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All 435 U.S. House of Representatives, and one-third of Senators, are up for re-election every two years.  The American people's opportunity for true
change comes through the power of our vote.  We can literally remove from office all the U.S. Representatives, and one-third of the Senators, every
two years.

American citizens have endured long enough this current administration's refusal to act in the best interest of America.  We have seen empty promises,
lack of action and the absolute refusal to properly address issues critical to Americans.  Americans want energy independence and this current
Congress ignores our demands for action.  Instead this current administration has been taking over, and bailing out, large business's at the expense of
the American taxpayer.  This government is driving our great country into the ground...dramatically raising the national debt...spending money they
don't have...causing jobs to be lost at dramatic rates...passing legislation without proper debate - let alone reading the bill first before voting on
it...giving billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries...refusing to secure our southern border...subsidizing corporations...and the list goes on.

We lost an opportunity last November to bring our government's bs to a halt...we allowed ourselves to be fooled once again by a candidate with empty
promises and lies.  Let's not allow ourselves to lose another opportunity in 2010.  Use our vote to remove (terminate/fire) Representatives which have
done nothing for Americans.  Contact your Representatives and inform them you are using your vote to remove them from office, and then contact
whoever is running against the current incumbent - inform them they are getting your vote.  Tell them the only reason they are getting your vote is
because you are voting to remove (terminate/fire) the current incumbent...and you will do the same to them if they do not do their job in the best
interest of American citizens.

This new idea of how American citizens should use the power of our vote will send a true, and clear, message to our U.S. Representatives and
Senators.  If elected officials do not do the job we have elected them to do - we will remove them from office without hesitation.  This is a message
Representatives and Senators understand.  When we make Representatives and Senators aware of our understanding of the power we wield and the
method we will use it...they WILL change their ways.  We can, as a nation, obtain the true change we need by utilizing the power of our vote.
Terminate/Fire Your Representatives In 2010 If They Have Done Nothing In The Best Interest Of Americans
Locate Your Specific Representative's Contact Information...
Contact Elected Officials - USA.gov

Professional Drivers and American Citizens Need To Vote
Find Out How To Register In Your State
Contact your family, your friends and your neighbors.  Make phone calls...send e-mails...about this understanding of the true power we wield to
remove those Representatives and Senators from office which need to be terminated/fired.  Blog this information.  Post comments about this
information.  Communicate to everyone the importance to exercise the true power of our vote.  Spread the word for ALL American citizens, both
professional drivers and citizens, to stand up and speak out with the power of our vote.  Spread the word about the true opportunity Americans will
once again have in 2010 to bring about the true change we need  Send a clear message to our Representatives they must do the job we have elected
them to do...or we will use the power of our vote to remove them from office.

When are we going to truly say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"

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