolling I-80 tempting
A Nebraska state senator wants to form a four-state committee to discuss the possible tolling of
Interstate 80.
Arkansas bill would tweak state’s speed trap law
Some Arkansas towns would like to write more traffic tickets. As a result, the Arkansas Municipal
League will pursue legislation in the session that begins Jan. 8 to amend the state’s speed trap
Kentucky bill ‘is for the truckers’
A Kentucky state lawmaker is offering a bill intended to aid truckers during times of poor visibility.
Dallas police to crack down on truck parking in restricted areas
They say everything is bigger in Texas, but that phrase must not apply to available truck parking
in the Dallas area.
Weather wreaks havoc on major truck routes
What a mess for truckers and other travelers. While airports are getting plenty of media attention,
from coast to coast, it’s big trouble for major truck routes, too. And apparently there’s more on the
Possible Pennsylvania Turnpike lease draws big-name interest
There are almost as many potential bidders for the Pennsylvania Turnpike as there are states in
the union, even if many of those expressing interest don’t have roots in the U.S. at all.
Group offers scholarships for vets interested in trucking
For many veterans of military service, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one. But
when it comes to those individuals entering the trucking industry, at least one group is trying to
make the process easier and more affordable.
Ohio toll increase
On Tuesday, December 19, reported tolls for Class 8 trucks running the Ohio
Turnpike will pay more as of Jan. 1, 2007. The correct amount of the increase for Class 8 trucks
is $33.50 for the entire 241-mile length of the turnpike.
Speeder stops to help trooper
It’s true – the holidays seem to bring out the best in everyone. And we do mean everyone.
Santa’s sleigh goes green
The U.S. Department of Transportation is putting a new twist on an old Christmas tradition this
Device to detect tailgating, but could unfairly target truckers
On the surface, a new laser device being used by law enforcement in Arizona and Oregon targets
tailgating – but it could also be used to target truckers, an official with the Owner-Operator
Independent Drivers Association said.
New legislation in Missouri focuses on trucks; road safety
In preparation for the start of the regular session in Missouri, state lawmakers have filed several
bills that are of interest to truck drivers.
Study finds surge in third-quarter driver turnover
The American Trucking Association says driver turnover among the biggest truckload carriers
jumped to 121 percent in the third quarter.
Trucking student faces deportation
Instructors at a truck driving school in Rhode Island thought it was suspicious that one of their
students – who was going for a CDL with hazmat endorsement – wasn’t interested in learning
how to back up.
Capitol Christmas tree hauler heads for home
Now that the Capitol Christmas tree has been lit in Washington, DC, OOIDA member Gordy
Grove, who hauled the hand-picked tree from his home state of Washington, is heading for
home – and some much needed rest and relaxation.
Connecticut police under fire for DUI arrest contest
The Connecticut attorney general is considering a review of every DUI motor vehicle suspension
in the state, thanks to a report that shows officers may have participated in a “100 Club” quota
I-70 slowdown expected Wednesday in Indiana
While backups last week on Interstate 70 in Missouri were caused by bad weather, delays this
week in Indiana will be man-made.
Bomb threats close two truck stops; suspect arrested
Bomb threats shut down a Love’s Travel Stop and a Flying J on Highway 99 near Modesto, CA,
for about 30 minutes Monday morning.
That’s one big Christmas tree
It’s taken a massive amount of time and effort to coordinate the transportation of this year’s
Capitol Christmas tree – a 65-foot long Pacific silver fir – to Washington, DC. Now that it’s arrived
safely, it’s time to get out the decorations.
Chapel Room Update:
Brother Jeff Thornton's first sermon in the chapel room will be Nov. 26, 2006.  Brother Thornton
will also receive your prayer requests through his personal email account.
God Bless and Safe Trails
Trucker does better than expected in fundraiser benefit
The organizers of a fundraiser in Orlando, FL, say truckers and other contributors gave more than
$15,000 to help former trucker Ed Tippie and his family with medical and living expenses.
Capitol tree leaves Seattle for Washington, DC
OOIDA member Gordy Grove of Langley, WA, set off from Seattle, WA, Friday morning with an
important mission – he’s delivering the 65-foot-tall Christmas tree that will stand outside the U.S.
Capitol building in Washington, DC.
Louisiana trucker recognized for bravery
A Louisiana trucker has been cited for bravery by the state police for helping a trooper who was
being attacked at a truck stop.
Canadian trucker named as Truck Hero
A trucker from St. Paul, Alberta, Canada, received the 2006 Bridgestone Firestone Canadian
Truck Hero Award on Thursday, Nov. 16, for his bravery in saving a fellow trucker.
Iowa trucker fends off attack
A truck driver is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured after being attacked by two men on the shoulder
of an Iowa highway last Friday.
Coming into U.S. with hazmat? New rules kicked in Monday
The phase-in period that allowed CDL holders from Mexico and Canada to haul hazmat into the
U.S. without a FAST background check has come to an end.
Vets asked to wear ribbons for Veterans Day
If you’re a veteran, the head of the VA is asking you to wear your service ribbons or medals on
Veterans Day.
Marines celebrate 231st birthday
While Saturday, Nov. 11 – Veterans Day – is meant to honor all men and women who have
served in the armed forces, there’s another celebration this week for one specific branch of our
Shots fired at trucks in Alabama truck stop
Investigators in Alabama are asking for clues in identifying and finding a man who fired shots at
two trucks parked in a truck stop Monday.
Former trucker down, not out after first run at political office
A lot of truckers like to talk about how they’d change politics and the government. But one man
went beyond talking the talk – he actually parked his rig and ran for Congress.
Company organizes fundraiser for injured trucker’s family
The story of Ed Tippie is one that goes from bad, to worse, to worst. But if one Orlando
Truck show benefits non-profits
The organizers of this year’s Fergus Truck Show have just handed out $43,000 worth of checks
to non-profit groups.
Trucker saved by cell phone
A cell phone may have saved a Texas trucker’s life when a sniper’s bullet first struck the phone,
then hit his neck.
IRS increases business mileage rate
If you use your personal vehicle to support your trucking business, you’ll see a slightly bigger tax
deduction for mileage next year.
Colorado to revamp truck enforcement
Truckers who drive in Colorado may see some changes in inspection and enforcement
operations next spring.
Tolls finally removed from Thruway in Buffalo, NY
Truckers and four-wheelers alike were honking their horns Monday on the New York State
Thruway near Buffalo, celebrating the closure of the two toll booths that had made Buffalo the
only big city in the state that you had to pay to get into.
TRIP urges caution on state of U.S. bridges
A watchdog group that focuses on roads and bridges says more than one-fourth of the United
States’ bridges are either structurally deficient, or were built so long ago that their designs are
Respect the Difference
Gary Bricken was sitting around a truck stop recently listening to drivers share some of their life
stories when someone raised the subject of the younger drivers....
No change in truck fatality rate
According to the latest data from the Dept. Of Transportation (DOT), the actual number of truck
fatalities in 2005 was 5,212, down from 5,235 in 2004....
Trucker plays key role in rescue of Amber Alert child
A trucker found a vital piece of evidence Thursday in the case of a missing 9-month-old boy and a
murdered social worker, which lead to the apprehension of two suspects.

Thank you unidentified driver.
Iowa trucker saves family from fire
A Sioux City, IA, trucker has been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association for helping
get a family out of their burning house.

Thank you Gena Seibel.
Trucker saves woman with the shirt off his back  
(Land Line Magazine - Oct '06 pg.20)
A Jonesboro, AR, trucker literally gave the shirt off his back recently to save a seriously injured
Barry Byram was behind a Volkswagen Beetle when it went out of control and overturned on
Interstate 40 at Brownsville, TN.  Byram pulled over and climbed into the car through a shattered
back window.  The woman in the car was semi-conscious and he could see that her right leg
was bleeding profusely.  He tore his shirt off and made a tourniquet out of it.  Eventually a state
trooper arrived to help and the woman was taken to a hospital.

Thank you Barry Byram.
Truckstops as business centers
There are some 1,600 truck stops nationwide and they are becoming more integral to the daily
operations of carriers and drivers alike. For example, approximately 40% of all drivers use laptop
computers on the road...
Pennsylvania hands out grants for APU purchases
A handful of truckers in Pennsylvania have gotten some help toward the purchase of anti-idling
Knight wraps up Roads West buy
Roads West Transportation Inc. Under the deal, Knight Transportation has acquired
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