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What's News - August 2007
Truckers outraged at impending opening of Mexican border
Calls and letters are flooding into the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association from
truckers expressing everything from dismay, to outrage, to genuine fear for their livelihood with
the opening of the border to Mexican motor carriers.
Oil prices up on threat of possible storm
Oil prices rose on Friday, Aug. 31, over concerns of a potential tropical storm forming in the
Portuguese, Brazilian firms lease part of Denver beltway
Toll road operators from Portugal and Brazil have signed a lease to operate a 9-mile portion of
a tolled beltway around Denver.
Someone cashes dead trucker’s checks; another trucker stabbed
New Jersey seems to be a dangerous place for truck drivers these days.
Man ordered to stand trial in death of trucker
A Texas man has been ordered to stand trial in the death of a truck driver in Oklahoma this
past March.
‘Hot fuel’ compensation a hot topic at Chicago meeting
Automatic temperature compensation devices for retail pumps would not be nearly as
expensive or difficult to implement as oil companies and fuel retailers have led their
colleagues to believe, according to information presented at a subcommittee meeting of
National Conference on Weights and Measures.
Truckers left holding the bag again? Maybe not this time
After last year’s E.coli outbreak in bagged spinach left many truckers “holding the bag” with
recalled product on their trailers and no answers as to what to do with the tainted product,
many truckers and OOIDA members called Land Line to ask the questions, “What do we do
New Jersey law targets use of lasers against truckers, others
There now should be one less thing to worry about while driving down the road in New Jersey.
Health advocates, families tell EPA they want lower ozone standard
From the American Lung Association to the McCloskey family, one by one the Environmental
Protection Agency heard Thursday, Aug. 30, from groups in Philadelphia and Los Angeles
about air quality.
Congressional leaders want Bush to reconsider opening Mexican border
Even though the U.S. House voted just last month to withhold funding for a cross-border
trucking program with Mexico, the Bush administration is reportedly beginning the program
next week, and that has members of Congress calling for the DOT to put on the brakes.
Amount to be determined for Massachusetts Turnpike toll increase
The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority may not know the exact amount of a scheduled toll
increase until at least Sept. 18, a spokesman says.
Toll protest ends in ticket for city councilman in New Hampshire
Angry residents of Merrimack, NH, staged a slow-moving protest Monday, Aug. 27, on the
Everett Turnpike.
Virginia GOP seeks revisions to bad-driver fees
Virginia Republicans announced they will make significant revisions to the state’s
controversial abusive driver fee laws during the upcoming session.
Arizona to offer driver’s licenses with citizenship identifiers
Arizona has joined a growing list of states that plan to offer driver’s licenses with special
declarations of U.S. citizenship.
Saskatchewan recycling tires for road construction
Highway officials in Saskatchewan, Canada, plan to use a little-known, environmentally friendly
repaving process on its roadways.
Brake Safety Week continues through Sunday
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is calling this week Brake Safety Week – and that
means inspectors will have a special eye out for brake problems.
PA Turnpike official says I-80 tolls better than privatization
Joseph Brimmeier, CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, has been touring the
state in recent days speaking to media and community groups about a recent proposal to
increase turnpike tolls and convert Interstate 80 into a toll road.
Tennessee governor open to using bonds for urgent bridge work
While no major problems have been found on Tennessee bridges, Gov. Phil Bredesen said
he would consider issuing bonds to pay for any urgent repair needs.
Maryland governor wants more funding for roads
In Maryland, Gov. Martin O’Malley said passage of a major transportation funding bill is one of
his main objectives for next year’s regular session.
Private toll road proposed in Maine
A businessman in Maine is pitching the idea of a privately built toll road that would link the
state with Quebec on the west and New Brunswick on the east.
YRC president cites soft economy
The president and CEO of YRC Worldwide says an anticipated strengthening of the U.S.
economy isn’t happening – and that the Federal Reserve needs to move quickly to cut interest
rates to spur growth.
Bowling ball smashes truck’s windshield
In Minnesota, a trucker was released from the hospital on Monday, Aug. 27, after he was
injured when someone dropped a bowling ball off an overpass on Interstate 90, smashing
through the center of his windshield.
Slain trucker’s identity confirmed
Police in Jersey City, NJ, say a trucker who was bound with duct tape and stabbed to death in
his sleeper berth is not Arnaldo Lopez after all.
CARB seeks input from truckers, others on proposed truck emissions plan
The California Air Resources Board staff this past week unveiled an aggressive plan to attack
the oldest and most polluting diesel truck engines that emit nitrous oxides and diesel
particulate matter.
Fuel temperature disclaimers appear on Missouri pumps
First, it happened in California and now it’s happening in Missouri – certain fuel companies
are posting disclaimers on retail pumps that state temperature affects the energy content of
motor fuel.
Missouri troopers to check immigration status
Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt has ordered state troopers to start checking the immigration status of
everyone they arrest.
Bill to speed up bridge work in Missouri nears passage
A Missouri Senate panel has approved a bill to help speed up the repair of bridges throughout
the state.
Trucker bound, stabbed to death
Police in Jersey City, NJ, are investigating the killing of a Costa Rican trucker who was found in
the cab of his truck, bound with duct tape at the wrists and ankles and stabbed to death.
Trucker undergoes surgery in adoption bid
A 6-foot-7, 500-pound trucker from Independence, MO, successfully underwent gastric bypass
surgery at Renaissance Hospital in Dallas on Friday, Aug. 24.
Driver sues feds after they search cab, confiscate $23,000 in cash
A Texas trucker whose $23,000 in cash was confiscated from his truck by federal drug agents
has sued the federal government to get his money back.
Kentucky bill would authorize tolls for roads, bridges
A leading state lawmaker in Kentucky wants to give cities and counties authority to issue
bonds and create tolls for roads and bridges.
Texas law with eye on trucking rules takes effect Sept. 1
A new law in Texas is intended to curb unsafe trucking operations in the state.
New Missouri law expands authorization for deadly force
Crooks in Missouri would be wise to think long and hard about partaking in any future criminal
activity. A new law that takes effect this week expands gun rights in Missouri.
Arizona Senate wants cross-border program suspended
Members of the Arizona Senate have a laundry list of reasons why they want the proposed
cross-border program with Mexico suspended and this summer they passed a measure
outlining them.
LTL trucking firms named in federal price fixing lawsuit
Nearly a dozen well-known trucking companies, including YRC Worldwide, Con-Way and UPS,
have been named in a lawsuit claiming that they colluded to fix shipping rates through fuel
surcharges since 2003.
Texas state senator wants to protect transportation funds
With road and bridge safety at the forefront of concern for many people, a leading state
lawmaker in Texas is calling for protections to make sure transportation dollars aren't routed
for other uses.
Corzine suggests tolls could pay for new schools in New Jersey
In a possible move to gain support for his yet-to-be-unveiled toll plan, New Jersey Gov. Jon
Corzine hinted this week that money gained from the tolls might be used to fund the
construction of new schools in that state.
Youths charged with throwing concrete at drivers
As if driving on the highway wasn’t already fraught with enough danger, drivers in Oklahoma
City got an extra scare on Wednesday morning.
State employee on the lam following charges of ID sales to illegal aliens
Federal authorities are asking for the public’s help in tracking down a Columbian national
accused of recruiting illegal aliens to purchase driver’s licenses.
Vermont, Washington prepare for land, sea border law requiring IDs
U.S. state governments near the Canadian border are preparing for implementation of a new
law in January requiring residents to show proof of citizenship when re-entering the country by
Idaho lawmakers opposed to using budget surplus for roads
Two leading state lawmakers in Idaho are not in favor of directing the state’s unexpected $247
million budget surplus to transportation.
Canadian Trucking Alliance urges U.S. not to rush passport requirement
The Canadian Trucking Alliance of large motor carriers is urging U.S. officials not to charge
ahead with a border initiative to require passports until a number of steps are met.
Corzine ties toll plan to school funding
In a possible move to gain support for his yet-to-be-unveiled toll plan, New Jersey Gov. Jon
Corzine hinted this week that money gained from the tolls might be used to fund the
construction of new schools in that state.
Investigators still searching for cause of Minnesota bridge collapse
As investigators continue to look into what caused the fatal collapse of the Interstate 35 bridge
in Minneapolis earlier this month, several suspects have come to the forefront.
500 leaks still need to be repaired in Big Dig tunnels
The phrase “keep your head up” has never been more appropriate than for those who drive
through Boston’s Big Dig tunnels on a regular basis.
New Missouri law aiding household goods movers effective Aug. 28
A law that goes on the books next week in Missouri is intended to help household movers in
the state. It will also require some movers who have been exempt to obtain state DOT
operating authority.
Mexican truckers promised financial help from their government
Mexican motor carriers selected to participate in the proposed cross-border program could
receive financial assistance from the Mexican government to make them more competitive.
Standards committee to discuss fuel-temperature equipment
The agenda is set for a public meeting of National Conference on Weights and Measures
volunteers that could have an impact on the way fuel is sold to consumers in the future.
Proposed driver training rule coming soon
The days of getting a CDL without ever getting behind the wheel may very well be numbered.
Forklift death investigation: problems at produce warehouse
Managers at a Dole Food Company plant where a forklift crushed a trucker in January were
obsessed with efficiency numbers and supervisors rarely watched forklifts at the loading dock,
one Dole employee told Arizona state investigators.
Special truck court eyed in Indiana
A series of wrecks involving large trucks in Indiana has state lawmakers talking about the state’
s commercial driving laws.
Ryan’s appeal rejected
Attorneys for former Illinois Gov. George Ryan say they’ll seek a re-hearing after a federal
appeals court on Tuesday upheld his conviction on corruption charges.
Pennsylvania transportation officials apply to toll I-80
Officials with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and state DOT have submitted an
application to the Federal Highway Administration asking for the authority to toll Interstate 80.
TxDOT spends millions to promote Trans-Texas Corridor
Some state lawmakers in Texas are not too happy about the money the state DOT is spending
to promote the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor.
CARB workshop to present proposed regs for in-use trucks
Several new California emissions laws go into effect in January 2008, including the state’s
ban on idling beyond five minutes and a requirement that APUs on trucks with 2007 or newer
engines have DPF filters.
Higher fuel tax among options to pay for roads, bridges in Vermont
The top Democrat in the Vermont House says “all options are on the table” as the state
searches for how to pay for repairs and upgrades to roads and bridges.
Ohio, Kentucky on the watch for truck tailgaters
State police in Kentucky and Ohio are taking part in a new campaign asking four-wheelers to
give big trucks a little space.
Arizona leads nation in alcohol-related fatalities
When it comes to increases in alcohol-related traffic fatalities, Arizona led the nation last year,
according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
U.S. Customs clears personal, unaccompanied cargo under ACE
Department of Homeland Security officials have expanded the ACE program to make certain
personal and unaccompanied cargo eligible to be cleared for customs in advance of a border
California bill tackles ‘hot fuel’ issue
With less than a month remaining until California lawmakers wrap up their work for the year, a
bill likely to draw consideration calls for a study to analyze the problem of “hot fuel” in the state
along with possible solutions to make sure consumers get what they pay for at the pump.
Big Dig costs could outgrow scheduled toll increases
Toll increases within the Massachusetts Turnpike system could outgrow what officials outlined
in plans for the costly Big Dig project.
The search is on for road dollars in Iowa
With the increased urgency many states have to address concerns about bridge conditions
after the deadly Minneapolis bridge collapse earlier this month, key legislative leaders in Iowa
are re-examining a shortfall in construction funds.
FMCSA proceeding with cross-border plan
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Friday morning its intent to move
ahead with the Mexican truck pilot program. In a 27-page notice in the Federal Register , the
agency also reported that a necessary piece of final paperwork has been submitted to
Congress and is expected to be made public any day.
Mexican truckers react to pilot program news
CANACAR, Mexico's national organization of professional truck drivers, weighed in Thursday
on the Mexican government's statement that it would keep to the end of August implementation
date for a cross-border trucking program. CANACAR apparently does not agree that the
program should, or could, happen that soon.
Peters confirms diversion of highway, bridge money
U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters this week confirmed what OOIDA has already
reported – that a big chunk of fuel tax dollars end up paying for things other than roads and
Police seeking three suspects in trucker shooting
Police in San Antonio, TX, are seeking three suspects in the shooting of a truck driver that
happened there early Wednesday morning.
Severe weather blamed for four deaths
Tropical Storm Erin, which caused severe flooding in an already waterlogged Texas on
Thursday and Friday, has been blamed for at least four deaths, including a trucker who died
when his rig plunged into an overflowing pond.
Produce haulers still need a place at the table
Before last fall's spinach E. coli outbreak left 200 people ill and three dead, spinach was seen
by many as the perfect food – high in vitamins and nutritional value – and also a steady source
of income for produce haulers who depend on the high demand for leafy greens grown in the
Salinas Valley.
Minnesota governor looks to boost biodiesel mandate
If Gov. Tim Pawlenty gets his way, the biodiesel mandate in Minnesota would increase tenfold
during the next several years.
Port container tax bill awaits consideration in California
As state lawmakers prepare to head back to the California statehouse Monday, Aug. 20, for
their final push to approve bills before the regular session ends next month, one bill of interest
to truck drivers is likely to draw consideration.
Truckers say feds are bribing New York, other cities with toll grants
A move by the U.S. DOT to award grants to cities wishing to implement tolls to reduce
congestion is nothing short of bribery, particularly in New York, an official with the
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said this week.
Pennsylvania road debates wrought with politics, backbiting
Political backlash is ruling the roost in Pennsylvania these days as battles continue about the
proposed tolling of Interstate 80 and possible lease of the state turnpike.
More highway closures scheduled for Minneapolis area this weekend
Getting around in Minneapolis has been difficult, to say the least, since the bridge collapse on
Interstate 35 earlier this month.
Colorado governor mum on increasing fuel tax for roads
Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter is keeping his cards close to his vest when it comes to talk about
increasing the state's fuel tax rates to pay for road work.
Texas to drop cash option on some toll roads
If you travel frequently through Texas, don't worry too much about bringing cash. In a few years,
it won't even get you on to some of the state's toll roads.
California bill would ban high-tech driver's licenses
A bill in the California Assembly that is intended to protect information on driver's licenses by
prohibiting the use of radio-frequency identification devices will likely draw consideration once
lawmakers return to the capitol Monday, Aug. 20. The devices aren't used by the California
Department of Motor Vehicles, but they are legal in the state.
Nation's largest biodiesel plant opens for business
The largest biodiesel plant in the country opened its doors in Grays Harbor, WA, earlier this
Third alleged street racer charged in Canadian truck fatality
A third driver, Ravi Badhwar, has been charged in a fatal street-racing crash that killed a truck
driver on Highway 400 in Ontario, Canada, in June.
Trucker sentenced in infamous mistaken identity wreck
A Michigan truck driver faces four years in prison out of a 36-year sentence for causing a crash
that killed five Taylor University students in April 2006.
Storms heading for the Gulf Coast
The weather along parts of the Gulf Coast could get interesting during the next week or so.
Five cities on the road to congestion pricing
Congestion pricing could soon be coming to a city near you, thanks to the U.S. DOT's offer of
$848 million in aid to make it happen.
Federal bill seeks to boost counterfeiting enforcement
The U.S. Senate is considering another piece of legislation, known as the Intellectual Property
Rights Enforcement Act, to help stop counterfeit products.
Special session called in Missouri to speed up bridge work
Gov. Matt Blunt announced that Missouri lawmakers will head back to the Capitol next week to
consider an effort to speed up repairs to bridges. An additional $550 million in bonds also
were authorized for roads in the state.
Massachusetts governor seeks nearly $6 billion for transportation work
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has unveiled a capital investment plan that would allot
$5.72 billion in borrowed money for transportation projects in the state.
Land Line Web site reaches nearly 11,000 visitors a day
Uncork the champagne – the Land Line Web site has reached a major milestone.
Heat wave grips much of nation
Triple-digit heat continued Tuesday across much of the South and Midwest. Authorities in
Arkansas believe the death of a trucker may have been heat-related.
ExxonMobil stickers a disclaimer about fuel temperature, energy content
A disclaimer warning consumers that temperature fluctuations affect the amount of energy
contained in a gallon of motor fuel has turned up on select fuel pumps in California.
Several new laws of interest to truckers in Oregon
Before state lawmakers in Oregon wrapped up their regular session this summer they passed
several bills of interest to the trucking industry.
Bridge replacement plan sparks opposition
There's a difference of opinion in Minnesota over how quickly a new bridge should be built to
replace the Interstate 35 span that collapsed.
Mayor wants to ban trucks from I-75 bridge
The mayor of Covington, KY – which is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati – wants to
ban heavy trucks from the bridge that carries Interstate 75 over the river.
CARB eyes tougher emissions regs for trucks; seeks comments at hearing
With tougher emissions rules in place for new truck models, the world's most active
emissions-busting agency is looking at another source – trucks already on the road.
Connecticut governor calls for more bridge funding
With states across the country re-examining the safety of their bridges in the wake of the recent
collapse in Minnesota, Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell is calling for state lawmakers to authorize
more money for bridge work.
Proposal would end Virginia bad-driver fees
With an eye on the November elections, one Virginia state senator wants the new abusive
driver fee laws thrown out.
Trucker's son helps stop runaway truck
A trucker's nine-year-old son, a trucker on CB and a Good Samaritan are being credited with
bringing a tractor-trailer to a halt after the trucker blacked out for unknown reasons at the wheel.
Truck hijacked in Ontario
There's been another truck hijacking along Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada.
Embassy staff goes on truck ride-along
Trucker Peter Durant of Ontario, Canada, had some special guests in his cab recently as he
headed for the Windsor-Detroit border crossing.
Oberstar suggests fuel tax increase could pay for bridge fund
The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says the best
way to fund bridge repairs and replacement within the National Highway System is by
increasing the federal tax collected on gasoline and diesel.
Epoxy maker charged in Big Dig collapse
The company that supplied the epoxy used to secure ceiling bolts in Boston's Big Dig project
has been charged with involuntary manslaughter by a Massachusetts grand jury.
Botched bridges, bungled Big Dig highlight Land Line Media Blog
Ever worried about who's watching you from a camera while you're on the road or out in
public? Have you questioned why the former head of Boston's problematic Big Dig is now in
charge of the Federal Highway Administration? If so, you're not alone. These are just a few of
the topics explored this week on the
Land Line Media Blog.
New Oregon law intended to clean up diesel engines
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski has signed a bill into law that is intended to clean up old diesel
engines in the state. It takes effect in late September. Trucks, buses, construction equipment
and farm vehicles will get help from the state to replace and retrofit pre-2007 diesel engines
and reduce idling.
South Carolina GOP pushes up primary; others could follow
South Carolina Republicans announced this week they moved their 2008 presidential primary
to Jan. 19. The decision triggered a chain reaction as other early voting states look to push up
their balloting to as early as before Christmas 2007.
Man arrested following double-shooting at Ohio trucking company
A truck driver reportedly shot and killed two former co-workers Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 8,
after learning he'd been fired.
Illegal immigrants found in trailer
A truck driver and his passenger are in jail after border agents in Falfurrias, TX, found 50 illegal
immigrants inside the locked trailer in 90-degree-plus heat on Wednesday, Aug. 8.
Two intrastate trucking laws now in effect in Colorado
Two new laws in Colorado are focused on keeping the state's roadways a little more safe.
State senator accuses TxDOT of ignoring lawmakers
A Texas state senator is accusing the Texas Department of Transportation of doing its own
thing despite the wishes of state lawmakers.
Rigmaster seeks CARB approval for APU to beat Jan. 1, 2008, deadline
Thousands of 2007 and 2008 model trucks will be prevented from using diesel-fired APUs
beginning Jan. 1, but at least one company says it will have a CARB-approved filter ready for
Above-normal hurricane season still predicted
The Climate Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
released its update to the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook this week, maintaining its
expectations for an above-normal season.
PennDOT uses CDL data for driver recruitment
The Pennsylvania DOT is looking for quite a few good men and women to fill part-time winter
jobs as snow plow drivers. But the way the department is trying to recruit them is drawing
Is Texas DOT circumventing the law with tolling plan?
A Texas lawmaker is accusing the state's Department of Transportation of “arrogance,” and of
trying to circumvent a new law that places a moratorium on private leases.
Oberstar calls for national bridge trust fund
U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, D-MN, announced he will file legislation to dedicate more federal
funding to repair, rehabilitate and replace deficient bridges on the National Highway System.
Bill would force EPA to OK waiver for stricter California emissions regs
California's wait to begin implementing strict greenhouse gas emissions rules could be
nearing an end.
Toll road funding falls through in North Carolina
The North Carolina General Assembly closed up shop for the year last week without reaching
agreement on a plan to set aside extra money to help pay for toll roads throughout the state.
Driving rights' bills advance in New Jersey
The New Jersey Senate approved a legislative package that would make it easier for drivers
with suspended licenses to keep their driving privileges. One bill would help truckers stay on
the road.
Son of OOIDA member killed in Iraq
The son of OOIDA member Stephen Blackwell of Paris, TN, died in a mortar attack on the base
he was stationed at in Iraq.
Owner-operator feels the burn of ‘hot fuel' – twice
It was a blazing hot Sunday afternoon in Kingman, AZ, when owner-operator Darcy Currier
pulled in for fuel at a TravelCenters of America stop.
Arkansas attorney says trucker clinic needs better supervision
One of four truck stop medical clinics set up for truck drivers has been hamstrung because a
state medical board needs better understanding of the clinic's procedures and medical
supervision, the board's legal counsel told
Land Line Tuesday.
Wisconsin truckers work to avert changes to idle-reduction grants
Making your voice heard on issues important to you is a message that is often relayed to
voters. Wisconsin truck drivers recently witnessed the effect of following through on that
Public policy group prefers turnpike lease to a tolled I-80
A public policy group is calling for the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Gov. Ed Rendell to
repeal portions of recent transportation legislation that propose increasing tolls on the
Pennsylvania Turnpike and converting Interstate 80 into a toll road.
Congestion pricing study approved for New York City
New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer signed a bill into law authorizing a new commission to study how
to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in New York City. Charging car and truck drivers extra
fees to enter Manhattan is a possibility.
FMCSA explores parking notification system
What if a highway message board could tell you how many truck parking spots are left at a rest
area 30 miles down the road?
Goldman Sachs wins bid to build Mexican toll roads
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners is part of a team that bid $4.1 billion to finance the
construction of 340 miles of toll roads in Mexico, the Mexican government reported.
Major I-5 work slated for Seattle
If you're planning to be northbound on Interstate 5 through Seattle in the near future, consider
this your warning.
CARB reaches $13 million settlement with lumber company on emissions
Mary Nichols is back in the saddle as chairman of the California Air Resources Board, and
she's not taking prisoners.
New Jersey law intended to protect ID theft victims
A new law in effect in New Jersey makes it illegal for creditors to deny credit to people solely
because they were victims of identity theft. It also prohibits the reduction of a person's credit
Truck driver identified after bridge collapse in Minnesota
Authorities in Minneapolis have identified the driver of a bakery truck who was killed
Wednesday, Aug. 1, when the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed.
Special session expected in Minnesota; fuel tax boost likely
With images of one of the nation's worst bridge collapses fresh in their minds, Minnesota
legislators are calling for several steps to be taken to prevent a similar event.
New law outlines reasons for TWIC applicant rejections
President Bush signed a major anti-terrorism bill into law Friday, Aug. 3, and the bill has
several implications for truck drivers and applicants for the Transportation Worker Identification
Michigan Senate OKs bill to trim bond amounts for truck weight violations
A bill in Michigan intends to lessen the potential blow on the pocketbooks of truck owners or
drivers for truck weight violations.
‘Big Oil' tax passes House
The U.S. House of Representatives this weekend approved a $16 billion tax on oil companies
while providing billions of dollars in tax breaks for renewable energy and conservation efforts.
Trucker acquitted in diplomat's death
In Pennsylvania, a truck driver who's an illegal immigrant has been acquitted of criminal
charges in the death of a diplomat from Honduras.
Trucker's body recovered from bridge wreckage
The Minneapolis Fire Department has confirmed that a body was pulled from the wreckage of
a badly burned tractor-trailer amidst the rubble that was once the Interstate 35W bridge in
PA toll plan: $150 one-way toll for trucks?
U.S. Congressman John Peterson, R-PA, says turnpike toll increases, recently approved by
the state legislature, will mean that heavy trucks will pay nearly $148.75 for a one-way trip
across the state – and that the toll would eventually increase to almost $200.
Feds react to Minnesota tragedy
Federal officials have called for more funding for infrastructure and more inspections of the
nation's bridges in the aftermath of the Minneapolis bridge collapse.
Mandatory Highway Watch provision canceled in GA
Truckers in Georgia soon will no longer have to take a one-hour training session on homeland
security to get or renew their CDL.
Stiffer price-gouging penalties advance in New Jersey
A New Jersey Assembly panel has approved a bill that would toughen penalties for fuel price
gouging. The effort is one of several price-gouging protections being pursued by lawmakers in
the state.
Bad Coke: CARB settles with soda bottler over truck emissions
The California Air Resources Board announced this week that it negotiated a settlement with
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles over the company's “failure to properly inspect its
diesel truck fleet for smoke emissions.”
Trucker's clinic dealt a setback in Arkansas
The state medical board in Arkansas has handed a setback to a brand-new West Memphis
truck stop health clinic that caters exclusively to truckers.
Mendenhall waives hearing; will face homicide charges at jury trial
Bruce Mendenhall chose to waive his right to a preliminary court hearing Thursday, Aug. 2,
leaving prosecutors to prepare for a jury trial at a later date, according to
The Associated Press .
Chrysler goes private
The Chrysler Corporation has become the only privately owned company among the so-called
“Big 3” American automakers in Detroit.
Quarters, quarters everywhere…
An armored car in Wisconsin had one heck of a load securement problem earlier this week.
Minneapolis bridge collapse shocks nation of drivers
A 40-year-old bridge over Interstate 35W, one of the busiest bridges in Minneapolis, collapsed
at 6:05 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1, during rush hour, killing at least four and injuring 79. The
incident could not have been more shocking to a nation of highway users.
OOIDA's Spencer weighs in on PA tolls
Todd Spencer, executive vice president of OOIDA, has sent a strongly worded letter to the head
of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority, calling some of his recent statements on tolling
Interstate 80 “reprehensible.”
Kenworth hybrid a hit at lumber company
The fleet manager for the Dunn Lumber Company in Seattle said the hybrid Kenworth Class 7
truck they just got has improved the company's fuel economy by 35 percent.
Funding for roads in Missouri faces uncertain future
Missouri roads could be up a creek in a few years, state lawmakers and others were told this
week. Two possible solutions mentioned include tax increases.
More funds sought for North Carolina Turnpike Authority
As the clock ticks down on the regular session in North Carolina, a bill halfway through the
statehouse would require drivers to pay about a third more for their vehicle's annual
registration stickers to help fund toll roads throughout the state.
Pilot: No more Visa, Mastercard at the pumps
Pilot Travel Centers LLC – which boasts of being the largest over-the-road diesel retailer in the
U.S. – is the latest truck stop chain to stop accepting Visa and Mastercard at the pump.
DHS ordered to audit ATA's Highway Watch
Last week, Congress approved a bill to finally implement the recommendations of the Sept. 11
Commission. The White House has said that President Bush would sign the bill, which
includes a number of provisions dealing with trucking and hazmat security.
Oregon puts nearly a quarter of drivers out of service
Conducting a five-day inspection blitz in late July, the Motor Carrier Division of the Oregon
Department of Transportation placed nearly one-fourth of the truck drivers stopped out of
service for safety violations, the department reported.
Cuts could be coming to New Hampshire's 10-year road plan
New Hampshire doesn't have enough money rolling in to fulfill promises of the state's 10-year
highway plan, according to the state's top transportation official.
Petro gives chicken-fried support to USO
Petro – which is now owned by TravelCenters of America and other investors – raised quite a
bit of money for the USO before it was sold.
New Arkansas law requires minimum wait after wrecks
A new law in Arkansas requires drivers involved in wrecks to remain at the scene for at least
30 minutes. The new rule took effect earlier this week.
New Jersey bill targeting improper use of lasers nears passage
As if there weren't enough things to worry about while driving down the road, dodging lasers is
becoming a more and more common problem for drivers across the country.
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