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What's News - June 2009
Nevada changes motor carrier trip permit requirements
Commercial motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,001 pounds or greater, operating
without valid Nevada registration, will be required to obtain a 24-hour temporary registration trip
permit before entering or operating the vehicle in Nevada. This new law goes into effect July 1.
Previously, vehicles were able to travel to the first available vendor within the state to purchase
a permit.
Fed group sets trucking agenda
A federal trucking safety committee’s national agenda includes advocating that the new entrant
process be changed and that the transportation and homeland security departments better
collaborate their efforts.
No silver lining yet in trucking indexes
Jonathan Neal, a salesman for Twin City Transportation Inc., said shippers these days are
ready to do business but it's not because there's more freight to put in trucks the Little
Rockbased company operates.
More Truck Mergers Seen as Carriers Seek Bargains
A wave of transportation mergers and acquisitions may be on the horizon, as the recession
weeds out distressed companies and carriers shop for bargains to help them secure more
freight, several industry watchers said.
Oregon DOT weighs more than 26,000 trucks in three-day campaign
PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division recently
conducted a three-day intensive size and weight enforcement effort along the Interstate 84
corridor recently, weighing in excess of 26,000 trucks.
Obama nominates Trottenberg for DOT post
WASHINGTON — Polly Trottenberg has been nominated as assistant secretary for
transportation policy at the Department of Transportation, the White House reported Thursday.
Industry-Leading Carriers Prepare for Canadian ACI Truck e-Manifest
Requirements With Descartes
WATERLOO, Ontario, June 1, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Descartes Systems Group
(Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG), a global on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics
solutions provider, announced that industry-leading carriers, including Con-way Freight, are
preparing for the soon-to-be-mandatory Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) Truck
e-Manifest with Descartes' Global Logistics Network (GLN) Customs Filing & Compliance suite.
U.S. Fleet Execs See Growing Potential in Mexico
Despite recession-related declines in trade with the United States, Mexico’s potential as an
economic power has shippers and fleet executives taking advantage of the emerging market
Passport requirement takes effect Monday, June 1
Starting Monday, June 1, anyone who crosses the border into the U.S. from Canada or Mexico
for any reason will be required to show a passport or another approved document regardless
of citizenship.
Ontario plans to tax carbon emissions
The Ontario provincial government wants to implement a cap-and-trade system to tax carbon
emissions as early as 2012.
SPECIAL REPORT: OOIDA urges VA governor to keep rest areas open
Thursday, May 28, 2009 - The Virginia Department of Transportation seems more concerned
with dollar signs than with highway safety when it comes to keeping vital safety rest areas open
in the state. In a letter to Gov. Tim Kaine, OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer wrote
he was in "utter shock and disbelief" about VDOT's plan to "gut the rest area program for a
savings of a measly $9 million out of a transportation budget of more than $4.5 billion."
LL EXCLUSIVE: Speed limiters emerge as Ontario election issue
The race for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario may not seem very
interesting to the average trucker, but at least two of the candidates are campaigning to overturn
the speed-limiter law for trucks.
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Trust Busting the Trains
You would think that any talk of antitrust laws in Washington these days would have to do with
too-big-to-fail banking. Not so.
[ A must read. I find it interesting after legislation is's then pulled.  Anyone see a
lobbying effect here?  (~SS~) ]
Senator: Highway fund will go broke in August
WASHINGTON— A Democratic senator whose committee oversees highway programs says
the Obama administration has warned that the trust fund that pays for highway construction will
go broke in August unless Congress approves an infusion of as much as $7 billion.
Freight down until 2010
Truckers larger and small will need to keep their belts tightened into the early part of next year
before they can expect to see freight volumes start increasing, according to the latest industry
analysis compiled by FTR Associates.
GM latest in string of US company takeovers
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. assumption of a controlling interest in General Motors Corp.
isn't the first time the government has nationalized a company or an industry. It has taken
shares in banks, railways, steel mills, coal mines and foreclosed homes.
Mexican trucking group suing U.S. for $6B
Mexico's National Cargo Transportation Association (Canacar) announced yesterday, June 1, it
is suing the United States for $6 billion because of its refusal to allow Mexican haulers onto its
roads as required under the North American Free Trade Agreement. About 4,500 Mexican
trucking companies are involved in the lawsuit, according to Canacar.
Oregon eyes measure to curb truck emissions
An Oregon bill to curb greenhouse gas emissions, House Bill 2186, has made it through the
House and is awaiting action in the Senate Rules Committee.
Truckers fight city council in Hobart, IN, over parking ordinance
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association sent out a Call to Action to its Indiana
members on Monday, June 1, after the city council in Hobart, IN, proposed an ordinance at its
last meeting that would prohibit truckers from parking overnight at retail parking lots, such as
Wal-Mart, along U.S. 30.
Ag Hours of Service exemption receives support
ARLINGTON, Va. — The Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference (AFTC) of the
American Trucking Associations (ATA) released today a critique that refutes a report prepared
by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center alleging safety concerns with Hours of
Service exemptions.
Nevada Senate Kills Plan to Raise Diesel Tax
A bill that would have added 7 cents to Nevada’s 27.75-cent diesel tax for all vehicles except
school buses has died in the state’s Senate.
Maine lawmakers discuss fuel tax increase
Mindful of declining fuel tax revenues and slumping available funds for road work, a legislative
panel in Maine is considering efforts that would phase in increases in the state's fuel tax by as
much as 11 cents.
OAKLAND: Port commissioners to vote on truck pollution reduction plan
Port of Oakland commissioners are scheduled to vote today on a comprehensive truck
management program aimed at reducing emissions from trucks that do business at the port.
LaHood ready to take Mexico truck proposal he sent to White House to Congress
WASHINGTON — Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood says he’s sent a proposal to the
White House for a program to replace the recently ended Cross Border Demonstration Project
and he’s ready to head to Capitol Hill to convince members of Congress a new program is a go.
Oberstar says there will be no highway law extensions
James L. Oberstar, D-Minn., the chairman of the House committee responsible for writing a
new highway bill, says he will not agree to extend the current law.
Trucking interests take partisan stances over Ferro's nomination to head FMCSA
WASHINGTON — Trucking interests Friday took traditional partisan stances over the
nomination of Anne S. Ferro to be the next administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
U.S-Mexico freeway to get funds
A 3-mile stretch of a United States-Mexico freeway that will cost $76.8 million to build is one of
the first transportation projects to benefit from the federal recovery act.
Fewer trucking job losses in May
For-hire trucking companies shed a little more than 8,000 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis
in May – the smallest number since October, according to preliminary data released by the
Department of Labor.
Highway shoulders shaggy as states cut back mowing
HAGERSTOWN, Md.  — America's highways are growing green: Grasses, shrubs and
wildflowers are exploding across median strips and road shoulders this summer as shrinking
maintenance budgets prompt mowing cutbacks in many states.
EPA considering retreads for SmartWay program
WASHINGTON (June 5, 2009) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is evaluating
a proposal to include retreads in its SmartWay Transportation Partnership program, an industry-
government partnership designed to improve the efficiency of freight transport.
Ritter signs several sustainable transportation initiatives into law at Denver's
Alliance Center
Governor Bill Ritter signed three green transportation bills into law today at the Alliance Center
in Denver on Thursday, June, 4th.  The bills include:
Freight information
The Direct Freight Services load board is now available via both cell phone alert and Traveler
Information Screens in truckstops across the country, in addition to the load board on its
STIMULUS WATCH: In jobs, what's stability worth?
WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington is paying hundreds of millions of dollars to build new,
cleaner-burning buses, but don't scour the want ads looking for a burst of job openings soon at
major manufacturers or suppliers.
Florida hikes truck fees 35 percent
This year, Florida truckers face a registration fee increase of an average 35 percent after the
Legislature instituted its first hike since 1971.
Florida Congresswoman proposes ban on repetitive TWIC checks
Congresswoman Kathy Castor, D-FL, offered an amendment to a funding bill Thursday that
prevents states and ports from requiring truckers to pay for and undergo multiple background
checks before entering U.S. ports.
Big ideas: Charge tolls on Pennsylvania's interstates
Some see the Pennsylvania road map as a Pennsylvania cash map.
[ We believe PA should clearly show what's being done with the money they collect now between
fuel tax and toll dollars...FIRST...before attempting to toll more interstates. (~SS~) ]
North Carolina bill would authorize temporary fuel tax increase
Tabbed as a necessary evil by backers to fund road work, a bill was approved by a North
Carolina House panel. The bill would ensure that the state's fuel tax rate won't go down next
month as expected.
Wisconsin budget's oil company tax creates concern
A first-of-its-kind effort to tax big oil companies, which is attached to the proposed Wisconsin
2009-2011 budget, is causing a great stir. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers
Association was quick to act in opposition to the effort because of concern about the effect it
could have on pump prices.
Express truckstop scanning
TruckersB2B has partnered with Pegasus TransTech to offer TransFlo Express truckstop
scanning to its members. TRANSFLO Express provides same-day access to delivery
documents, enabling fleets and drivers to get paid faster.
Long-haul drive tire
Continental Tire North America has released its newest over-the-highway long-haul drive tire,
the HDL2 DL.
Georgia's baffling left turn law violates constitution, court says
ATLANTA  — Making a left turn sounds simple enough. But after considering a lawsuit by a
frustrated motorist, Georgia's Supreme Court says the state traffic law governing left turns is so
baffling that it violates the constitution.
Obama to speed up stimulus spending, notes U.S. still in deep recession
WASHINGTON  — Eager to show action on the ailing economy, and at the same time noting the
country was still in a deep recession, President Barack Obama promised Monday to speed
federal money into hundreds of public works projects this summer, vowing that 600,000 jobs
will be created or saved.
[ NOTE: 1.6 million jobs lost since the stimulus bill was signed by Obama. (~SS~) ]
New coalition reveals support for bill to increase truck weight limits
WASHINGTON — More than 100 associations and companies — including Kraft Foods,
MillerCoors and International Paper — today officially launched the Coalition for Transportation
Productivity (CTP), urging Congress to responsibly raise the federal vehicle weight limit on U.S.
interstates highways.
[ This coalition actually makes the statement bigger, heavier trucks will allow for safer highways...
excuse me?!!...are they serious?!! (~SS~) ]
LaHood: Administration opposed to increasing fuel taxes
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the Obama administration is against raising
gasoline taxes to pay for transportation programs. Truckers should know that LaHood's
position also refers to diesel. LaHood told a congressional subcommittee on Thursday, June
4, that transportation funding will have to come from somewhere other than that particular form
of tax increase.
Colo. enacts 'green truck' law
Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter last week signed into law the Green Truck and Motor Carrier Economic
Development Program (HB 1298),
US truckers join coalition calling for oil speculation limits
WASHINGTON -- As oil prices rose over $70 per barrel last week and Goldman Sachs raised
its forecast for oil prices, the American Trucking Associations joined a coalition of trade
associations asking Congress to rein in excessive speculation in the commodities markets.
House approves TSA Authorization, TWIC improvements
The U.S. House of Representatives approved the Transportation Security Administration's
authorization bill Thursday, June 4, which includes provisions to reduce multiple background
checks and make TWIC enrollment less time consuming.
Oregon lawmakers OK transportation bill with weight-mile tax increase
A transportation package in Oregon, which is one step from becoming law, raises gas taxes,
weight-mile taxes and vehicle fees.
Vermont gas tax increase now in effect, diesel tax boost effective Oct. 1
Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas recently signed the $540 million transportation budget. There was
little fanfare over the bill increasing the state's fuel taxes about 3 cents per gallon.
Proventia Thermo King Bobtail TRU FTF Receives CARB Approval
Holliston, Mass., (June 1, 2009)- Today, Proventia announced that they have received CARB
approval for the Proventia FTF (flow through filter) which fits many models of the Thermo King
straight truck (bobtail) TRUs such as the MDII, KDII, TDII and more.
ATA unveils new safety agenda with speed limiter component
ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations (ATA) today presented a new highway
agenda at a press conference on Capitol Hill that the lobbying group said will greatly advance
the cause of highway safety.
ATA tells Congress cap-and-trade will harm trucking
ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations (ATA) today told a Congressional
Committee that a cap-and-trade program would impose significant costs on the trucking
industry and American consumers.
Road-rage shooting leaves trucker injured
Police in Indiana are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect of an alleged road rage
shooting that left one truck driver injured. Police in Floyd County, IN, responded to a shooting
that reportedly occurred shortly before 11:30 p.m. on Friday, June 5.
Massachusetts toll lawsuit draws 1,700 plaintiffs
A lawsuit against the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority has now attracted more than 1,700
plaintiffs from 22 states, including truckers and trucking companies. Plaintiffs seek to get
money back from the past three years of using the Massachusetts Turnpike. They claim the
turnpike has unfairly diverted at least $442 million to pay off debts associated with the Big Dig.
Prices proposed for new LA-area freeway toll lanes
LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County is considering congestion pricing for new toll lanes on
Interstate 10 and Interstate 110.
Speed cameras coming soon to Maryland work zones
As of Oct. 1, vehicles of drivers speeding through Maryland highway construction zones could
be in pictures. A new state law will take effect allowing speed cameras to be posted in
construction zones. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association voiced concern
about focusing solely on the speed of vehicles in work zones to solve safety worries.
Forgotten Harvest Adds First Hybrid Truck to Fleet
Donation from Daimler's U.S. truck, financial services divisions and supplier will increase
organization's capacity by 850,000 additional pounds of food annually while reducing fuel costs
by 30 percent.
U.S. industry warns of high costs from climate bill
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Energy prices, from fuel for interstate trucking to electric utility costs,
would rise significantly under climate change legislation pending in the U.S. Congress,
industry officials said on Tuesday.
Steaming ahead of rail's struggles
Jim Quinn is a man with a plan, and plenty of passion for his job.
He's going to need both, for his role as new chief executive of KiwiRail is essentially to stitch
the country's rail and ferry system back together.
Oil Purification Systems Raises $2.5 Million in Funding, Announces New CEO
SHELTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oil Purification Systems (OPS) (, the
leader in fluid cleaning technology, announced today that it has secured $2.5 million in funding
from Atlantic Capital Group, Sterling Passive Investments, RDA Ventures, LLC, USA Fund, LP
and Connecticut Innovations.
Speed-limiter protest this weekend in Milton, Ontario
Heads up, Canadian truckers. In case you hadn't heard, truckers are rallying this Saturday,
June 13, at the Milton Fairgrounds in Milton, Ontario, to protest the provincial law that governs
their trucks at speeds below the flow of traffic on major highways. Full enforcement and fines
relating to this law begin July 1.
CBO says HR 2454 would add $846 billion in taxes
A US House bill that would introduce a domestic carbon emissions cap-and-trade program
would cost $846 billion in new taxes, the Congressional Budget Office said on June 5.
CBO analyzed HR 2454, the 2009 American Clean Energy and Security. The House Energy and
Commerce Committee approved HR2454 on May 21 by 33 to 25 votes.
Competition drives ATA's highway agenda
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association isn't buying the arguments behind
various points in ATA's newly unveiled reworked highway agenda. The American Trucking
Associations and a handful of other groups rolled out an 18-point highway agenda to a small
group of press in Washington, DC, Tuesday, June 9.
Maine's transportation committee approves two-year fuel tax increase
A Maine legislative panel voted to pursue a temporary nickel increase in the state's fuel tax rate
to prop up declining revenue and slumping available funds for roads. But time is running out for
passage of the bill.
Up to 50 vehicles pile up on foggy California. pass
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — As many as 50 vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction accident
early Wednesday in fog on a mountain highway, injuring at least 15 people and scattering
wreckage for a half-mile, authorities said.
Pickens: Convert rigs from diesel to natural gas
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens predicted Tuesday that the United
States will adopt a national energy plan by the end of the year.
Cap-and-trade will hurt trucking industry: ATA
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has told a Congressional
committee that cap-and-trade emissions programs will be damaging to the trucking industry
and consumers.
Does Congress know about Environmentally Friendly Drilling?
Some members of Congress currently believe they can better protect drinking water resources
by regulating hydraulic fracturing at a federal level. I wonder if they know about the
Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) program. This federally funded collaborative research
involves Texas A&M University, the Houston Advanced Research Center, and others.
Maine, Colorado Sign Energy and Transportation Bills
Maine Governor John Baldacci last week signed legislation to improve the permiting process
for offshore wind projects.
Utah troopers write 3,000 speeding tickets on Interstate 80
SALT LAKE CITY— Troopers have handed out about 3,000 speeding tickets since the state
started extra patrols in the Interstate 80 construction zone in Salt Lake City last year.
New Mexico law diverts ticket camera profit
If a ticket camera catches you speeding or running a red light, no matter where you are in New
Mexico, the fine will be the same. Gov. Bill Richardson recently signed into law a bill that
standardizes the use of red-light and speeding cameras. It takes effect June 21.
Despite tough '08, it pays to be a CEO
At Celadon, an Indianapolis-based trucking company, CEO Stephen Russell's pay rose 148
percent in fiscal 2008 to $2.11 million, according to Equilar.
[ Have no doubts brother & sister truckers. Freight rates have not declined...only the rates these big
companies and brokers pay truckers. (~SS~) ]
65 percent of truck fleets have only 1 tractor, research shows.
NEW YORK — Do you have a small fleet of trucks and think you’re in the minority? Well, think
again, according to the latest data from Wolfe Research.
Truck conference to focus on efficiency, safety
ANN ARBOR, Mich.  — Improving the efficiency and safety of truck transportation while reducing
its environmental damage is the focus of an international conference next week at the
University of Michigan.
On the Ground Realities (and Solutions) for Truck Companies Looking to Go Green
Heavy class-eight trucks could feasibly save double to triple the amount of fuel they burn,
amounting to 3.8 billion gallons of diesel avoided and $7.6 billion dollars gained per year in the
United States.
[ I'm generally never impressed with non-trucker journalists and their inability to truly
understand the realities about our industry when reporting. But Ms. Stamas has done a fair
reporting job with this article. (~SS~) ]
YRC says it hasn't, won't apply for government bailout
NEW YORK  — The nation's largest publicly traded trucking company has told its customers it
hasn't applied for a government bailout and doesn't plan on applying for one, reversing
intentions widely reported last month.
Study Recommends Infrastructure Overhaul
As the anticipated boost in demand for freight transportation approaches, the U.S. may need to
give more urgency to congestion and transportation infrastructure.
No probable cause? NJ bill would expand post-crash sobriety tests
An effort in the New Jersey statehouse would require sobriety tests for truckers and other
drivers in "serious" wrecks, whether or not there's indication of driving "under the influence."
The additional power the bill would give to law enforcement is of significant concern to the
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.
Truckers wary of fuel price spikes as experts miss mark in June DOE forecast
A year ago, many truckers were forced to choose between food and fuel as the price of diesel
hit a record high of $4.764 per gallon in mid-July. With freight rates already in the toilet, many
truckers can't afford a significant spike in their fuel costs again this summer.
Truckers oppose Wyoming proposal to toll I-80
Truckers who use Interstate 80 in the West - and there are a lot of them - should know that state
officials in Wyoming are continuing to push forward with a plan to convert it to a toll road. The
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and other highway user groups are
adamantly against the tolling of existing highways built with tax dollars.
I-40 Reopens in Knoxville, Tenn.
The Tennessee Department of Transportation reopened Interstate 40 through downtown
Knoxville on Friday after a 14-month closure.
Hodges Says Cap-and-Trade Plan Threatens Trucking’s Viability
A House cap-and-trade energy bill would “add another layer of volatility” to the already erratic
price of diesel fuel that could jeopardize the economic viability of trucking companies, Tommy
Hodges, first vice chairman of American Trucking Associations, said last week.
Idaho, U.S. rails clogged with cars due to recession
NAMPA, Idaho — A growing number of idled boxcars and locomotives are filling the sidings in
Nampa, reflecting the nationwide economic downturn and Union Pacific Railroad's decreased
Volvo deliveries down 57 percent worldwide
GOTHENBURG, Sweden — The Volvo Group reported Monday that its worldwide truck
deliveries totaled 9,446 in May, a 57 percent fall from the year before.
U.S. and Mexico agree to improve customs
WASHINGTON — The U.S. and Mexico formalized an agreement Monday to work together to
secure legal travel and trade across the countries' shared border.
Echo Acquires Brokerage Firm
Echo Global Logistics, a transportation management firm, has purchased Raytrans
Distribution Services, a transportation brokerage firm. The two will begin doing business
together immediately.
TA, Petro Now Have Prepackaged DEF Supply
TravelCenters of America announced today that all 234 of its TravelCenters of America and
Petro Stopping Centers locations are stocked with 2.5 gallon containers of diesel exhaust fluid
for retail sale.
Decision expected on rest area closures, lifting of two-hour time limit in VA
A final decision is expected in the next day or so on the 19 rest areas that are on the chopping
block in Virginia.
Norfolk Southern eyes Birmingham area for major hub
Norfolk Southern said the Crescent Corridor aims to use a network of terminals and railway
improvements along a 2,500-mile rail line from New Jersey to New Orleans to take as many as
1 million trucks off interstates by transporting their cargo via train.
Ontario truckers push back on government, big business
Some people’s passion for trucking cannot be extinguished with a thousand hoses, even if the
water is aimed directly at them by the government and large carrier fleets.
CARB offers up to $35,000 for CA-registered truck trade-ins
At first blush, it sounds like a sweet deal. But California owner-operators are offering mixed
reactions to a new program that will provide a cash voucher for a heavy-duty clunker.
[ What's wrong here? Cali has no money...yet their going to offer money for CA-registered truck
trade-ins.  So where's the money coming from? (~SS~)
Con-way says new LTL pricing plan will 'transform' trucking industry
ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Con-way Freight, a less-than-truckload carrier and subsidiary of Con-way
Inc., has announced the introduction of True LTL Pricing.
YRC accelerates closing of facilities as part of integrating Yellow, Roadway
YRC Worldwide Inc. plans to close more facilities this month as it speeds up cost-cutting
Utility to recall laid-off workers
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. announced Tuesday that its Marion refrigerator trailer plant in
Atkins will recall this summer about 145 employees laid off earlier this year because of
reduced sales.
North Carolina House votes to authorize temporary fuel tax increase
Struggling to cope with dwindling funds to pay for roadwork, the North Carolina House
endorsed a bill to prevent the state's fuel tax from dropping. The bill now moves to Gov. Beverly
Perdue's desk for her signature.
Maritime Commission files motion to withdraw port challenge
SAN PEDRO, Calif. — The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) said today that it filed in the U.
S. District Court in Washington a motion requesting the court to withdraw the commission’s
challenge of FMC Agreement No. 201170, the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Infrastructure and
Environmental Programs Cooperative Working Agreement.
WyDOT: $116 is I-80 toll threshold for trucks
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Transportation says commercial truck
drivers and trucking companies would be willing to pay as much as $116 to use Interstate 80 to
cross southern Wyoming.
[ We'd like to know what truckers WyDOT has spoke with willing to pay a toll for a highway built
with, and maintained with, highway tax dollars...cause it sure isn't any truckers we know.  Feel free
to express your comments to (~SS~) ]
Release of ‘white paper’ on transportation funding delayed
WASHINGTON — House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James L.
Oberstar has delayed until Thursday the release of a white paper to outline plans for the new
surface transportation authorization bill.
Senator questions 100 federal stimulus projects
WASHINGTON — Repairs for rural bridges, an under-highway safe crossing for turtles and
efforts to protect the sage grouse population are among 100 projects a Republican senator
pointed to Monday as questionable federal stimulus spending.
Experts miss mark in DOE fuel forecast, truckers wary
A year ago, many truckers were forced to choose between food and fuel as the price of diesel
hit a record high of $4.764 per gallon in mid-July. With freight rates already in the toilet, many
truckers can't afford a significant spike in their fuel costs again this summer.
Illinois uniform speed bill: One step closer?
Truckers anxiously awaiting a decision in Illinois on whether split speeds will be done away
with got one step closer today to a final answer. The Illinois General Assembly went through the
formality Tuesday, June 16, of sending Gov. Pat Quinn the bill to end split speed limits.
ITS America Seeks Congestion Ideas
The Intelligent Transportation Society of America, IBM and Spencer Trask Collaborative
Innovations are looking for innovative ideas for combating transportation congestion as part of
a new global challenge.
Transportation bill will benefit Troutdale now and in the future
I want to thank the East County representatives and especially Rep. Nick Kahl, D-Rockwood, for
his tireless efforts in bringing transportation improvements to the Troutdale area through HB
It's Official...No More 2 Hour Parking Time Limit
We want to thank each and every one of those who stood up and spoke out with us regarding
Virginia's two hour parking time limit at rest areas. Today it was made official that the two hour
commercial parking rule was replaced with "no overnight parking." Before anyone gets freaked
out thinking this is worse...I will say, it is not.
Speak English well, or get a ticket
Truckers face hefty fine for breaking law that says they must be able to talk with police.
Administration, lawmaker collide on highway bill
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration and the House's top Democrat on transportation
policy agree on the need to improve highways, cut traffic congestion and get people out of their
cars by providing better transportation alternatives.
Oberstar to unveil highway bill 'blueprint' Thursday
The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says the next
transportation authorization bill will transform the federal role in investment, safety and transit.
U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, D-MN, is scheduled to release a blueprint of the authorization bill on
Thursday, June 18.
N.M. revokes towing and trucking permits
SANTA FE, N.M. — The operating permits of 89 trucking, towing and other transportation
companies have been revoked by the state Public Regulation Commission.
LaHood Pushes for Short-Term Highway Funding Fix
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood yesterday went to Capitol Hill and asked Congress to
pass an immediate 18-month highway reauthorization and put off the bigger issues about how
we're going to fund our infrastructure long-term. He called for reforms rather than raising the
fuel tax during a recession.
The trucking industry is being tsunami’d
Needless to say the trucking industry is being tsunami’d by wave after wave of: cost increases,
rates cuts, lane changes and regulatory blitzes (not to mention construction delays).
Port of Oakland Passes Clean Truck Plan
The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners approved a $15.2 million Comprehensive Truck
Management Plan Tuesday, which included a vote to ban older, polluting trucks from the port.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, truck models older than 1993 are prohibited from entering the port,
while models from 1994 to 2006 must be retrofitted with soot filters.
Address Highway Trust Fund shortfall quickly, governors urge Congress
WASHINGTON — The nation's governors have called on Congress to address the impending
funding shortfall of the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) as soon as possible.
Oberstar Proposal Would Mandate EOBRs
Mandatory electronic on-board recorders and a number of other truck driver safety related
regulations are among the highway reauthorization proposal
announced last week by Rep.
James Oberstar and other leaders of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Truckers spar over increasing weight limit
The Louisiana Forestry Association is one of more than 100 groups and companies urging
Congress to raise the federal vehicle weight limit on U.S. interstates.
ATRI updates listing of state, local idling regulations
ARLINGTON, VA — The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has updated the
listing of state and local idling regulations found on its Web site
Flying J Shuts Several Restaurants
Parker said after careful evaluation, Flying J recently made the decision to close the following
restaurant locations: Commerce, Ga; Bessemer, Ala., Lubbock, Texas; Cokeville, Wyo.,
Evanston, Wyo.; Payson, Utah, and Casper, Wyo.
Reserve estimate for natural gas soars
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The country’s natural gas reserves are much bigger than previously
thought, according to a report released Thursday.
Hostile environment bullying in the Trucking Industry
Bullying in the trucking Industry has been around for a long time. It used to be that companies
would just tell you to toughen up and go on. But now this problem is beginning to show it's ugly
Roadcheck 2009 Results Show Improvement, CVSA Says
Roadcheck 2009 inspections showed significant declines in vehicle and driver out-of-service
rates as well as safety belt violations, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance said Thursday.
White House Says Transportation System Overhaul Must Wait
After rejecting criticism that it is taking on too much, the Obama administration has identified
one area where ambitious reforms will have to wait: overhauling the nation's aging, congested
and carbon-emitting transportation system.
NTSB urges changes, but can't require them
WASHINGTON — Has the National Transportation Safety Board become the government's "I-
told-you-so" agency?
Lawmakers urge Obama to drop transportation plan
WASHINGTON — Forty-three House Democrats urged President Barack Obama on
Wednesday to drop a plan they say will delay an increase in aid to highway and transit projects.
Big Oil’s Answer to Carbon Law May Be Imports, Idle Refineries
America’s biggest oil companies will probably cope with U.S. carbon legislation by closing fuel
plants, cutting capital spending and increasing imports.
Federal Government Shells Out Funds for Transportation Projects
The Federal Highway Administration is shelling out $140 million to 36 states and another $5.2
million to 14 states for transportation improvement projects and bridge construction and repair,
Large trucks will be prohibited from blocks near Lift Bridge
Beginning today, trucks measuring more than 55 feet in length will be prohibited from driving on
a two-block stretch between Stillwater's downtown and the Stillwater Lift Bridge to connect
Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Low-carbon fuel bill wins Oregon Senate's approval
SALEM, Ore. — Gov. Ted Kulongoski's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars and
trucks by forcing oil companies to reduce carbon in gasoline and diesel fuel was approved
Wednesday night by the Oregon Senate.
Lone Star State Passes Alternative Fuel Regulations
Texas recently passed legislation aimed at adding more alternative fuel vehicles to both state
agency and private vehicle fleets.
Slow progress for Minnesota bridge memorial
MINNEAPOLIS — Nearly two years after the Interstate 35W bridge crumbled, a proposed
memorial to the 13 people killed in the collapse has barely moved from the drawing board.
New International Bridge to Mexico to Open in October
The South Texas city of Mission will be the location of a new international bridge to Mexico,
scheduled to open in October.
Va. will keep 19 rest areas open through July 4th
ROANOKE, Va. — Virginia will keep its interstate highway rest areas open through the Fourth of
July holiday weekend, even though money to operate them has run out.
Effective July 1, large trucks banned from Stillwater Lift Bridge
As of Wednesday, July 1, a lift bridge northeast of Minneapolis will be off-limits to truck drivers.
White House hunting $20 billion for highways, transit
WASHINGTON —  The Obama administration is scrambling to find an extra $20 billion to keep
highway and transit construction projects and the thousands of jobs they represent going for
the next year and a half.
Biden: $19B in highway stimulus already set aside
WASHINGTON — Federal money to spur economic recovery is being shoveled out of
Washington at a fast clip, the White House said Thursday, but states aren’t steering the cash to
counties that need jobs the most.
Governor calls special session to fund TxDOT
AUSTIN, Texas — Only a month after Texas lawmakers adjourned their regular session, they’ll
meet again in a special session Gov. Rick Perry announced Thursday to pass legislation to
keep the transportation department and other state agencies running.
‘Speed limiter’ fines begin July 1 in Ontario, Quebec
Two Canadian provinces will begin handing out fines Wednesday, July 1, to truckers who do
not have a speed limiter activated on their rigs.
Public input needed for I-5 bridge tolls
Officials in Oregon and Washington State are calling for public input as they prepare to set toll
rates for the future Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River.
Trucking Raises Concerns over House-Passed Energy Bill
The trucking industry has raised concerns over the energy bill passed by the House that would
include a “cap and trade” provision to set up a market for greenhouse gas emissions.
ATA Truck Tonnage Index increased 3.2 percent in May
ARLINGTON, VA — The American Trucking Associations’ advance seasonally adjusted (SA)
For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index rose for the first time since February, gaining 3.2 percent in May.
Massachusetts toll hike scrapped; Gov. to sign budget
BOSTON — The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority has eliminated a planned toll hike hours
before Gov. Deval Patrick signs a state budget that includes a 25 percent hike in the state sales
Virginia ban on texting while driving begins Wednesday
RICHMOND, Va. — Message to drivers who text or e-mail on the road: put the phone down or
pay up.
Congress Issues Draft Legislation To Ban Tank Trailer Wetlines
Tank trailer manufacturers and their customers got good news and bad news on the wetlines
issue from the House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
ZF and ISE to Distribute Hybrid Systems in North America
Auto supplier ZF Friedrichshafen has signed on with ISE Corp., a producer of hybrid drives
systems, to distribute a line of parallel-electric hybrid drive systems and parts in North America.