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What's News - April 2008
Exxon Made $75k a Minute Last Year
The Young Turks - Video Report
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Truckers pull over to protest high diesel prices
Bob Hartness hauls freight for a living, yet Tuesday he was standing down to stand up against
high diesel prices.
Truckers protest diesel prices
WTNH News Channel 8 - Video News Report
Truckers Across US Protest High Gas Prices
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Some truckers have been pulling off the highway. Others are slowing
down to a crawl, with some getting tickets for holding up traffic. It's all to protest high fuel prices.
Traffic jam: Truckers protest fuel costs
Tons of freight idled across the country Tuesday as independent truckers pulled their rigs off
the road while others slowed to a crawl on major highways in a loosely organized protest of
high fuel prices.
Local Truckers Halting Deliveries Amid Sky-High Fuel Prices
As gas prices hit record highs, the government threw Big Oil on the hot seat today.
Independent truckers, hit hard by the rising fuel costs, are listening...and this week, they are
parked in protest. WFMZ's Karin Mallett has the story.
Big oil resists investing 10% of earnings in research
The head of a congressional committee failed Tuesday to get executives from the five biggest
U.S. oil companies to promise they will invest 10% of their earnings in alternative energy
Truckers clog Turnpike to protest high gas prices
As part of a nationwide protest against rising diesel fuel prices, independent truck drivers
staged a 20-mph crawl along the New Jersey Turnpike this morning, causing traffic to back up
for more than four miles.
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Charleston Truckers Prepare For Four-Day Strike
Area truckers get the plans rolling to protest the high cost of diesel fuel. That means deliveries
will be put on hold for good while the drivers go on strike.
Truck drivers battle fuel prices
CHARLOTTE -- With the rising cost of fuel, some truck drivers are wondering how they will stay
afloat. The drivers and the schools that teach them are looking at an uncertain future.
Rising fuel prices hit truckers in the wallet
Some participating in strike
High fuel costs hitting hard for businesses, agencies
CLINTON -- In the fall 2005, Ron Savage, owner of H&M Trucking in Clinton, spent $20,000
every three weeks on diesel fuel that cost $1.95 a gallon.
Gas prices match record high
Gas prices have risen once again, matching the all-time record high from Monday.
Diesel prices hitting Valley contractors hard
Contractors across the Valley are being hit by escalating diesel fuel costs.
Some Truckers On Strike
Some truckers in Central Georgia are refusing to haul goods in protest of increasing diesel
Ottumwa area truckers join protest
ELDON — A truckers’ protest that made national news is now impacting southeast Iowa.
Local truckers hurt by $4/gallon diesel prices
Lawton_With diesel gas now above four dollars a gallon, truckers across the nation are
protesting. ...
Fuel protests planned across the country as frustrations rise
As diesel continues to cost in the neighborhood of $4 per gallon, truckers are making their
frustration known in state capitals and across the country. On Tuesday, April 1, cattle hauler
Dan Little of Carrollton, MO, will find out how many drivers are answering his call for a
nationwide shutdown. Also on Tuesday, about 250 drivers in Georgia plan to form a convoy
from Macon to Atlanta, according to media reports.
Truckers take fuel protest to Pennsylvania Capitol
Organizers of a fuel protest Monday, March 31, at the Pennsylvania state Capitol building in
Harrisburg said the turnout and support from the public exceeded their expectations.
National average for diesel drops 2.5 cents to $3.964
Truckers have been watching for weeks as the average price for a gallon of diesel fuel inched
its way closer to the $4 mark and above in many parts of the country. However, the U.S. Energy
Information Administration is reporting that the national average has dropped 2.5 cents to
$3.964. The average price is still up more than $1.17 from the same time a year ago.
Florida bill advances that would OK statewide use of photo-red cameras
A Florida Senate panel advanced a bill that would allow cameras to be posted throughout the
state to nab red-light runners. This is the fifth straight year legislation has been offered in the
state to set statewide standards for red-light cameras.
Missouri bill would further limit local traffic ticket revenue
A Missouri House panel approved a bill that is intended to curtail communities in the state that
pad their budgets with speed trap revenue. This is the third straight year the effort has been
offered in the state.
Special license tags for DUI offenders die in Virginia, Washington
A bill in the Virginia House that is dead for the year would have required some motorists
convicted of driving under the influence in the state to wear a "scarlet letter" of sorts. Similar
legislation in Washington's statehouse met the same fate.
OOIDA puts a face on the fuel crisis: ‘Truckers are consumers, too’
It’s no secret to truckers that the cost of fuel has an impact on the cost of everything, but
mainstream media and the general public sometimes have trouble connecting those dots. In
an attempt to help American consumers understand that truckers are also currently in crisis
because of fuel prices and the economic downturn, OOIDA is taking a simple but direct
message to the streets: “Don’t blame truckers for rising costs at store shelves.”
Owner-operator plans to deliver his last load, then park for a while
After OOIDA member Jim Gossett of Chapel Hill, NC, delivers his load on Monday, March 31, he
said he’s going to ease his rig back home and park it for a while. Besides taking a financial hit
on the front end by having to pay for $4 fuel at the pump, Gossett said he’s also being hit again
on the consumer end, as well.
Truckers meet Saturday to prep for March 31 fuel rally at PA Capitol
A group of truckers near Harrisburg, PA, are putting the finishing touches on a plan to bobtail to
the state Capitol building on Monday, March 31. A planning session is set for 2 p.m. Saturday,
March 29, at the Harrisburg Gables Truck Stop at the Exit 77 interchange on Interstate 81.
Cattle hauler calling for April 1 shutdown
There are a lot of different dates bouncing around for a shutdown by truckers to protest fuel
prices. But most of the mainstream media is going with April 1 – the date that a Carrollton, MO,
cattle hauler is publicizing.
Goodyear Highway Hero is lifesaver Richard Filiczkowski
For his heroic act of saving an 8-year-old girl after her father’s car went into a pond, OOIDA
member Richard Filiczkowski has been named the 2008 recipient of Goodyear’s 25th Annual
Highway Hero Award.
Governors seek federal dollars; Mary Peters stumps for private money
A group of governors that includes California’s Arnold Schwarzenegger are urging the Bush
administration to commit more money to roads and bridges. However, the Bush administration
is rejecting their proposal.
Feds delay passport requirement at land crossings until June 2009
As of June 1, 2009, citizens of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda entering
or re-entering the U.S. by land or sea face new document requirements. The U.S. Homeland
Security Department will require a passport or other approved secure document, officials stated
in a final rule issued Thursday, March 27.
Virginia governor sets path for tax refunds
Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has signed legislation to issue refunds for “unconstitutional” taxes and
fees collected by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority for transportation projects. Kaine
signed HB1578 into law on Tuesday, March 25, less than a month after the Virginia Supreme
Court ruled it unconstitutional for the General Assembly to delegate power to regional
authorities to impose taxes and fees.
Virginia OKs bill targeting unlicensed drivers; others fail
In an effort to make roadways in Virginia a little safer, state lawmakers spent a lot of time during
the recently completed regular session eyeing stiffer penalties for people caught driving without
a license. With an eye on illegal immigrants, one bill that advanced from the statehouse to Gov.
Tim Kaine’s desk would allow courts to suspend for up to 90 days the driving privileges of
someone convicted of driving without a license.
Red-light camera restriction nears passage in Georgia
The Georgia Senate voted to approve a bill that would make it tougher for local governments to
post red-light cameras. On a 45-5 vote, the Senate advanced a bill that would allow cities and
counties to continue to use automated cameras at intersections, but put new restrictions on
Nebraska bill would implement ‘move over’ rule
A bill on the move in Nebraska would end the state’s distinction as being one of the few
remaining holdouts from states that require drivers to make room for emergency workers and
law enforcement officers.
Trucking issues, fuel prices dominate headlines
Trucking issues took center stage on Tuesday, April 1, as mainstream media reported on fuel
protests and shutdowns being staged by truckers around the country. The positive attention
being paid to trucking issues is welcome news, according to leaders at the Owner-Operator
Independent Drivers Association.
Soaring fuel costs, shrinking bottom lines force tough choices on truckers
While many drivers parked their rigs on Tuesday, April 1, to protest record-high fuel prices,
others made the business decision to keep their wheels turning. OOIDA and Land Line
Magazine have received countless calls, e-mails and letters regarding whether or not a
shutdown would be effective, but with diesel fuel prices hovering near the $4 mark, many agree
something must be done soon to relieve their pain at the pumps or they may lose their
Truckers discuss issues with Sen. Hillary Clinton
When trucker Mark Kirsch organized a rally in Pennsylvania to draw attention to fuel prices, he
did not expect it to lead to a meeting the same day with presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton.
Kirsch and a number of other truckers had just completed a rally Monday, March 31, at the state
Capitol in Harrisburg, PA, when he got a call from a member of Clinton's campaign staff.
Congressional committee puts Big Oil in the hot seat
With the nation experiencing record high diesel and gas prices, top executives of the nation's
five biggest oil companies received a chilly reception from some members of a Congressional
committee on Tuesday, April 1.
FMCSA review board reportedly to address sleep apnea
Several media outlets, including USA Today, have published reports that the Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Administration's medical review board will make a final recommendation next
week regarding sleep apnea.
Virginia governor signs repeal of 'bad-driver' fees
A new Virginia law rids the state of the highly unpopular abusive driver fees. The repeal took
effect immediately. Gov. Tim Kaine has signed two bills - SB1 and HB1243 - rescinding the
so-called bad driver fees applied solely to Virginia drivers. All fees collected will be refunded
and payments still due also will be waived.
Nebraska advances OOS bill; idling reduction incentive dies
Two bills of interest to the trucking industry in the Nebraska Legislature have moved in opposite
directions. Sen. Deb Fischer of Valentine, chairwoman of the Legislature's Transportation and
Telecommunications Committee, introduced two bills intended to be used as an incentive to
reduce idling and discourage violating out-of-service orders.
Missouri bills address truck enforcement, idling issues
Several bills of interest to truck drivers are on the move at the Missouri statehouse. Among
those efforts are incentives to reduce idling and allow local enforcement of truck rules.
Mainstream wakes up to truckers' plight
Some independent truckers joined in scattered shutdowns nationwide April 1, as others joined
in convoys and slowed their rigs to a crawl to protest record-high fuel prices. Still other
owner-operators made the decision to keep their wheels moving at their normal pace.
New EPA retrofit grants designed for small-business truckers
The EPA announced Wednesday, April 2, the availability of nearly $50 million in grant funding
targeted toward small trucking fleets aimed at reducing emissions from the nation's existing
fleet of diesel engines.
New Hampshire bills on the move include truck provisions
Several bills of interest to truck drivers in New Hampshire are advancing through the
statehouse. Among the bills focusing on the trucking industry is a measure that would give
truckers a small helping hand.
Missouri bills address radioactive waste shipments, truck enforcement
Several bills noteworthy to the trucking industry have been offered for consideration in the
Missouri statehouse. Among them are bills addressing shipments of radioactive waste and
commercial motor vehicle enforcement officers.
Tennessee lawmakers advance bills to amend tollway act
With the state struggling to pay for needed transportation work, multiple measures moving
through the Tennessee statehouse would expand the number of projects that could be paid off
through tolls.
Effort to ban open containers dies in Virginia
A bill in the Virginia House has died that sought to ban consumption and possession of open
containers of alcohol in vehicles traveling public roadways. The bill would also have freed up
millions in federal dollars for improving roads.
Independent truckers plan three-day shutdown at the Port of Savannah
OOIDA member Brad Burrell of Rincon, GA, has been trucking on and off for more than 30 years
- it's in his blood. However, Burrell said, he may have to give up trucking and do something else
if economic conditions don't improve soon. Burrell said as many as 300 owner-operators who
deliver in and out of the Port of Savannah in Savannah, GA, parked their rigs on Thursday, April
3, and plan to stay parked on Friday, April 4, and again on Monday, April 7.
Group plans Saturday rally to oppose Trans-Texas Corridor
Opponents of the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor plan to stage a big march and rally Saturday,
April 5, at the Capitol in Austin. Rally organizer Terri Hall, executive director of Texans Uniting for
Reform and Freedom - or TURF - said if the toll roads are built, truckers will pay a high price.
California ports' clean truck plan stalls at Federal Maritime Commission
The twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles want to meet to hash over differences in each
port's "clean truck" plans, but the federal agency that oversees ports wants more information
before it will allow such a meeting. OOIDA is working with port officials to develop a day-pass or
other system that would allow access to long haulers and other occasional port visitors.
Virginia governor signs toll bills
Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has signed a bill into law that is intended to give state legislators more
power over whether truckers and other drivers are charged tolls for using Interstate 81 in the
state. Another bill that received the governor's signature repeals Virginia law allowing a toll
plaza to be placed on Interstate 95 at the border with North Carolina.
Louisiana roads get funding increase
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed a bill into law that will gradually boost aid for roads
and bridges throughout the state. Before wrapping up a special session in March, House and
Senate lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a bill touted by the governor to increase funding
for transportation by $636 million during the next five years. The revenue will be routed from the
state treasury.
New Hampshire bill addressing 'hot fuel' dies
A bill in the New Hampshire Senate that has died sought to pursue a change to state law to
help ensure that consumers get what they pay for at the fuel pump. The Senate Energy,
Environment and Economic Development Committee rejected a measure that addressed the
problem of "hot fuel."
Kentucky bill dies; would have restricted drivers' cell phone use
An effort in the Kentucky House to require drivers in the state to keep their hands off their
phones will have to wait at least another year for approval. The House Transportation
Committee voted to table the bill. The move effectively killed it for the year.
Protests spread as fuel crisis pushes owner-operators to brink
Across the country this week, some owner-operators decided to shut down for one day, some
decided to shut down for three days, and others decided to shut down indefinitely until
economic conditions in the trucking industry improve. Thursday, April 3, OOIDA issued a
national Call to Action asking its members to contact lawmakers and convey the extreme
impact fuel prices are having on their livelihoods and their families. To read the Call to Action,
Washington whacks state transportation budget; OKs tolling bills
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed a supplemental transportation budget bill. Two
more measures approved by the governor set up a framework for collecting tolls in the state
and authorizing tolls to help finance a new bridge over Lake Washington.
Texas pensioners could fund toll roads
Texas state Senators have hatched a plan to invest state pension funds in new toll roads within
the state. Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, floated the
idea March 25 at a joint meeting with the Senate State Affairs Committee.
New Idaho law makes truck chains mandatory
A new law in Idaho implements the state's first chain-up law. Neighboring Montana, Oregon
and Washington already have mandatory chain rules. Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter signed a bill
into law Tuesday, April 1, that applies to large trucks along stretches of two roadways: Lookout
and Fourth of July passes on Interstate 90, and Lolo Pass on state Highway 12. The new law,
previously S1379, took effect immediately.
Group plans Saturday rally to oppose Trans-Texas Corridor
Opponents of the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor plan to stage a big march and rally Saturday,
April 5, at the Capitol in Austin. The Trans-Texas Corridor protest march is scheduled to begin
at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday in Austin, with the rally at the south steps of the statehouse
scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Click
here for carpool times and locations posted by members of
Missouri Senate panel endorses bill to enact stricter seat-belt rule
Police in Missouri would be allowed to pull over motorists who are not buckled up, under a bill
awaiting consideration on the floor of the state's Senate. Currently, law enforcement in the state
can issue seat-belt citations to drivers only after stopping a vehicle for another traffic violation,
such as speeding. If the bill is approved, Missouri would be in line for a one-time $19.6 million
payment from the federal government.
New EPA retrofit grants designed for small-business truckers
The EPA announced Wednesday, April 2, the availability of nearly $50 million in grant funding
targeted toward small trucking fleets aimed at reducing emissions from the nation's existing
fleet of diesel engines. The definition of "small" trucking fleets has not yet been determined.
But, the EPA is currently working with the Small Business Administration to nail down the
Running on Empty
High fuel prices, low pay put independent truckers over a barrel
Truckers Rally Against High Fuel Prices
WGAL Channel 8  -  Video report from Mechanicsburg, PA
SC truckers protest fuel prices by inching along interstate
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Six truckers inched along Interstate 77 on Friday and a handful of others
parked their rigs in front of the Statehouse as part of a loosely organized protest of high fuel
News Anchor in Florida suporting the Truckers strike 4/06/08
WTVT Fox 13 Tampa Bay  -  by John Wilson
Truckers Hit the Brakes
Until the beginning of this month, Americans seemed to have nothing to say about their
ongoing economic ruin except, "Hit me! Please, hit me again!"
Demands for action on fuel prices gain momentum
Record-high diesel fuel prices are not going unnoticed around the country. Officials in Arkansas
and Vermont are calling for action and truckers across the country continue to keep the heat on.
Diesel prices spur trucker to turn down loads, call lawmakers
Frustrated with soaring diesel fuel prices and low freight rates, OOIDA member Matt Shelley of
Rogers City, MI, shut down his truck and started making phone calls to his lawmakers this past
Indiana Toll Road rates increase
Truck tolls recently increased 21 percent on the Indiana Toll Road. It used to cost $22.50 for a
Class 8 to run the 157-mile length. Tolls for big trucks increased to $27.25 on April 1.
Effort in West Virginia to expand price gouging protections fails
A bill in the West Virginia Senate has died that was intended to further help protect consumers
in the state from being gouged at the fuel pump.
[ Another government in-action to protect the American Citizens ]
Trucker blacks out, rescued by fellow trucker
A story of a runaway truck had a happy ending this past weekend, thanks to the actions of a
quick-thinking truck driver. The Modesto Bee reported that driver Kim Kit Murti was heading
south on Highway 99 near Modesto on Friday morning when he blacked out. His truck
continued down the highway at 55 miles per hour, and it soon became apparent to other
motorists on the road that the truck was out of control.
New Utah law could lead to Interstate 15 speed limit boost
All vehicles soon could be allowed to drive a little faster along a stretch of Interstate 15 in
central and southern Utah. Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. signed HB406 into law, giving the Utah
Department of Transportation authority to determine if the speed limit safely can be increased
to 80 mph or higher between Mile Markers 222 and 64.
[ During this fuel crisis, why is the Utah government raising the speed limit? ]
New Washington state law adds heavy-haul corridor; HOS changes die
A new law in Washington state allows large trucks to use a stretch of roadway in the northern
portion of the state that was previously off-limits. Another bill died that sought to make changes
to hours-of-service rules.
Public meeting set for April 17 to address truck parking California town
After more than 400 people attended a meeting on truck parking in Hesperia, CA, the location of
an upcoming public hearing on the issue was moved to a different venue to accommodate
what is expected to be another record crowd. The public hearing has been set for 6:30 p.m. on
April 17 at the Hesperia High School. The topic will be the city's residential parking standards,
including revisions of many of the city's commercial truck parking provisions.
Dump Truck Drivers Stage Rolling Protest Around National Mall
Dump truck drivers staged a rolling protest around the National Mall Thursday, trying to draw
attention to the plight of truckers who are buffeted by rising gas prices.
Truckers Hit by High Prices
Truckers have staged protests across America as high gas prices threaten their livelihoods.
This group of people is one of the hardest hit by high gas prices.