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What's News - January 2009
OOIDA alert: missing driver update
An "overdue motorist" report on an OOIDA member has been canceled.
Five tractors destroyed by fire at Ottumwa, IA, trucking firm
The owner of a trucking company just outside Ottumwa, IA, says he considers a fire Saturday
night, Jan. 3, that destroyed four tractors and damaged a fifth to be "pretty suspicious."
Kansas bill would use speed to determine Turnpike tolls
A Kansas state senator wants to charge higher tolls on the Kansas Turnpike based on vehicle
Ontario audit highlights flaws in commercial enforcement
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation spends $39 million each year on commercial vehicle
safety enforcement, yet the program comes up short in crucial areas that include driver
education, vehicle inspections and crash prevention, according to the provincial Office of the
Auditor General.
Michigan OKs bill advising truckers of 'frost laws'; gridlock bill fails
When the curtain came down on the 2008 regular session in Michigan, two bills that were
intended to notify truckers about seasonal weight restrictions and to reduce gridlock caused by
wrecks had different outcomes.
Fuel prices drop another 3.6 cents to average $2.291 nationwide
Even though gas prices have started inching their way back up around the country, the Energy
Information Administration is reporting the national average for diesel is down another 3.6
cents per gallon this past week.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Maryland toll increases unfairly target truckers
Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009 - If the Maryland Transportation Authority has its way, truckers will soon
be paying up to 50-percent more to operate on state tollways. Trucking industry officials
including OOIDA say the increases would unfairly target truckers particularly when tolls for
four-wheelers would remain unchanged.
TxDOT says 'Trans-Texas Corridor' is dead
Texas transportation officials say the massive toll-road proposal known as the Trans-Texas
Corridor is dead. But Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Amadeo Saenz
said TxDOT will continue to pursue new infrastructure - including toll roads - under a revised
plan unveiled Tuesday, Jan. 6, during the annual Texas Transportation Forum.
Blagojevich impeachment vote could be soon; Burris goes to Washington
A vote on the impeachment of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich could come by the end of the week
in the state's House. The special panel created to look into any criminal wrongdoing by the
governor is moving forward to complete its work after Blagojevich named Roland Burris to fill
the vacant U.S. Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama.
Rhode Island lawmaker pursues tougher DUI rules
Stuck with a label as one of the worst states for drunken driving offenses, a Rhode Island state
lawmaker wants to remove that distinction.
Truck school operators blame economy for shutdown
The recent economic downturn has reportedly taken another trucking school down with it. The
American Truck School in Fortuna, CA, closed for business in late December, according to the
Eureka Times-Standard newspaper.
Bendix acquires VORAD collision warning system
One of North America's largest commercial truck safety technology manufacturers has acquired
a radar-based collision warning system.
North Carolina committee recommends tolled interstates, mileage tax
An appointed committee in North Carolina wants state lawmakers to consider tolling interstate
highways and implementing a mileage-based tax to replace the state fuel tax.
Oregon governor wants further look into mileage tax
A year after a report in Oregon said a tax system based on miles driven could one day replace
per-gallon fuel taxes at the pump, Gov. Ted Kulongoski released a budget proposal for 2009
that calls for a mileage tax on many vehicles.
OOIDA member assumes new role on town council in Littlerock, CA
Truck parking restrictions will be one of OOIDA member Tom Fidger's top priorities as he
assumes his seat on the Littlerock, CA, Town Council.
Arkansas bill seeks regular updates on highways
If an Arkansas state lawmaker gets her way, the state's transportation department would be
required to keep legislators more in the loop on highways.
Red light cameras as a moneymaker? Court says OK
Not only is it OK for Chicago to use red light cameras to issue traffic tickets, but it's also OK for
the city to use the cameras as a means of generating extra income.
Ballistics confirm former patrolman was shooter
In Garland, TX, police say ballistics tests confirm that a former Utah highway patrolman's pistol
was the gun that killed a trucker and a motorist on Dec. 22, 2008.
Clarification: Schneider academies will train experienced drivers only
Wisconsin-based Schneider National has issued a statement pointing out that the company
has moved to a "100 percent experienced driver hiring model, resulting in the elimination of its
inexperienced driver training program." Schneider will continue to offer training to experienced
- Gotta love this one drivers...Schneider's going to train experienced drivers.-
Obama calls for quick passage of economic stimulus
As part of a plan to jump-start a struggling economy, President-elect Barack Obama urged
Congress to act quickly and pass an emergency economic stimulus package centered on
infrastructure, energy, education and health care jobs.
Weather plays havoc in Washington, other states
The Washington state DOT information line is advising truckers and other travelers that not only
is Interstate 5 closed near Chehalis, but more than 60 other roads and highways in the state
are also closed because of flooding, mudslides or the threat of avalanche.
Wisconsin plans would create California-style diesel, global warming rules
Professional drivers have long viewed California as one of the toughest states to drive truck in,
but one Midwestern state may be fast on its heels. The Wisconsin Global Warming Task Force
recently approved a host of recommendations for the state to use to cut greenhouse gas
Climate control: CARB opens reefer registry
Trucking businesses with reefer units from California, listen up: The California Air Resources
Board will begin collecting data from you soon. CARB announced early this month that it had
opened its own reefer registry, and that by late March, CARB would begin requiring in-state
trucking businesses with reefers to submit equipment information in the agency's online
The federal government’s new biometric ID card
enforcement at 18 ports began, Tuesday, Jan. 13
Baton Rouge, LA;  Houma, LA;  Lafayette, LA;  Morgan City, LA;  New Orleans;
Port Fourchon, LA;  South Louisiana (in LaPlace, LA);  Key West, FL;  Miami, FL;
Palm Beach, FL;  Port Everglades, FL;  Port Manatee, FL;  Tampa, FL;  Peoria, IL;
St. Louis, MO;  Newport News, VA;  Norfolk, VA; and Kansas City, MO.
TWIC: 18 ports begin TSA ID card enforcement Tuesday
Truckers in Colo. could have to pay $39 a year for roads
DENVER — Colorado drivers could be charged an extra $23 a year — or more for truckers — to
help catch up with backlogged projects to fix the state’s bridges and roads under a proposal
being negotiated at the state Capitol.
Mexico could postpone Pacific port’s construction
MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Transportation Secretary Luis Tellez says the construction of a huge
new Pacific seaport in Baja California could be postponed because of the world economic
slowdown. The port could compete with Long Beach and Los Angeles if built.
Spanish company lands four infrastructure projects
Although new to the scene, a Spanish company is turning out to be a major player in the North
American infrastructure market. Grupo ACS, a U.S. subsidiary of two Spanish companies,
Iridium and Dragados, has been selected to pursue four long-term infrastructure projects since
June 2008 in Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Quebec, Canada.
Flying J California refinery remains closed after 10-day shutdown
The Flying J hasn’t reopened its Bakersfield, CA, refinery after a planned 10-day shutdown,
more bad news for the truck stop giant already plagued with expensive debts to creditors and
business partners.
Maine bills focus on APUs, rest stops and driver distractions
Several bills of interest to truck drivers in Maine have been offered for consideration during the
regular session that started early this month. The topics include an incentive to reduce truck
idling and the reopening of certain rest stops on U.S. Route 1.
'Move over' rule advances to New Jersey governor
A practice followed by professional truck drivers for decades could soon become law for all
drivers in New Jersey. The legislation is designed to protect emergency personnel during
roadside stops.
Iowa 80 Truckstop marks 45th year of serving truckers
Longtime truckers may remember the Iowa 80 Truckstop as a small white building in the
middle of Iowa cornfields just west of the Mississippi River. This year, the Iowa 80 Truckstop
celebrates its 45th year of serving America's truckers.
National average inches up 2.3 cents to $2.314 for fuel
After experiencing record-high fuel prices set back in July of 2008, truckers had been breathing
a little easier at the pumps as they watched fuel prices drop down to 2005 prices. However, the
Energy Information Administration is reporting on Monday, Jan. 12, that the national average
price for diesel is inching its way back up - increasing 2.3 cents per gallon to average $2.314
per gallon.
Trucking veteran weighs in on rough economic times
Paul Schwanke loves trucking; it’s all he knows. The OOIDA member from Acton, CA, told Land
Line Magazine on Monday, Jan. 12, he may be forced to give up the profession he loves after
more than 32 years in the trucking business if economic conditions don’t improve soon.
Massachusetts governor open to fuel tax increase, with conditions
Gov. Deval Patrick this week indicated that increasing the state’s fuel tax rate in Massachusetts
would be a “serious alternative” to toll hikes on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
Montana bill would expand hours of Turner port of entry
A Montana state lawmaker has offered a measure for consideration that would urge 24-hour
operation for the Turner port of entry on state Highway 241.
Truck repos down in 2008
In what could be a bit of surprising economic news, heavy-duty truck repossessions were down
in 2008 according to Nassau Asset Management. Truck repossessions processed by Nassau
declined in 2008 from a high point in 2007, but the 2008 totals represented a 50 percent
increase from 2006 figures.
Senate to hold confirmation on DOT Secretary nominee LaHood
Just imagine that your job interview was going to be conducted by the U.S. Senate Committee
on Commerce, Science and Transportation. That’s who retired Rep. Ray LaHood, R-IL, is going
to have to impress in order to land the job of Secretary of Transportation and a spot on
President-elect Barack Obama’s Cabinet.
CARB ticketing truckers for violating five-minute idling limit
California truck stop visitors, beware – the California Air Resources Board is aggressively
pursuing drivers who idle diesel trucks beyond the state’s five-minute limit.
Discounts for some, toll increases for others in Ohio
OOIDA and trucking industry stakeholders warn that heavy trucks will divert to secondary roads
in Ohio once a volume discount is eliminated and the way tolls are calculated changes.
Traffic tickets: protect and serve or protect and profit?
It was a speeding ticket received while on vacation in Pennsylvania that set economist Thomas
Garrett’s mind churning. He wondered about devising a study to prove the theory that local
governments issue more traffic tickets during rocky economic times to make up for their budget
Public comments wanted on I-5 bridge in Northwest
The eventual replacement of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River between
Washington and Oregon will be four to six lanes in each direction. Planners want public input to
narrow down an exact number.
MT bills target truck weights, English-only testing, daylight-saving time
Several noteworthy legislative efforts that have been offered in Montana address truck weight
limits, English-only CDL testing, use of headlights and opting out of daylight-saving time.
New Jersey law intended to expedite local roadwork
Gov. Jon Corzine signed into law a bill giving local governments in New Jersey authority to
make certain traffic engineering decisions without approval from the state Department of
Transportation. Previously A2731, the new law took effect immediately.
OOIDA, Volvo, recognize drivers for safe driving records
OOIDA recently announced honorees in the Association’s Safe Driving Award program. These
drivers have been recognized by the Association and program sponsor Volvo Trucks North
America for truck driving excellence:
LaHood confirmation hearing postponed
Former Illinois Rep. Raymond LaHood – whom President-elect Barack Obama picked to be
Secretary of Transportation – was supposed to appear at a Senate confirmation hearing
Wednesday. But late Tuesday, the hearing was postponed.
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Senate opens hearing on Lisa Jackson, Obama EPA pick
The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works opened confirmation hearings
Wednesday for Lisa Jackson, President-elect Barack Obama's selection for administrator of
the Environmental Protection Agency.
Investors stashing oil?
The price of oil dropped below $36 a barrel in early trading in New York Thursday, Jan. 15.
That's $111 less than crude was selling for this past summer. Bloomberg reports the low price
has prompted the Wall Street banking firm Citigroup to stash millions of barrels of oil it's
purchased in an offshore supertanker.
Cintra profits even as toll traffic declines
Even with fewer vehicles using toll roads in a struggling North American economy, Spanish
road operator Cintra still managed to make a profit in December 2008 thanks to toll increases,
company officials stated in a recent report.
Georgia bills intended to limit driver distractions
Truckers often drive alongside people who appear to be interested in everything but actually
driving. Among the first bills to be filed in Georgia for consideration during the regular session
are a few that address driver distractions.
Alabama bill would regulate hauling of steel coils
An Alabama state lawmaker is renewing his effort to address the problem with steel coil
"fall-offs" in the state.
Roland Burris of Illinois takes seat in U.S. Senate
Roland Burris became the newest member of the U.S. Senate Thursday, Jan. 15.
EPA SmartWay stamps approval on Yokohama truck tires
The Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay program has recognized another product
that aims to cut greenhouse gas emission from commercial trucks. According to the EPA,
Yokohama's RY617 steer tire, 703ZL drive tire and RY 587MC2 trailer tire met the SmartWay
program's criteria for low rolling resistance.
EPA approves CARB reefer rule, will be effective July 17
The Environmental Protection Agency has approved California's new limits on reefers entering
and operating inside the Golden State, giving truck owners and drivers six months to prepare
before enforcement will hit on July 17, 2009.
CDLs improperly awarded in New York
An audit in New York has revealed that the state DMV awarded commercial drivers licenses to
drivers who were not qualified to have them.
Discounts for some, toll increases for others in Ohio
OOIDA and trucking industry stakeholders warn that heavy trucks will divert to secondary roads
in Ohio once a volume discount is eliminated and the way tolls are calculated changes.
Stimulus bill goes further than 'better roads'
There's much ado about the proposed stimulus package being considered on Capitol Hill.
Everyone wants to know what's in it for them and truckers are no exception. In the spending bill,
$43.1 billion is proposed for the U.S. Department of Transportation and $30 billion would be
specifically set aside for state highway and bridge projects.
Traffic tickets: protect and serve or protect and profit?
It was a speeding ticket received while on vacation in Pennsylvania that set economist Thomas
Garrett's mind churning. He wondered about devising a study to prove the theory that local
governments issue more traffic tickets during rocky economic times to make up for their budget
Colorado proposes 400-pound weight exemption for trucks with APUs
Truckers headed through Colorado may soon find it a little easier to stay under weight while
being able to avoid idling and keep comfortable overnight. The Colorado Department of
Revenue is proposing a rule to allow a 400-pound weight exemption for trucks that have an
CARB ticketing truckers for violating five-minute idling limit
Because his truck was parked and running for six minutes, a state employee in an unmarked
pickup truck issued Brent DeLarge a citation that will likely cost DeLarge at least $300.
California truck stop visitors, beware - the California Air Resources Board is aggressively
pursuing drivers who idle diesel trucks beyond the state's five-minute limit.
Expanded speed radar use sought in Mississippi
Multiple bills in the Mississippi Legislature would expand the use of radar by sheriff's deputies
in the state.
Business, environmental interests advocate 'emissions allowances'
Environmental groups and business leaders announced a comprehensive set of
recommendations for U.S. legislation on Thursday, Jan. 15, that would cut emissions but also
could prove worrisome for trucking companies.
Arkansas legislation seeks to curb cell phone use
Two Arkansas state lawmakers have offered bills for consideration during the session that
started Monday, Jan. 12. The bills address one of the pet peeves of professional drivers -
chatting on the phone while driving.
Retesting required for commercial license holders
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The state is notifying more than 1,000 commercial truck drivers licensed in
Tennessee that they must be retested on their driving skills.
Port checks coming, not everybody happy
The Port of Los Angeles recently issued an $8.24 million check to Swift Transportation as part
of its agreement with the megacarrier, and some midrange motor carriers aren't happy.
Pennsylvania Turnpike extension draws three bidders
One U.S.-based firm and two Spain-based firms are on the shortlist to construct two new
portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Mississippi bills address heavier trucks, road safety
Since they convened the 2009 regular session, Mississippi state lawmakers have been busy
offering bills that cover a vast array of subjects. Several topics address truck-related issues and
other matters of interest to professional drivers.
Louisiana: Increased enforcement results in fewer wrecks
Louisiana State Police say a record-breaking year for citations in one part of the state has
resulted in fewer wrecks and fatalities.
No MATS for Pete and KW
Kenworth and Peterbilt, both divisions of Paccar, will not be among the Class 8 nameplates
showing off new and existing technology at the 2009 Mid-America Trucking Show scheduled for
mid-March in Louisville, KY.
OMB chief to work until Bush administration's final hour
As Americans watch parades, speeches and the much-anticipated transfer of power between
President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday, Jan. 20, Jim
Nussle will be working. Nussle is the director of the White House's Office of Management and
License testing shutdown leaves 'thousands' of drivers in limbo
Thousands of truckers may soon be traveling U.S. highways on expired CDLs without even
knowing it. Drivers who obtained a commercial driver's license through an unnamed third-party
tester in Tennessee between May 2005 and January 2008 may be required to do a complete
retest, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.
Five Atlantic states sign agreement to reconstruct I-95
Five states on the East Coast have committed to reconstructing and widening more than 1,000
miles of I-95 under a federal program that authorizes tolling. Departments of transportation in
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia signed an agreement Friday, Jan.
Florida OKs higher traffic fines to bolster budget
The Florida Legislature approved a bill that would increase fines for driving violations. It is
intended to help plug a $2.3 billion budget hole.
States asked to ban cell phone use while driving
Professional drivers traveling alongside people who appear to be focusing their attention on
everything but the road has been a cause for concern since the early days of trucking. Today,
lawmakers in more and more states are taking up the fight to limit distractions while driving.
Senate hearing Wednesday for Obama's pick for DOT chief
The day after the inauguration of Barack Obama as the nation's 44th president, the eyes of the
transportation world will be focused on two major issues: the proposed economic stimulus
package being considered on Capitol Hill and a Senate confirmation hearing for Obama's
designated secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.
SPECIAL REPORT: Obama administration to inherit EOBR controversy
Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 - As DC gets a makeover, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers
Association has been watching what some call "midnight regulations,"ones that Bush
administration could make happen in the weeks leading up to today, the first day of the new
Obama administration.
SPECIAL REPORT: Obama puts hold on 11th-hour regs, including EOBRs
Jan. 21, 2009 - In one of his first moves after taking office, President Barack Obama put a hold
on the flurry of regulations issued by the Bush administration in its last days.
SPECIAL REPORT: LaHood nomination sent to full Senate for confirmation
Jan. 21, 2008- The Secretary of Transportation nominee Ray LaHood knows a little bit about
smooth roads - especially since his confirmation hearing didn't hit a pothole. The retired
representative from Illinois heard members of the Senate Commerce, Science and
Transportation Committee say things like, "He's no pushover." And, "I'm proud to call him a
National average for diesel drops 1.8 cents after slight increase a week ago
After a slight increase at the pumps a week ago, the national average price for diesel has
dropped 1.8 cents to average $2.296 per gallon.
Oklahoma bill would create penalty schedule for overweight trucks
Drivers of overweight vehicles would face increased fines depending on just how heavily the
trucks are loaded, under a bill filed in the Oklahoma Senate.
Colorado bill would ticket slowpokes
Truckers spend their workdays traversing all types of roadways throughout the nation. Many
times a day slow-moving vehicles ahead complicate the task of getting to the intended
License testing shutdown leaves 'thousands' of drivers in limbo
Thousands of truckers may soon be traveling U.S. highways on expired CDLs without even
knowing it. Drivers who obtained a commercial driver's license through an unnamed third-party
tester in Tennessee between May 2005 and January 2008 may be required to do a complete
retest, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.
Homeland Security: Use only TSA sources for TWIC info
Two days after one truck driver applied for his Transportation Worker Identification Credential,
he received an e-mail from an address attached to, which is apparently an
advertising-based search engine.
Government job opportunities limited by Obama ethics rule
An executive order issued Wednesday, Jan. 21, by President Barack Obama mandates that all
appointees in every executive agency - including the Department of Transportation and the
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - must sign an ethics pledge that among other
things limits the roles of lobbyists.
Police seek clues in fatal shooting of trucker in Barstow, CA
Police in Barstow, CA, are looking for leads and a motive in the death of a trucker from Chula
Vista, whose body was found in the cab of his truck Friday, Jan. 16.
Wyoming bills address chain law, road closures and distracted driving
A handful of road safety bills introduced at the Wyoming statehouse carry some hefty fines.
New York congressman calls for L.A.-style port restructure
Truckers are familiar with the recently-enacted Clean Truck Plans at the ports of Los Angeles
and Long Beach. On the nation's other coast, one lawmaker says New York state ports should
restructure its ports to cut emissions and bring jobs.
ATA lawsuit to stop L.A.-area port truck plan proceeds
Arguments between attorneys with the ATA and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are
scheduled to begin in early March over the twin ports' Clean Truck Plan.
Senate confirms Lisa Jackson as EPA Administrator
The U.S. Senate confirmed nominee Lisa Jackson as administrator of the Environmental
Protection Agency on Thursday. The EPA administrator will likely have a powerful effect on the
future of trucking, including overseeing regulations for diesel engine emissions and
investigating controversial topics such as carbon cap and trade systems.
Ontario speed limiter protest set for March 2
Truckers have set a new date to protest regulations in Ontario that require all heavy trucks to be
electronically speed limited at a maximum of 105 kilometers per hour, or 65 mph.
Rumors of RigMaster's demise appear certain
With more than 200 independent sales and service dealers, RigMaster Power Corp. has one of
the largest and most experienced dealer support networks in the APU industry. When
RigMaster stopped answering the phone two weeks ago, even those dealers were unable to
get answers until this week's fax from RigMaster announcing that it has ceased operations.
National fuel average drops slightly to $2.268
For the second straight week, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is reporting a slight
drop in the national average price for diesel. The EIA report stated on Monday, Jan. 26, that fuel
prices had dipped 2.8 cents per gallon to average $2.268 per gallon nationwide.
President wants car-based greenhouse gas rules, mileage standards
President Obama signed two executive orders Monday aimed at cutting emissions, although
the rules will apply to cars, light trucks and SUVs only. Monday's announcement could signal
the incoming administration's proactive approach toward emissions regulation.
South Dakota bills would create more money for highways
Multiple measures offered for consideration in the South Dakota Legislature are intended to
help ease a shortage of available dollars for the state's highway trust fund. The fund pays for
roadwork and the state Highway Patrol.
Layoffs continue to sideline thousands of workers
Three big U.S. companies announced Monday, Jan. 26, that they're laying off a total of 35,000
workers. Heavy equipment maker Caterpillar will lay off 20,000; Sprint/Nextel will cut 8,000; and
Home Depot is letting 7,000 employees go. And those are joining a long list of companies who
have previously announced cutbacks.
Oil off the hook? Flying J refinery remains shuttered
A California diesel and fuel refinery owned by America's largest diesel retailer has remained
closed for nearly 30 days after a company-imposed 10-day closing for maintenance.
California town wants to restrict 'visual pollution' on main roads
In communities in Los Angeles County, truckers are wrangling with code enforcement officials
over truck parking bans, and now the Calabasas, CA, City Council plans to propose their own
ban to rid trucks from the main roads, which they refer to as "visual pollution."
New Jersey bill mandating snow-free vehicles advances
A bill on the move in New Jersey would get tough with drivers who fail to clear snow and ice off
their vehicles. The rule would apply to commercial and non-commercial vehicles.
Colorado House OKs bill to ticket slow-moving vehicles
A bill halfway through the Colorado statehouse has sparked debate from truckers and others
who are concerned about their safety while traveling roadways in the state. House lawmakers
voted 37-27 Monday, Jan. 26, to advance a bill to the Senate that is intended to keep
slow-moving vehicles - cars, trucks or RVs - from blocking traffic and to allow other travelers to
stay up to speed.
OOIDA: 'Greenwashing' speed limiters, heavier trucks is dangerous
OOIDA says the arguments made before Congress recently by the ATA recently in favor of larger
truck and trailer combinations and government mandated speed limiters are "irresponsible
and ridiculous."
Maryland county council bans truck parking on certain roads
Some truckers in Maryland will have to find an alternative place to park their rigs or risk being
ticketed beginning July 1. This comes after the Montgomery County Council unanimously voted
on Tuesday, Jan. 27, to ban commercial vehicles, buses and recreational vehicles from certain
public roadways.
House rejects digital TV delay; February switchover still stands
If you have an old-fashioned rabbit ear-type TV in your sleeper, you will still need to buy a digital
convertor by Feb. 17. The U.S. Senate unanimously approved the delay on Monday, Jan. 26.
However, the bill did not clear the U.S. House of Representatives.
Colorado lawmakers eye tolls, registration fee increases
The state of Colorado is expected to be in line to receive $520 million for roadwork from the
federal stimulus package being debated in Congress. Even with the infusion of funds, officials
in the state say it is not nearly enough to address transportation needs this year and in future
Canadian budget includes $11.8 billion for infrastructure
The much anticipated federal budget proposal in Canada contains an $11.8 billion stimulus
package for infrastructure, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced. Flaherty unveiled details
of the five-year federal budget projection and accompanying stimulus package on Tuesday,
Jan. 28.
No privatization for Ontario toll road extension
A 20-mile extension of Ontario Highway 407 will be tolled but remain under the control of the
provincial government, officials announced.
Stimulus package: What's in it for truckers?
Truckers are not specifically mentioned in the proposed federal stimulus package, but they are
in line to benefit from the job creation and economic relief contained within. The U.S. House of
Representatives passed its $819 billion version of the stimulus bill on Wednesday, Jan. 28, by
a vote of 244 in favor and 188 against.
State road plan in New York would be 'detrimental' to truckers, farmers
Despite warnings by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association that banning heavy
trucks from certain state roads would be detrimental to small-business truckers in upstate New
York, the New York Department of Transportation is still pushing forward with the proposed
Flying J 'winding down' Big West refinery operations
The Flying J on Wednesday officially termed its shutdown of its Big West refinery in California a
"suspension," also indicating the company is preparing to shut down permanently the
70,000-barrel-a-day plant.
Wyoming bills seek to secure road funding
Wyoming lawmakers are busy working on legislation intended to secure revenue to pay for
roads, bridges and transit. While time-tested methods continue to draw consideration, other
more creative efforts are also being sought to squeeze out every last drop of money with the
intention of putting it into transportation.
Montana bill would expand hours of Turner port of entry
The Montana Senate approved a bill Saturday, Jan. 24, that would urge 24-hour operation for
the Turner port of entry on state Highway 241 in the northeastern portion of the state.
Knife attacker deemed mentally ill
A Canadian man accused of nearly stabbing a trucker to death at an I-94 rest stop near
Moorhead, MN, on Jan. 11 may end up in a psychiatric facility.
SPECIAL REPORT: Congressman not impressed with ATA speed limiter dream
Friday, Jan. 30- The chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit said
this week that he is not in favor of slowing trucks down through electronic limiters or a national
speed limit.
California pollution control board supports 'truck weight reform'
An air quality district in California is in support of heavier truckloads in order to cut emissions, a
position that OOIDA says is ineffective.
Idaho governor details transportation funding legislation
Funding for highways and bridges in Idaho would get a shot in the arm under a plan unveiled
by Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter. It includes higher fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees, as well as a
review of the state's truck registration fees.
Safety or econonics? Indiana bill wants red-light camera pilot
A bill in the Indiana Senate would allow towns in the state to place cameras at intersections to
catch red-light runners. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association questions the
motives behind the effort.