The American Driver
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Services We'll Be Providing
Current News & Information affecting our daily lives
"Maps & Directions"
"Weather Information" for national/regional/local areas
"Road Conditions" links
"The Chapel Room"
"Drivers Tips"
"Tales From The Big Road"
Plus many more things to come
"Information is Power", and knowing what has happened, and what is coming,
helps keep us, and our families strong and prepared for what we need to do.

The links on our Map & Directions page will hopefully soon, provide routing that
will  help to avoid low clearances, weight limitations, and routes reported to be
restricted. Until we complete this goal, we have links to additional Maps &
Directions programs that will remain available.

Our Weather Information link will provide the most current weather information
for any area you specify.

The "Road Conditions" link provides a collection of state by state reported
information of road conditions(construction/accidents/hazards).

"The Chapel Room" is for those who like to keep strong in their faith.

"Drivers Tips" is about drivers helping drivers who need answers to questions.

"Tales From The Big Road" are stories shared from experiences while traveling
on the road.

Plus many more things to come.

The American Driver services are designed to benefit drivers during their long
journeys away from loved ones, dealing with everyday business activities.  The
American Driver website services will be available to professional drivers, as well
as motorist, at no cost.