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What's News - October 2007
Macquarie, Cintra eyeball Pennsylvania Turnpike
If Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell follows through on his threat to sell the Pennsylvania Turnpike
to private investors, there’s a strong possibility Australian toll operator Macquarie will be
among the bidders.
California’s clean truck plan for ports may be delayed
California’s plan to admit only low-emission, company-operated trucks at the ports of Los
Angeles and Long Beach may be delayed and/or altered.
XM new home to ‘Midnight Trucking Radio Network’ show
XM Satellite Radio announced Monday it is now the home to the “Midnight Trucking Radio
Network” program, hosted by Eric Harley and Gary McNamara.
Massachusetts bill would offer protections for small business
A bill in the Massachusetts statehouse that is part of a growing trend across the country to
strengthen safeguards for small businesses in each state, including trucking operations,
could draw consideration as the session winds down.
Infrared may zap DC’s HOT lanes
Highway planners in Washington, DC, are talking about using infrared scanners to figure out
how many people are in certain cars.
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Video of Tacoma blast shows driver's actions
Officials in Tacoma , WA , say they have a poor-quality security camera video of last Saturday's
propane explosion at a foundry.
Georgia trucker's murder not ‘random'
Police in Lithonia , GA , told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio they don't think a truck
driver who was shot to death in a trucking company lot this week was the victim of a random
Trailer wheels kill Indiana police officer
A Shelbyville, IN, police officer was killed Wednesday night, Oct. 10, when the rear dual wheels
of a semi trailer broke loose and struck him as he worked a traffic stop beside Interstate 74.
California officials look into new, tougher driving tests
Obtaining a California driver's license soon could become more difficult and state officials are
looking into whether more extensive tests should be used to evaluate a driver's memory,
reflexes and vision to identify people who shouldn't be behind the wheel.
Indiana given grant to study truck-only lanes
Indiana has been added to the list of Midwestern states that are getting federal money to study
the idea of truck-only lanes on Interstate 70.
Plaintiffs' amended complaint filed in hot fuel lawsuit
Action is moving forward on the consolidated “hot fuel” lawsuits as plaintiffs filed their
amended complaint on Oct. 5, beating the Oct. 8 deadline ordered by the judge.
US Highway 90 bridge to open in Louisiana
The first two lanes on the new U.S. Highway 90 bridge in Louisiana , which connects Biloxi and
Ocean Springs, are set to open in two weeks.
Goodyear Highway Hero nominations sought
A North American search is on for unsung heroes of the highway – truck drivers who keep the
nation's economy moving with daily commerce and who come to the rescue of fellow motorists.
Maine lawmakers consider merging Turnpike Authority with DOT
Concerns about a projected $2.2 billion shortfall in transportation funding during the next
decade has officials in Maine brainstorming how to fill the gap. One possible solution is to
combine the Maine Department of Transportation with the Maine Turnpike Authority.
Transportation budget discussion begins in Virginia
The first in a series of public meetings on transportation funding in Virginia was Tuesday, Oct.
9 and focused on a proposed $11 billion budget for road construction and repairs during the
next six years.
Illinois truck stop closure will reduce truck parking
A truck stop that's been a fixture in the Joliet, IL, area for more than 30 years is about to close -
taking with it about 180 truck parking spots.
FBI raids Houston offices of Houston trucking company
FBI agents raided the offices of a major trucking and logistics company in Houston on
Wednesday, Oct. 10, apparently as part of an investigation into surcharges paid by the
Crackdown targeting all drivers set for Oct. 21-28
No matter whether you're driving a tractor-trailer or a personal vehicle, law enforcement officers
across the country are gearing up for an enforcement blitz set for Oct. 21-28.
Trucker shot on I-83 in Pennsylvania
A trucker from Baltimore was hit in the leg Sunday by a bullet as he drove on Interstate 83 in
Georgia OOIDA member shot
An OOIDA member who was shot late Monday night, Oct. 8, at a trucking company just east of
Atlanta died on Tuesday.
Dallas toll hike stuns trucker
New, higher tolls just went into effect on the Dallas North Tollway. And while four-wheelers are
seeing a sizable increase, it's nothing compared to what truckers have been hit with.
Canadian trucker cashes in on lottery ticket
Trucker Nick McKay from Sherwood Park in Alberta, Canada, recently got double lucky by
winning the lottery.
Faulty hose, connector may have caused propane truck blast
Fire investigators in Tacoma , WA , say they think a massive explosion at a foundry was
caused by a faulty hose, or faulty connection between a propane truck and a stationary tank.
Maine lawmakers consider new tolls to bridge gap in road funding
To the dismay of Maine 's governor, a state legislative panel has authorized a feasibility study
on whether to add tolls to the state's interstates to help generate revenue for roads and
Conflicting stats in Illinois split-speed debate
As the debate rages in Illinois over getting rid of the state's split speed limit, both sides of the
issue are throwing out statistics to support their cases.
Plans unveiled for bridge replacement in Minneapolis
The Minnesota DOT has awarded a contract and released the design for the replacement of
the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis .
Truck driving school owner faces trial
The owner of a Melbourne , FL , truck driving school faces trial on 13 felony counts after
allegedly paying students to work at his home or business while giving them credit for CDL
classes they never attended.
Tanker explosion rocks Tacoma
A propane truck driver was critically injured and three others were hurt when the truck exploded
at a Tacoma , WA , metal foundry on Saturday, Oct. 6.
Arrests made in bowling ball incident
Police in Fairmont , MN , have charged five teenage boys in connection with the case of a
trucker who was seriously injured when someone dropped a bowling ball off an overpass on
Interstate 90.
FHWA assigns I-80 toll proposal to specific program
The Federal Highway Administration has given its initial endorsement to a proposal to convert
Interstate 80 into a toll road in Pennsylvania.
Virginia town plans to pursue traffic flow study; tolls possible
Officials in one Virginia town are expected to call on state lawmakers to pay for a regional
transportation study to help with congestion.
Trucker's widow awarded $16 million in wrongful death suit
A superior court jury in Bridgeport , CT , has handed a $16 million wrongful death award to the
widow of a trucker who died of a heart attack in 1994.
Tolls to increase Oct. 22 in New Hampshire
Truck tolls will increase by 25 cents per axle on New Hampshire’s 93 miles of toll roads
starting Oct. 22.
Hearing set for Corzine transportation plan challenge
In New Jersey, a judge has set Nov. 16 as the date for a hearing on a lawsuit filed by
Republican state Assembly members against Gov. Jon Corzine.
Ohio bill would toughen rules on road rage
A bill in the Ohio Senate intended to help curb incidents of aggressive driving in the state could
draw consideration as the end of the legislative session approaches.
Senators question TSA over TWIC; enforcement to be time-delayed
The first port enrollments for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program will
begin in mid-October, followed by 11 other ports in November, according to the TSA.
Trucker gets cash back from DEA
A trucker who had $23,000 in cash confiscated by federal drug agents has gotten the money
back, with a little help from the American Civil Liberties Union.
MassPike truck tolls go up 25 cents per axle
The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority took a safe path this week by adopting a toll increase
based on a scheduled rate not adjusted for mounting Big Dig expenses.
Truck dispatcher faces bribery charges
A former dispatcher at a Lodi, CA, truck company is in jail on bribery charges after allegedly
charging drivers between $100 and $300 a month to get premium loads and the newest
TravelCenters of America to invest millions in fix-ups
TravelCenters of America is planning to spend $135 million fixing up its truck stops.
Illinois sheriff’s deputies bust bogus CDL operation
Sheriff’s deputies in Chicago raided a bogus Mexican CDL and driver’s license operation on
Big load stranded in Baltimore
A trucker hauling an overweight and oversize load was stranded in Baltimore for 17 hours on
Wednesday, Oct. 3, along with the drivers of his two escort vehicles.
Tennessee lawmakers rule out fuel tax boost to pay for road work
As is the case in many states across the country, transportation officials in Tennessee are
looking for solutions to help pay for the state’s backlog of road work.
International debuts new ‘cold plate’ reefer technology
International has introduced a new alternative to reefers as a way to keep food cold.
Florida DOT offers transportation workshop
The Florida Department of Transportation is planning a special workshop about commercial
vehicle operations and their relationship with traffic engineering, transportation operations and
planning personnel.
DHS issues final rule on Transportation Worker Identification Credential program
The Department of Homeland Security has published its final rule for the Transportation
Worker Identification Credential program in the Federal Register , revealing a program that
could someday be applied to other workers at public and private shipping sites throughout the
Recycled, reused parts keep Mexican trucks going
The quality of trucks used in Mexico has been questioned time and time again by opponents of
the cross-border trucking program with Mexico.
Young hunter shoots trucker in apparent accident
In Minnesota , an 11-year-old boy who was hunting with a 22-caliber rifle told police he was
aiming at a squirrel when he hit a truck driver instead.
Florida governor eyes privatization despite negative report
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will still consider the privatization of Interstate 75 and two other
roadways despite a financial consultant's belief that the state would make more money by
holding onto the assets.
Michigan bill would almost double per-gallon diesel tax rate
As state lawmakers put on a final push in Michigan to approve bills before the regular session
ends this winter, a pair of bills of interest to truck drivers could draw consideration.
Governor wants to scrap Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and his administration want to do away with the
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority as part of a plan to create a new state transportation agency,
the Boston Herald has reported.
Interstate 70 tunnel reopens in Colorado
Truckers who haul on Interstate 70 in western Colorado can once again go through the
eastbound side of the Hanging Lake Tunnel east of Glenwood Springs.
New Jersey bridge repairs could cost billions
A new report from the New Jersey Department of Transportation says it will cost more than
$13.5 billion to fix all of the state's bridges.
Mexican gang targets truckers
Police in northern Mexico say they found the buried bodies of three people who were killed by a
gang that hijacks tractor-trailers and sometimes kills the drivers
Pennsylvania bill would repeal I-80 tolling provision
A Pennsylvania state lawmaker wants to void the state’s transportation package approved this
summer that includes a provision to toll Interstate 80 and would provide $800 million annually
for roads, bridges and transit in the state.
Study reveals CA-based trucks are older, typically run on non-CA diesel
A study commissioned by the California Air Resources Board reveals that California-registered
trucks are older than out-of-state trucks, and burn nearly as much non-CARB diesel as
out-of-state trucks.
Rendell lists 33 companies interested in leasing PA Turnpike
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says 33 companies have submitted qualifications in hopes of
bidding on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, should the governor choose to pursue a long-term
Truckers pitch in to save another driver
Indiana police are crediting two truckers with saving the life of another man whose box truck
had crashed and caught fire Monday afternoon on Interstate 69 northeast of Indianapolis.
Minnesota officials select company to replace I-35 bridge
The company chosen to rebuild the Interstate 35 bridge in Minneapolis submitted the costliest
bid, and will take longer to rebuild it than most of its competitors.
Interstate 5 lanes reopen in California after fiery tunnel crash
Both sides of Interstate 5 in California were reopened early Monday morning, Oct. 15, following
a deadly chain-reaction calamity in a tunnel near Santa Clarita on Friday. The fiery crash
involved dozens of trucks and claimed the lives of two truckers and one child, who reportedly
was riding with his trucking father.
Trucker injured in propane explosion dies
Charles McDonald, the truck driver who was badly burned earlier this month during an
explosion at a foundry in Tacoma, WA, has died.
Wyoming lawmakers consider truck tolls for I-80
A Wyoming legislative panel is looking into the possibility of imposing tolls on Interstate 80
truck traffic to help foot the bill for rising road repair costs.
Oil prices reach yet another milestone
Oil prices briefly set another record in trading on Monday, Oct. 15, before dropping slightly.
Bill would force states to pay if they want to toll interstates
A U.S. representative from Iowa has filed legislation designed to disrupt plans by some states
to toll interstate highways.
TWIC program rolls out Tuesday at Delaware port
The Transportation Worker Identification Credential program, or TWIC, is finally getting under
way on Tuesday, Oct. 16, with the first cards set to be issued at the Port of Wilmington in
MassPike officials in the hot seat; math for toll increase questioned
A $6 million miscalculation by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority has upset officials and a
public already skeptical about an upcoming toll increase.
Oregon governor calls for secure driver’s licenses
Gov. Ted Kulongoski wants Oregon to make it more difficult for people to get licenses to drive
in the state and elsewhere.
US Highway 90 bridge to open in Mississippi
The first two lanes on the new U.S. Highway 90 bridge in Mississippi, which connects Biloxi
and Ocean Springs, are set to open in less than two weeks.
Diesel prices spike in West
Diesel prices continued to spike in western states as the winter diesel season began.
One victim tentatively identified, drivers still missing in I-5 wreck
At least one of the drivers killed in the fiery wreck in a southbound truck tunnel under the
Golden State Freeway in Santa Clarita , CA , last weekend may have been identified.
Two laptops containing trucker data stolen from TSA
Two laptops containing personal information about commercial drivers who haul hazardous
materials have been stolen from a contractor who was working for the Transportation Security
Police seek help in death of truck driver
Police in Rancho Dominguez, CA, are asking anyone with information on the death of Elsy
Molina to come forward.
California governor signs bill to study ‘hot fuel' issue
A bill signed into law in California calls for a study to analyze the problem of “hot fuel” in the
state along with possible solutions to make sure consumers get what they pay for at the pump.
Oil prices continue to break records
The price of crude oil set yet another record in trading on Tuesday, soaring almost to $88 a
Florida DOT offers commercial vehicle workshop
The Florida Department of Transportation is planning a special workshop on the subject of
commercial vehicle operations and their relationship to traffic engineering and transportation
Interstate 5 wreck may not have started in tunnel
Since initial reports from the scene last week, authorities have believed that the deadly crash
on Interstate 5 in California started inside the truck route tunnel.
Plan to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants under fire in New York
A controversial plan by the New York governor to offer driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants
drew debate this week.
Crude prices continue to reach record highs
Oil prices have set yet another record this week, this time topping $88 dollars a barrel.
New California vehicle fee signed into law by governor
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put his signature on a bill that is intended to raise
revenue to develop alternative fuel and clean-air technology in the state.
Trucking company to make lane departure warning system standard
Owners of a Tulsa, OK, trucking company say it will make lane departure warning technology
standard equipment on their 1,000 trucks over the next three years.
Interstate 5 wreck may not have started in tunnel
Since initial reports from the scene last week, authorities have believed that the deadly crash
on Interstate 5 in California started inside the truck route tunnel.
Victims identified; speed limit reconsidered after I-5 crash
Two of the victims in the deadly crash along Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita, CA, last weekend
have finally been identified.
New regs for Ports of L.A., Long Beach may come from CARB
Commissions for the twin ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach have delayed a controversial plan
that would restrict most trucks from entering.
Local officials reconsider location of Kansas City’s Mexican customs office
Even though talk of it has died down, the idea of building a Mexican customs office in Kansas
City, MO, is still very much alive.
Researchers call privatization a danger to consumers
A private research group dedicated to consumer protection believes the road to privatization is
a rocky one at best.
New California vehicle fee signed into law by governor
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put his signature on a bill that is intended to raise
revenue to develop alternative fuel and clean-air technology in the state.
Utah lawmakers say too much money going to transit in Salt Lake County
State lawmakers in Utah have accused officials in Salt Lake County of not following the intent
of a law to direct sales tax revenue to roads. Instead, money has been routed to transit.
West Virginia, California drivers could see changes to license renewals
An interim legislative panel in West Virginia has its eyes on drivers in the state and is
considering requiring them to take a vision test before getting their licenses renewed.
Oil prices continue to climb
Oil prices continued their stratospheric climb on Thursday, Oct. 18, topping $89 per barrel and
leading some analysts to speculate that the market may have moved beyond simple supply
and demand.
Diabetes drug may increase risk of pancreatitis
A drug used by many truck drivers as an effective treatment for Type 2 diabetes may increase
the risk of pancreas problems in those who use it.
Trucker killed while chaining up in Colorado
Authorities in Colorado are urging truck drivers to use caution and common sense when
choosing a spot to add chains or remove them from their trucks' tires as the snowy winter
season approaches.
Florida thieves use modified trailers to steal diesel
Thieves in Florida have been using modified trailers attached to pickup trucks to steal
hundreds of dollars worth of diesel fuel from local filling stations.
California trucker challenges scale – and wins
California truck driver Sammy Fernandez fought the law. Only this time, the law didn't win.
California close to lawsuit as EPA prepares emission standard
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says his state is poised to sue the Environmental
Protection Agency in order to enforce a new standard on carbon monoxide emissions for cars
and light trucks.
Changes to public records law sought in Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania , multiple bills that intend to give the public more access to government
records are drawing attention in the statehouse.
Here we go again: another new record for oil
Oil prices continued to reach new heights as the week drew to a close, topping $90 a barrel in
after-market trading Thursday.
California trucker fights the state over loose cows
When truck driver Dave Siebert's rig struck four cows that had wandered onto a road he was
traveling in Tracy , CA , last summer, he thought he was lucky to have walked away with just a
kink in his back.
Goodbye to Pete Rigney, the ‘Silver Fox'
Trucking journalist Peter Rigney, widely known as the “Silver Fox,” died Oct. 21, 2007. He was
ATRI study supports OOIDA position on hours of service
A new study by the American Transportation Research Institute shows that executives of big
trucking companies share some of the same concerns that have been voiced by OOIDA.
New California hazmat hauler law requires inspections every two years
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law in California intended to improve the safety
of trucks hauling hazardous materials and fuel.
Virginia group seeks to stop I-73 construction
A group of Virginia residents have filed a lawsuit in federal court in hopes of stopping
construction of the planned Interstate 73.
Minnesota DOT gets $60 million for I-35 bridge
A legislative panel in Minnesota has authorized the state Department of Transportation to use
an extra $60 million to rebuild the Interstate 35 bridge that collapsed Aug. 1. It is one-third of
what the agency requested.
New Hampshire plans ahead for oversized load
Officials in New Hampshire are putting in a lot more time on planning a truck's route than the
typical trip requires.
Detroit Diesel unveils new engine
Detroit Diesel officials say that the $1.5 billion they spent developing the new DD-15 heavy
truck engine is the most that's ever been spent to bring a new engine on-line.
Watkins Shepard snags state grant to train drivers
The Montana Department of Commerce has awarded $315,000 to Watkins Shepard Trucking
Inc., Missoula , MT , in primary sector Workforce Training Grants.
New Colorado chain law in effect
Apparently, some truckers didn’t get the word that Colorado has a new, much stiffer chain law.
CMT ready to launch ‘Trick My Trucker'
From the people who brought you “Trick My Truck” now comes “Trick My Trucker.”
BP Amoco guilty plea expected in alleged market manipulation
BP Amoco PLC is expected to pay more than $300 million for allegedly manipulating and
cornering the U.S. propane market in 2004.
European truckers beg for enforcement in England
Ever been so exhausted that you wanted to be pulled over, arrested or thrown in jail, just so
you could get some sleep?
Ontario continues to impound speeding vehicles; no trucks mentioned
It appears that in Ontario, Canada, rather than putting speed limiters on trucks, it might be a
good idea to put them on passenger vehicles.
CARB says wildfires contribute to global warming; threat of fire closes I-5
California 's state assembly acknowledged two years ago that emissions from vehicles and
factories hurt nature. Now, the state's air quality agency says an act of God or nature is
contributing to the globe's declining health .
Pennsylvania bill intended to reduce idling emissions
A bill introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate is intended to reduce unnecessary idling of large
trucks throughout the state. In most instances, drivers idling their trucks while sleeping or
resting would be exempt from the rule.
UAW strikes against International
About 4,000 United Auto Workers in six states went on strike against International Truck and
Engine Corp. Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 23, claiming the company has unfair labor practices.
ATA, allies will push for 2009 heavier truck law
The American Trucking Association and its allies among the big carriers plan to push hard in
two years for congressional approval of longer, heavier trucks.
Danger on the docks: Del Monte fined for forklift accidents, hazards
A major food processing company has been fined following multiple instances of employees
being hit and injured by forklifts and other injuries that went unreported.
Road projects draw private bidders
More and more private investment groups are hoping to get into the business of building or
operating the nation’s highways.
CARB board members acknowledge regs are ‘a speeding conveyer belt’
Truckers who feel they’re drowning in environmental regulations from California aren’t alone.
Wisconsin budget includes boost in truck registration fees
Wisconsin lawmakers reached agreement this week on a two-year, $57 billion state budget
that includes a 30 percent increase in registration fees for large trucks. Gov. Jim Doyle is
expected to sign the budget into law Friday, Oct. 26.
Navistar overstated earnings by more than $1 billion
Navistar, the parent company of International Truck and Engine Corp., overstated its recent
earnings by more than $1 billion dollars, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Public meetings set for I-80 tolls in Pennsylvania
OOIDA is urging its members and the public to attend a series of public meetings regarding
the tolling of Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania .
Ports of L.A. , Long Beach eye labor-free plan to ban older trucks
Officials for the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will formally consider next week a
new clean truck plan that would ban most trucks that currently operate in the ports. Absent from
the new plan, however, are previous proposals supported by the Teamsters that called for all
truck drivers to be company drivers and would have prevented most companies from entering
the port.
ATA says trucking economy ‘sluggish'
An economist with the American Trucking Association says the trucking economy remains
Massachusetts bill would mandate pollution controls on state diesel vehicles
A bill on the move in the Massachusetts statehouse would require the state to equip its diesel
vehicles with updated pollution controls. It also would set up a multi-million dollar fund to help
private fleets update their engines.
Search continues for road dollars in Iowa
With a little less than three months remaining before the start of the next regular session in
Iowa , an interim committee of state legislators is discussing options to pay for road and
bridge work.
Feds arrest two brothers, alleged hit man in Mexico tied to Chicago ID ring
Three Mexican nationals are awaiting extradition to the United States to stand trial with 23 other
defendants who operated a multimillion-dollar fake ID ring in Chicago .
Traffic stop leads to major pot bust at Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Authorities in Iowa pulled over a suspicious tractor-trailer last week. Later, the truck was
abandoned, but Iowa troopers found 778 pounds of marijuana.
New York license plan will includes undocumented immigrants
New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer says his state will have “the most secure licensing system in the
nation,” now that the department of U.S. Homeland Security has signed off on the plan.
Pennsylvania officials release ‘summary' of I-80 lease
Transportation officials in Pennsylvania have released a summary of lease documents signed
in mid-October by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Pennsylvania Department
of Transportation.
Maine , Minnesota now requiring ACE
Maine and Minnesota have joined the growing list of states that require truckers to submit
electronic manifests before pulling up to a border crossing.
Wisconsin 's two-year budget includes higher truck fees
Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has signed a two-year, $57 billion state budget that includes a 30
percent increase in registration fees for large trucks.
Pennsylvania bill would allow local radar
Local police in Pennsylvania would be allowed to use radar to nab speeders if a bill in the
state's House becomes law.
Ontario could get new intermodal hub
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario , Canada , could become the site of a large intermodal hub.
Beware of misleading UCR mailings
Here’s a heads-up for truckers who need to sign up for the Unified Carrier Registration system
but live in a state that doesn’t participate in the program.
Bust nets $25 million in drugs
If the driver of a truck who was pulled over by Louisiana state police for a safety inspection had
remained calm, he might have been sent on his way.
MassPike makes toll increase official
The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Board of Directors voted 3-2 this week to maintain a
scheduled toll increase to take effect Jan. 1, 2008.
OOIDA member rescues Tennessee trucker
A 43-year-old trucker from Tennessee is probably alive today thanks to the quick thinking and
courage of an OOIDA member.
Toll merchants descend on Los Angeles, Nevada
Toll road advocates from the government and the private sector are busy spreading their
DOT’s administrator cautions L.A., Long Beach ports on changes
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s maritime administration encouraged officials at the
ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to create emissions standards for drayage trucks – but
the agency tempered that enthusiasm with words of caution.
Port of Long Beach delays port truck plan adoption ‘to do it right’
One by one, drivers from the Port of Long Beach stepped up to the podium to tell port
commissioners why they wanted the port to make them company employees in an effort to
reduce emissions.
Horses killed, injured in truck wreck
Some animal rights groups are calling for new regulations following a livestock truck wreck in
Illinois that killed 15 Belgian draft horses.
Kansas teens arrested for allegedly tossing pumpkins from overpass
Three teenagers were arrested during the weekend for allegedly dropping pumpkins off an
overpass on the Kansas Turnpike near Emporia , according to media reports.
New Brunswick police searching for overpass rock throwers
Police in New Brunswick , Canada , say there've seen five cases in the past month of
someone throwing large rocks off an overpass and shattering the windows of vehicles below –
mainly tractor-trailers.
‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs'
When police pulled over a tractor-trailer for speeding on Interstate 30 just east of Dallas early
Sunday, Oct. 28, they made a ghoulish discovery.
Sagging bridge closes I-35W; Oberstar unveils bridge funding bill
The nation's bridges are once again making headlines. In Minneapolis , westbound lanes of
Interstate 35 are open to traffic again after being shut down on Monday, Oct. 29, because a
bridge that crosses the interstate on the city's south side was sagging.
South Bay Expressway in San Diego scheduled to open Nov. 19
The South Bay Expressway in the San Diego area is scheduled to open Nov. 19.
New study cites cost of Houston 's proposed truck fee plan
A proposed city ordinance in Houston that would put stiff new fees on certain trucks would
cause the loss of more than 20,000 jobs and create more than $1 billion in economic
damage, according to a study by the Port of Houston Authority .
Tolls increase in New Hampshire
Truck tolls have increased on New Hampshire 's 93 miles of toll roads.
Fuel tax increase under consideration in Idaho
An effort is expected to be made in Idaho during the 2008 regular legislative session to
increase fuel taxes by as much as 10 percent.