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What's News - July 2007
Another ‘truckjacking’ in Ontario
For the second time in two days, a tractor-trailer has been hijacked in Ontario, Canada.
Washington port terminal to shun trucks
A new $300 million container cargo terminal at the Port of Tacoma, WA, will be built in a way
that will minimize truck traffic.
CARB loaded: Proposed laws will affect all over-the-road trucks and ports by 2009
While most truckers have heard about CARB’s limits on diesel-fired APUs, reefers and idling
taking effect in 2008, the agency is preparing to enact other laws aimed at tightening the state’
s greenhouse gas emissions.
Concrete company to settle Big Dig lawsuit for $42 million
The company accused of supplying substandard concrete to the Big Dig tunnels under Boston
will pay the state a reported $42 million to settle the case.
CRST wins lawsuit over drivers’ contracts
For the second time, the trucking company CRST has won a battle against a competitor who
was allegedly luring drivers away who’d been trained and placed under contract to CRST.
Electronic HVUT filing hits a snag
The IRS says the system it was hoping to have ready so that truckers could file their Heavy
Vehicle Use Tax form electronically this year isn’t ready.
Baby boomers hit the road
An increasing number of baby boomers – many of whom are now in their 50s – have taken up
careers as truckers, according to an article in
Dole fined after driver killed in January forklift accident
Arizona’s workplace safety agency has fined Dole Food Co. for violations found during
investigations after the January death of trucker Sheila Ross.
Trucker charged in second killing
An Illinois trucker who’s reportedly implicated himself in the killings of six women in four
states has been charged with a second death.
Overweight trucker loses foster son
Weighing in at close to 500 pounds, OOIDA member Gary Stocklaufer of Independence, MO,
knows he’s overweight. But that hasn’t stopped him from helping his wife, Cynthia, raise their
7-year-old adopted son, Bobby.
Dallas voters to decide fate of Trinity River toll road
Voters in Dallas will decide the fate of a proposed toll road that would pass through a
developing downtown park.
Town officials in New Hampshire call for toll revolt
Town officials in Merrimack, NH, are calling for a toll revolt on Aug. 27 that includes asking
residents to pay their tolls in pennies.
Utah lawmakers consider doubling state’s fuel tax
Higher fuel taxes could be on the horizon in Utah. Two state legislative panels recently took
some time out of their summer break to get together and discuss possible solutions to the
state’s road funding woes.
Trucker who fled after fatal wreck still at large
Police in Sweetwater, TX, say a truck driver fled the scene on foot after he ran a stop sign and
allegedly caused a fatal wreck on July 18.
Trucker group vows to fight ‘doomsday' plan for ports
Faced with being forced out of business by a clean-air plan at the Ports of Los Angeles and
Long Beach, small trucking companies and owner-operators have banded together in an
opposition group.
U.S. representative wants to halt tolls on I-80 in Pennsylvania
A U.S. representative from Pennsylvania plans to file a bill this week to halt the conversion of
Interstate 80 in the Keystone State into a toll road.
Houston City Council delays vote on overweight fees
Truckers and motor carriers are throwing some weight behind their opposition to a proposed
ordinance in Houston that would require extra permits and fees for oversized and overweight
Alabama governor stumping for tolls, privatization of roads
Gov. Bob Riley has a message for residents in Alabama who want better roads: consider tolls
roads or public-private partnerships.
Corzine seeks voter input on funding plan
New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine says he wants the voters to call the shots on some parts of a
new state transportation funding plan.
Feds investigate alleged bribes, Alaskan politicians eyed
A federal grand jury is zeroing in on the relationship between Alaska Republican Sen. Ted
Stevens and businessman Bill Allen, whose oil pipeline service and construction company
won millions in federal contracts, according to The Associated Press .
Ohio boosts farm tractor speeds
In an effort to reduce rear-end collisions with farm tractors on Ohio roads, a new law allows
farmers to kick it up a notch while driving their tractors on public roads.
Investigators say Mendenhall’s truck had blood from five women
A truck driver charged with criminal homicide had blood from at least five women in his truck,
according to news reports.
Driver shot in apparent ‘truckjacking’
Police in York, Ontario, Canada – just north of Toronto – are looking for three men who shot a
trucker in the ankle and hijacked his load of cigarettes.
Three indicted in Texas tax fraud scheme
Three Houston-area residents have been indicted for their roles in a scheme to defraud the
IRS out of excise taxes involving kerosene that was later sold as diesel fuel.
Strike could idle CA port truckers
Truckers who haul container cargo out of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach could see
work grind to a halt if the union representing the ports’ clerical workers makes good on its
Two more states set to adopt ACE
Idaho and Montana will join the ACE program on Aug. 6, meaning the system will be
mandatory for truckers crossing the international border in those states.
New Jersey lawmakers plan rally against turnpike lease
Two state assemblymen in New Jersey have called for a rally in August to oppose the
possible sale or lease of state assets such as the New Jersey Turnpike.
Authorities crack down on aggressive driving in Miami
The Florida Highway Patrol is trying to make Miami-Dade County a nicer place to drive.
Wal-Mart cites 15-percent fuel efficiency improvement
Wal-Mart officials say their truck fleet is about 15 percent more fuel efficient today than it was
when the company began a concerted fuel-saving campaign two years ago.
House OKs bill with amendment to restrict I-80 tolling in Pennsylvania
The U.S. House has passed an appropriations bill that contains an amendment to prohibit
federal funding for the conversion of Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania into a toll road.
Rendell says Pennsylvania Turnpike lease again a possibility
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says a plan to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike to private
investors is back on.
Fuel tax boost sought in Wyoming; I-80 truck tolls nixed
A Wyoming legislative panel has endorsed legislation that would increase the state’s fuel tax
by a dime per gallon during the next three years. A separate plan died that sought to authorize
truck tolls.
Oil executives ‘hiding in a haystack’ during ‘hot fuel’ hearing
Round two of what is shaping up to be a continuing series of congressional hearings on “hot
fuel” has left some with a bitter taste in their mouths because of claims made by oil execs.
CARB loaded: 40-year-old California environmental board comes of age
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten waist-deep into California’s biggest issues, while
California’s most influential state agency has made waves nationally by toughening rules for
commercial vehicles and four-wheelers alike.
CARB diet: Agency’s wave of restrictions tighten emissions
California’s long-term smog problems and attention to the environment, however, mean more
hoops to jump through for small-business owners who aren’t even baseplated in California.
Republicans seek information on New Jersey toll plans
Republicans in New Jersey would like to know exactly what Gov. Jon Corzine has in mind for
the New Jersey Turnpike.
U.S. sees drop in highway fatality rate
The U.S. recorded a notable decline in its highway fatality rate last year, according to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Authorities praise motorists after crash on Canada’s 401
A tanker truck crash on Highway 401 near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, July 23, has
emergency personnel praising motorists for their help – and has a police officer calling for
new technology on heavy trucks.
Georgia DOT soliciting private bids for Atlanta toll lanes
The Georgia Department of Transportation is soliciting bids from the private sector to add HOV
toll lanes to Interstate 20 in the Atlanta area.
Congressman aims to block funding for I-80 tolls in Pennsylvania
A U.S. representative from Pennsylvania does not want federal funds used for establishing or
collecting tolls on Interstate 80 in his state.
Immigrant driving plan stalls in Illinois
An effort in Illinois to establish a special driver’s certificate for undocumented immigrants will
have to wait a while longer to have its fate determined.
New Tennessee law offers protections for small business
A new law in Tennessee is intended to strengthen safeguards for the state’s 513,000 small
businesses, including trucking operations.
Missouri HHG mover bill signed into law
Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt has signed a bill into law that is intended to aid household movers in
the state.
Activist finds accident increase after Big Dig tunnel construction
An activist in Boston has handed state officials a study showing that there are many more
crashes in the Big Dig’s new O’Neill Tunnel than in two older tunnels nearby.
Lack of English blamed for train-truck wreck in North Carolina
Police in Kings Mountain, NC, say a driver’s lack of understanding of the English language
appears to have led to a violent wreck between a train and a tractor-trailer.
Feds work with county on busts netting 2,200 pounds of cocaine
Federal officials say cooperation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a
county agency prevented $100 million worth of cocaine from hitting the streets.
Truck-only lanes have cons, OOIDA official says
Lanes specifically reserved for trucks, while proposed by the U.S. DOT to separate tractor-
trailers from four-wheeled traffic, might not be all they’re cracked up to be, an OOIDA
representatives said this week.
Survey addresses growing health care concerns among professional drivers
Rising health problems among professional drivers was the focus of a recent survey
conducted by the Professional Drivers Medical Depot, a health care network designed to offer
convenient and affordable health care for truckers.
Talks still underway in looming LA, Long Beach port strike
It’s crunch time at the California ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in terms of a possible
strike by clerical workers.
Idaho governor reiterates support for higher taxes and fees for roads
An increase in taxes and fees for transportation in Idaho isn’t all that bad of a proposition for
Gov. Butch Otter.
Expedite Expo kicks off Friday
The 2007 Expedite Expo moves into the Roberts Convention Centre in Wilmington, OH, this
Friday and Saturday, July 27 and 28, and organizers of the event say it will focus on the
opportunities, trucks, equipment and services available to owner-operators in expedited
New Missouri law amends ‘salvage’ titles, other truck rules
Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt signed a bill into law that includes several provisions of interest,
including a provision in the new law which loosens the standards on the amount of damage
noted on vehicle titles.
The doctor is in
Dr. John McElligott has a vision to provide convenient and affordable health care for truckers
across the country, and with the grand opening of another Professional Drivers Medical Depot
in West Memphis, AR, he is one step closer to achieving his goal of opening as many as 80
clinics nationwide.
Iowa issues HOS waiver for fuel haulers
Iowa has joined several other Midwestern states in granting waivers to truckers who haul fuel.
Until Aug. 11, the affected drivers are excused from the normal hours-of-service rules.
Trucker says dog saved his life
Trucker Frank Barker whose rig caught fire on Interstate 80 in Sacramento is crediting his dog,
Challa, with alerting him to the danger.
California bill to ban high-tech driver's licenses advances
A bill nearing passage in California is intended to protect information on driver's licenses by
prohibiting the use of radio-frequency identification devices. The devices aren't used by the
California Department of Motor Vehicles, but they are legal.
Overweight fees a revenue grab in Houston, truckers say
Trucking company representatives and owner-operators are planning to speak out against a
proposed ordinance in Houston to require overweight or oversized trucks to pay for city permits
in addition to existing state fees.
ExxonMobil to place temperature disclaimers on fuel pumps
Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. is planning to place decals on some of its pumps in California and
Arizona to tell consumers that the fuel is not adjusted for temperature at the retail level.
Oregon governor signs biofuels law
A new law in Oregon is aimed at increasing the production and use of alternative fuels in the
state. Tax credits will be made available for residents.
‘Potter' taxes trucking industry worldwide
The Harry Potter phenomenon is being felt by the trucking industry worldwide.
Local bridge authority OK'd in Louisiana; it could impose tolls
With transportation officials in Louisiana struggling to find money to pay for road and bridge
projects throughout the state, Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed a bill into law to help foot the bill for
a bridge over the Ouachita River.
Kucinich calls second congressional hearing on ‘hot fuel'
The second time around, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-OH, hopes to get answers from two oil
companies about “hot fuel.”
Feds: Illegal aliens recruited to buy driver's licenses from bureau employee
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents say 37-year-old Melissa Green used her job
as a driver's license examiner in a scheme to issue licenses to illegal aliens seeking work in
Overweight fees a revenue grab in Houston, truckers say
Trucking company representatives and owner-operators are planning to speak out against a
proposed ordinance in Houston to require overweight or oversized trucks to pay for city permits
in addition to existing state fees.
North Dakota extends waiver for fuel haulers
North Dakota's governor has extended until July 28 a waiver that lets fuel tanker truck drivers
ignore the hours-of-service rules.
Three years later, no one has claimed woman's torso left near I-70
It's been three years since groundskeepers found a woman's severed torso at a rest stop on
Interstate 70 near St. Louis.
New Oregon laws seek to reduce gridlock
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed a pair of bills into law intended to help keep traffic moving
along the state's roadways. The new rules take effect Jan. 1, 2008.
Funding approved for I-49 in Louisiana
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco has signed a bill into law that is part of a package of bills that
would authorize $95 million in new funding to help complete the state's portion of Interstate 49.
FEMA ice to go down the drain
Remember all that ice that FEMA finally came up with after Hurricane Katrina? Well, after
paying truckers as much as $900 a day to haul it around the country – and paying $12.5
million for storage – the leftover ice is finally going down the drain.
Feds, states trip up driver over hazmat background checks
Ed Thompson has driven truck for more than 30 years and has held a hazmat endorsement
for more than a decade.
Houston may charge fees for oversized trucks
The Houston City Council could vote as early as next week to force truckers to pay extra fees to
run inside city limits but off the interstate network if their trucks are oversize or overweight.
Talks continue as threat of strike at California ports looms
Negotiations aimed at averting a strike by more than 750 clerical workers at the Ports of Los
Angeles and Long Beach were scheduled to continue Wednesday, July 18.
Dart spokesman says accused killer's stint with company was short
An official at one of several trucking companies on alleged killer Bruce Mendenhall's work
history said Mendenhall's time contracted with their company was brief.
Congestion pricing plan detoured in New York
A congestion pricing plan for New York City was dealt a severe blow this week when state
legislators couldn't reach agreement on the effort.
Diesel averaging above or near $3 in 18 states
Diesel prices averaged above $3 per gallon in eight states on Tuesday, July 17, 2007, while
several other states closed in on the mark.
New Jersey changes idling laws for trucks
It's summer, it's hot out, and the urge to crank up the A/C and let your truck idle may be a
tempting one.
Clerical workers threaten strike at some California ports
Negotiators for a clerical union are working feverishly with management to avoid a strike at the
Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
Boss ponders Mendenhall's ‘lost hours'
Bruce Mendenhall's boss has spent a lot of time over the last few days trying to account for
some of his driver's lost time, after Mendenhall was arrested and charged with criminal
homicide in connection with the shooting death of 25-year-old Sara Nicole Hulbert in Nashville.
New Louisiana law clarifies tax exemption for certain trucks
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed a bill into law clarifying the state's sales and use tax
exemption for certain trucks and trailers. Another new law repeals a tax on household movers.
INDOT to choose firm for Illiana Expressway study
The Indiana DOT is getting closer to choosing a firm in August to study the feasibility and
impact of a proposed toll road connecting Interstate 57 in Illinois with Interstate 65 in Indiana.
Group seeks referendum to stop Dallas toll road
A grassroots group in Texas, the Trinity Vote, wants to squash the proposed Trinity Parkway
toll road project in southern Dallas.
Activist group plans to sue over red-light cameras
A Florida activist group, the Florida Civil Rights Association, claims that red-light cameras
used by Orange County to photograph and ticket drivers are unconstitutional.
Speed limits change on I-75 in Georgia
Anyone driving through Northwest Georgia may want to keep their foot light on the accelerator.
Five dead in Arkansas highway wreck
Five people are dead and a truck driver has been arrested following a crash near Pine Bluff,
AR, during the weekend.
Texting may have played role in fatal crash
A text message may have played a role in a crash that killed five high school cheerleaders in
Rochester, NY, in June.
‘Clean and green’ – alleged serial killer had no shady background
The former supervisor of an accused serial killer said the 56-year-old Illinois man had never
failed a drug test and had not been a problem driver. When he was hired more than a year
ago, the routine background checks conducted during his interview process were
Tacoma Narrows Bridge open to the public
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge finally opened to the public Monday, July 16, in Tacoma, WA.
Tennessee governor signs bill to thwart employment of illegal immigrants
A new law in Tennessee allows the state to suspend business licenses for companies found
to have “knowingly” employed illegal immigrants. It takes effect Jan. 1, 2008.
New Missouri law extends authorization for deadly force
Gov. Matt Blunt has signed a bill expanding gun rights in Missouri. Dubbed the “Castle
Doctrine,” the new law is intended to expand a person’s justifications for using deadly force in
self defense beyond the traditional defense of one’s home.
Turnpike workers charged with toll thefts
Three Florida Turnpike toll collectors have been arrested for collecting some tolls of their own.
Creditors go after makers of BioWillie
Country singer Willie Nelson is probably feeling a good deal of sympathy these days for the
company that manufactures the biodiesel product that bears his name.
Con-Way acquires Contract Freighters
Con-Way Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire Contract Freighters Inc. for $750 million.
Boss describes alleged serial killer as ‘meek,' a ‘good runner'
Bruce Mendenhall was described by his boss as a quiet, unassuming and reliable trucker.
Police, however, announced late Thursday, July 12, that Mendenhall had been arrested in
connection with the deaths of several women at truck stops from Indiana to Tennessee to
Arkansas bans all roadside parking
A new law in Arkansas that took effect the first of the month is intended to clarify that it is illegal
to stop along the shoulders of interstates or controlled-access highways. Exceptions will be
made for breakdowns or emergencies.
Some states take individual action to fix ‘hot fuel'
Officials in several individual states are working on measures – either legislatively or through
other means – to shrug the status quo and move toward temperature compensation at the
fuel pump.
Port container tax bill advances in California
A California Assembly panel narrowly approved a bill that would generate more than $525
million annually from shippers at ports in the state.
Former trooper ordered to pay $1 million to couple
A former Illinois state trooper has been ordered to pay $1 million to a couple he encountered
during a traffic stop along the Tri-State Tollway.
State auditor employee charged with bribery
A former employee of the Massachusetts State Auditor's office has been charged with taking
bribes to reinstate suspended drivers licenses.
Connecticut ethics chief resigns over alleged ethics violations
He may not have understood the meaning of his job title before, but the executive director of
Connecticut 's Office of State Ethics certainly does now – he's resigned amid charges that he
violated the state's motor vehicle laws.
Epoxy blamed in Big Dig collapse
Federal investigators say a ceiling collapse that killed a woman in one of Boston 's Big Dig
tunnels was probably caused by the failure of epoxy glue.
‘ Ice Road Truckers' sets viewing record for History Channel
The debut of the original series on the History Channel, “Ice Road Truckers” drew a record
number of viewers to the cable network.
TA opens new truck stop near border in Texas
TravelCenters of America has opened its 234th travel center, providing more truck parking in
southern Texas. The new truck stop is off Interstate 35 in Laredo, TX.
Tennessee governor signs toll road bill
With the state struggling to pay for transportation work, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen signed
a bill into law that authorizes tolling as a method to pay for new road and bridge work in the
Congressional committee blasts TWIC project delays, restrictions on felons
Truckers aren’t the only ones frustrated by the federal government’s pattern of
announcements followed by delays for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential
OIG: SafeStat system better, but work still needed before going public again
Improvements have been made to the motor carrier safety reporting system, SafeStat. But,
FMCSA still has some tweaks and fixes it needs to complete before posting the scores to the
public again, according to a recent inspector general letter.
New Jersey Legislature OKs tougher distracted driving rules
In an effort to make the state’s roadways safer, the New Jersey Legislature has approved a bill
that would give law enforcement greater authority to ticket drivers for being distracted.
Kentucky boosts speeds to 70 mph
Drivers in Kentucky can put a little more pedal to the metal this summer, now that speed limits
on most rural interstates have been raised from 65 to 70 mph for both cars and trucks.
Connecticut eyes more truck parking
Truckers in Connecticut could see an increase in parking places at highway rest stops if an
ambitious proposal by the state's DOT gets adopted.
Connecticut raises diesel taxes 11 cents to 37 cents per gallon
Truck drivers in Connecticut began paying an extra 11 cents per gallon for diesel fuel July 1.
National conference to vote on temperature compensation at the pump
The 53 voting members of the National Conference on Weights and Measures are set to vote
this week on whether to issue guidelines for states to use if they legislate temperature
compensation at retail fuel pumps.
New Jersey bill cracks down on road rage
Drivers in New Jersey caught “flipping the bird” or getting too close to another vehicle could be
dealt with harshly under legislation on the move in the state Assembly that is intended to curb
road rage.
States waive hours-of-service regulations
Minnesota and South Dakota have waived hours-of-service restrictions for fuel haulers due to
spot shortages of gasoline.
Pennsylvania transportation funding plan nears passage; includes I-80 tolls
Charging truckers and other travelers to drive down Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania is one step
closer to reality. Gov. Ed Rendell and the Republican-led Senate reached an agreement on a
$27.3 billion state budget, ending a standoff that led to a partial shutdown of state government.
California Assembly OKs bill tackling ‘hot fuel' issue
A bill calling for a study to analyze the problem of so-called “hot fuel” in California along with
possible solutions to make sure consumers get what they pay for at the pump is halfway
through the statehouse.
Road work funding bill dies in Louisiana
A bid to pump about $430 million more into transportation projects in Louisiana failed to win
legislative approval during the recently completed regular session.
Walcott Truckers Jamboree starts Thursday
This year’s version of the Walcott Truckers Jamboree gets going on Thursday, July 12, and
continues through Friday, July 13.
Hot fuel on agenda at national conference
One of the highlighted topics at this week’s meeting of the National Conference on Weights
and Measures in Salt Lake City is the issue of automatic temperature compensation at retail
fuel pumps.
It’s official: TWIC enrollment delayed until fall
The federal government is delaying implementation of the Transportation Worker Identification
Credential until fall, officials from the Transportation Security Administration confirmed.
Pennsylvania’s state government partially shut down
Pennsylvania’s state government was partially shut down Monday after Democratic Gov. Ed
Rendell and the Republican-dominated Senate couldn’t agree on a $27 billion budget.
Ohio bill would toughen rules on road rage
A bill in the Ohio Senate is intended to help curb incidents of aggressive driving in the state.
Canadian owner-operator starts petition against speed limiters
An owner-operator in Canada is doing his best to stand up against legislation calling for
mandatory speed limiters on heavy trucks in Ontario and Quebec – legislation that would
affect all trucks traveling in those provinces, including U.S. trucks.
Truck bills falter in Oregon; fee increases on hold for now
As the regular session in Oregon winded down recently, several trucking-related bills were
Manitoba vows crackdown on oversized trucks
Truckers in Manitoba may see a crackdown on overheight loads that damage overpasses.
Louisiana Legislature approves bill OK’ing local bridge authority
With transportation officials in Louisiana struggling to find money to pay for road and bridge
projects throughout the state, a bill on its way to Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s desk would help foot
the bill for a bridge over the Ouachita River.
Truck stop con game busted
Police in Bordentown Township, NJ – just south of Trenton – have arrested five men on
charges of running an illegal three-card Monte card game at a truck stop.
Trucker praised for dodging cars
A trucker hauling gravel overturned his rig on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz, CA, on Thursday,
injuring himself and one other person.
New Jersey bills tackle loading delays at ports, road safety
A couple of bills in the New Jersey statehouse are intended to improve port operations and
safety on roadways.
U.S. 54 to be relocated through Greensburg, KS
Two months after the small town of Greensburg suffered one of Kansas’ most destructive
tornados that leveled most of the town and closed U.S. 54 – a major trucking route linking the
Midwest and Southwest regions – the town’s residents say rebuilding is happening, but
Quebec could soon mandate speed limiters
Following in Ontario’s footsteps, the province of Quebec may soon make speed limiters
mandatory on all heavy trucks – regardless whether they are base plated there or just passing
Oregon Legislature OKs bill to clean up diesel engines
The Oregon Legislature approved a bill intended to clean up old diesel engines in the state. It
now moves to Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s office.
Penalties stiffened for violating out-of-service orders
Truckers violating out-of-service orders now face longer CDL suspensions and increased
Pennsylvania transportation funding plan advances; includes tolling I-80
A Pennsylvania Senate panel has advanced a $750 million transportation funding package
that includes tolling truckers and other travelers to drive down Interstate 80.
Louisiana Legislature OKs boosting minimal liability coverage
Louisiana drivers would be required to carry more liability insurance under a bill headed to the
governor’s office.
Trucking company owner, employees plead guilty to stealing fuel
Federal investigators say a Florida fuel trucking company director and seven employees stole
gas and diesel by falsely claiming fuel deliveries while hiding it in tanks hidden inside a
40-foot shipping container.
British Columbia to test Rocky Mountain doubles
If you truck in British Columbia, Canada, you may see some extra-long rigs on Highways 1
and 5 between Vancouver and Kamloops.
Surprise, surprise: Boston’s Big Dig still leaking
Three years after Massachusetts authorities vowed to close all leaks in Boston’s Big Dig
underground highway system, it’s still leaking.
‘Dogomat’ to open at Walcott
From the people who brought you the Truckomat truck wash comes the “Dogomat.”
OOIDA member hits the jackpot
OOIDA member Don Harvey of Muldrow, OK, and his wife, Joyce, hit the big jackpot
Wednesday, June 27, when they won a Powerball drawing worth nearly $106 million.
Trucker disarms alleged killer
Trucker Curtis Allgier, who stopped at an Arby's fast food restaurant in Salt Lake City to get a
sandwich last week, ended up disarming an alleged killer.
THP trooper allegedly harassed female truckers
A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper who allegedly groped two female truck drivers last year
was allowed to continue working for months, then retire with a full pension.
Trucker dies in steel cargo accident
A trucker was killed while unloading his flatbed last week in suburban Seattle.
Wisconsin gas station owner sues state
A Merrill, WI, gas station owner, Raj Bhandari, is suing the state of Wisconsin in hopes of
overturning a law that requires retailers to mark up the price of fuel.
OOIDA says Ontario speed limiters would hurt trade
Critics of proposed legislation in Ontario to govern truck engines by mandate say the attempt
is nothing shy of election politics preying on the public's perception of safety around heavy
Louisiana Legislature OKs funding package for I-49
The Louisiana House and Senate have approved a package of bills that would authorize $95
million in new funding to help complete the state's portion of Interstate 49.
Michigan bill seeks to fast-track road work
A bill in Michigan is intended to put transportation projects in the state on the fast track to
Investigation nets $700 million in smuggled merchandise
The federal government has charged 29 individuals involved in three separate schemes with
conspiracy to smuggle more than 950 shipments of real and counterfeit merchandise into the
U.S., mostly from China.
Trucker killed in Tappan Zee Bridge wreck
The Tappan Zee Bridge – which carries Interstate 87 across the Hudson River just north of
New York City – reopened Monday morning after a fiery crash shut it down for nine hours
Republicans seek info on Corzine plan
Even though New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine now says he won't lease any toll roads
to private operators, a group of Republicans in the state's legislature are trying to force him to
reveal what he's planning.
Pennsylvania bill would toughen snow-free vehicle rule
A Pennsylvania state lawmaker is calling for the state to strengthen its law that encourages
car and truck drivers to clear snow and ice off their vehicles.
Speeding fines jump in Virginia
Lawmakers in Virginia have come up with a new way to raise money for roads and bridges –
and it promises to prove very costly for residents who violate traffic laws.
Massachusetts bill would offer protections for small business
An effort in the Massachusetts statehouse is part of a growing trend across the country to
strengthen safeguards for small businesses in each state, including trucking operations.
Alleged Canadian racer denied bail
A judge in Toronto has denied bail for an alleged street racer, Nauman Nusrat, 19, who
slammed into a semi on Highway 400 two weeks ago, causing trucker David Virgoe to crash.
Roadcheck finds more U.S. HOS violations; Canada and Mexico report
Public safety officers across the U.S. found a higher rate of hours-of-service violations during
49,545 Level I inspections this year during the annual CVSA Roadcheck conducted June 5-7.
Interstate 44 to close temporarily in Missouri
Truckers who frequently use Interstate 44 in Missouri are in for some major detouring next
Owner-operator killed in apparent shooting in Virginia
A 57-year-old truck driver was apparently shot and killed early Tuesday morning as he closed
up shop at a warehouse he leased, according to news reports.
Corzine vows not to sell or lease state's toll roads to certain groups
In a reversal from his earlier position, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine on Thursday pledged that
state toll roads will not be sold or leased to any for-profit or foreign operator.
Local toll authority wins bid against Spanish firm in North Texas
Toll revenue from a proposed road project will stay in Texas, state officials said Thursday.
Several laws of interest take effect July 1 in Virginia
When the calendar turns over to Sunday, July 1, several new laws of interest to truckers will
take effect in Virginia, including increases in the per-gallon diesel tax and other truck-related
fees and fines.
Stiffer work zone speeding fines go into effect July 1 in Indiana
A new law in Indiana is intended to increase safety in highway work zones. Beginning Sunday,
July 1, drivers caught speeding in work zones will face minimum fines of at least $300.
Judges still will have discretion to charge fines up to $1,000 for speeding in work zones.
‘Trick My Truck' producers casting for new reality show
If you've ever fantasized about being on a so-called reality TV show, here's your chance.
Canada first to report Roadcheck stats
Officials in Canada say public safety officers conducted 7,275 commercial-vehicle inspections
during CVSA Roadcheck 2007, placing 1,324 trucks and 291 drivers out-of-service for
Pennsylvania House OKs transportation funding plan; tolls touted for I-80
Truckers and other travelers would pay to roll down Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, under a
$700 million transportation funding package approved in the state's House.
Bodies found at truck stops could be linked to 2005 case
Police in Nashville, TN, are taking a look back at a 2-year-old case to see if it could be linked to
two recent killings in which the bodies of women were found at truck stops.
Investigation nets $700 million in smuggled merchandise
The federal government has charged 29 individuals involved in three separate schemes with
conspiracy to smuggle more than 950 shipments of real and counterfeit merchandise into the
U.S., mostly from China.
Ports delay decision on port overhaul plan until September
Officials from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach emerged from a closed-door meeting
Wednesday and announced they were delaying consideration of its emissions-busting Clean
Trucks Program, which offered sweeping changes to port operations including banning
owner-operators from entering the port.
Idaho law expanding heavy truck travel takes effect July 1
More roads in Idaho will be available for heavier trucks to travel starting Sunday, July 1.
Five New York teens die in collision with semi
The families and friends of five cheerleaders – and a 50-year-old trucker – are trying to find
ways to cope after the teens died in a fiery collision with the trucker's rig around 10 p.m.
Tuesday night in western New York state.
New Mississippi law requires drivers to ‘move over'
Gov. Haley Barbour recently signed a bill into law in Mississippi that mandates a common-
sense practice that road veterans have followed for decades.
E. coli attorney, truckers on same side in food safety debate
What do E. coli attorney Bill Marler and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association
have in common in the ongoing debate over food safety?
Anonymous Ohio dump truck driver rescues two from fire
In the small town of Carey, OH – located southeast of Finley – a dump truck driver is being
credited with rescuing two girls from a burning apartment building.
Nashville police seek truckers' help in shooting investigation
Police in Nashville are seeking the help of truckers in locating a person of interest in their
investigation of a dead woman whose body was found at a truck stop early Tuesday morning,
June 26.
New York, other states prefer computerized driver's licenses to passports
New York is poised to follow the state of Washington into a new era of border security and
personal identification.
Port truckers want to be employees
A group of port truckers in Long Beach, CA, convoyed on the 110 Freeway as planned
Wednesday morning, June 27.
New Virginia laws to improve road safety take effect July 1
A couple of new laws in Virginia that are intended to address highway safety concerns take
effect Sunday, July 1.
Missouri bills die – focus was on trucks, road safety
The recently completed legislative session in Missouri closed the book on several bills of
interest to truck drivers. Among those bills were efforts that included incentives to reduce
idling, rules for household movers and increase safety on the state's roadways.
New Jersey bill mandates snow-free vehicles
A New Jersey Senate panel has approved a bill that would have the state get tough with
drivers who fail to clear snow and ice off their vehicles. The rule would apply to commercial
and non-commercial vehicles.
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