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To help drivers move hazardous materials more safely and securely in the face of a terror
threat (for example, if the National Threat Level is raised to Code Orange), FMCSA
recommends a number of steps, including:
  • Be aware if you are being followed, especially by vehicles with three or more people
  • If you think you are being followed, call 911 or your dispatcher immediately
  • Don't discuss cargo, destination, or trip specifics over an open channel or with people you don't
  • When leaving your facility, look for possible criminal surveillance of your truck or facility
  • While on the road, avoid being boxed in by other vehicles
  • Be aware if someone is approaching your vehicle when you are stopped at a traffic light or in
  • If someone is trying to hijack you, try to keep the truck moving
  • Leave your truck at a secure parking lot or truck stop whenever possible or have someone watch
    the vehicle
  • Never leave the truck running; shut off the engine and lock up
  • Avoid stopping in high crime or unsafe areas
  • Use methods such as seals to prevent and identify tampering
  • Check the electronic tracking systems regularly and notify the dispatcher about any tampering or
    when it is not working
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