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What's News - July 2009
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Glen P. Kedzie, vice president and associate environmental counsel for the American Trucking
Associations, estimates that compliance with the 2007 standards has resulted in a 2- to 4-
percent reduction in a truck’s average fuel economy, while raising the cost of a new engine by
$8,000 to $10,000 per unit.
Trucking related fatalities drop 12%, overall fatalities lowest level since 1961
WASHINGTON — The number of overall traffic fatalities reported in 2008 hit the lowest level
since 1961. Additionally the fatality rate, which factors in things such as fewer miles traveled,
also reached the lowest level ever recorded, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration’s 2008 Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) which released the
information July 2.
[ Good job,'re hard work at staying safe is showing. (~SS~) ]
Nationwide jobless rate hits 26-year high
Sobering news arrived on the jobs front Thursday when U.S. Labor Department figures
revealed the nation's unemployment rate hit 9.5 percent in June - a 26-year high.
Employers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs last month. And if that wasn't bad enough,
workers also saw their weekly wages fall, suggesting Americans will have little appetite to
spend and the economy's road to recovery will be bumpy.
Reader's view: Oberstar sticking it to the little guy
Jim Oberstar proved again he’s more interested in serving special interests than the welfare of
his constituents. Oberstar voted for the so-called climate change bill without having even read
it, just as was the case with the stimulus bill. This bill passes a massive tax on carbon
emissions, notably in areas of energy and agriculture.
Trying to make border trade, travel a priority
Currently, the House and Senate versions of the FY10 Department of Homeland Security
Appropriations bill are absent funding for critical land port infrastructure upgrades and may fail
to match President Obama's budget request for previously mandated border security initiatives,
BTA officials said.
Ground broken on $2.7 billion N.J. Turnpike project to ease congestion
EAST WINDSOR, N.J.  — Ground was broken Thursday on a $2.7 billion project to ease a long-
standing bottleneck on the New Jersey Turnpike, one of the nation's busiest roads.
[ Now where did NJ come up with $2.7M? (~SS~) ]
West Virginia Turnpike tolls increase 60 percent
The West Virginia Parkways Authority, which oversees the state turnpike, voted unanimously on
Wednesday, July 1, to increase tolls by 60 percent for cars and trucks.
North Carolina authorizes temporary fuel tax change
Gov. Beverly Perdue recently signed off on a change to the fuel tax in North Carolina to prevent it
from dropping. Struggling to cope with dwindling funds to pay for roadwork, lawmakers
endorsed legislation to ensure the state's fuel tax rate wouldn't go down this month as
New Mexico gets serious about 'financial responsibility'
The operating permits of about seven dozen trucking, towing and other transportation
companies have been revoked by the state Public Regulation Commission, reports The
Associated Press.
Happy Canada Day, here's a $390 fine
Ontario trucker Scott Mooney received a "Happy Canada Day" on Wednesday, July 1, as well as
a $390 ticket for violating the province's new speed-limiter law for heavy trucks.
Bridges in the news
Two bridges in New England and Minnesota are now off-limits to truckers while a bridge in
British Columbia is open to traffic and a new bridge between the U.S. and Mexico is set to open
in October.
Mexico skips Roadcheck this year because of swine flu
The aftermath of the swine flu breakout caused Mexico to skip this year's Roadcheck inspection
blitz according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The 72-hour inspection blitz went
ahead as planned June 2-4 in the U.S. and Canada, and officials in both countries say safety
and compliance continue to improve year upon year.
EPA grants California waiver for car emissions rule
The Environmental Protection Agency is clearing the way for California and at least 12 other
states to enforce strict new emissions standards for cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. The EPA
announced Tuesday it is granting California's request for a waiver for car emissions standards.
The standards will cover 2012 through 2016 model year engines.
Lowering Arizona: absence of budget shutters IFTA, IRP
The state of Arizona was shutting down several services Tuesday, June 30, in preparation for
the absence of a state budget by midnight. As of Tuesday afternoon, Arizona’s legislature had
not sent a budget to Gov. Jan Brewer.
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DOT Prepares Braking Rule
The Department of Transportation is preparing to issue its long-delayed stopping-distance rule
that would slice the stopping distance for large trucks by as much as 30%.
[ Are you kidding me?!!  They're looking to increase CMV weight by 17,000lbs...and then require
CMV's to stop in 30% shorter distances.  Who the hell's running the show in D.C.?  It sure isn't
anyone with common sense. (~SS~) ]
Texas lawmakers say ‘no’ to toll roads
The Texas Legislature wrapped up a two-day special session Thursday, July 2, by authorizing
$2 billion in highway bonds and extending the operations of five state agencies, including the
Texas Department of Transportation.
But lawmakers are likely to get a hearty thumbs up from constituents for a decision made on
toll roads. They turned down an attempt to extend the authority of TxDOT and regional mobility
authorities to sign long-term toll road leases with private companies.
June proves big month for border smuggling via truck
The month of June was a hot month for drug busts along the southern border.
[ And Obama wants LaHood to re-open our southern border asap...hmmm? (~SS~) ]
Louisiana governor signs bill to limit left-lane use
Law enforcement officers in Louisiana soon will be allowed to ticket drivers who hold up traffic
by lingering in the left lane.
Rail giant CSX hurt by lower shipping volume
Despite declining volume, the largest railroads were able to increase their prices and enact
fuel surcharges last year, which sparked an outcry from their customers.
As a result, reform legislation is pending in the Senate to overhaul the Surface Transportation
Board that regulates rail transportation. Some legislators contend that rail pricing must be
reined in and that the board is too friendly to the four companies that dominate rail shipping:
CSX, Norfolk Southern Corp., Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific.
PowerRush™ Platinum Battery Cranks Up the Power, Deep Cycle Capacity
SYRACUSE, N.Y.- The new PowerRushTM Platinum AGM battery from Carrier Transicold
provides higher performance and significantly longer life than conventional 12-volt wet-cell
batteries. Carrier Transicold is part of Carrier Corp., a business unit of United Technologies
Miss Mom: The Intrepid PRS
Not too long ago, my husband Bill asked me what “intrepid” meant. I had used that word in the
phrase “intrepid product relocate specialist” or something to that effect, to describe him in
regards to his work. Before you go pulling up, I’ll give the meaning. Essentially
the word means “daring and bold.”
Feds announce $201 million for damaged roads, bridges
States that experienced storms and other catastrophic events in recent years stand will split
$201 million in federal grants to repair roads and bridges, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray
LaHood announced Monday, July 6. The grants are being awarded to 15 states along with
federal lands agencies, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa.
Global Insight says infrastructure spending to fall despite stimulus
LEXINGTON, Mass. — Despite an infusion of federal stimulus funds, infrastructure spending in
the U.S. is still expected to decline 4.3 percent in 2009. According to the second-quarter 2009 U.
Delaware launches new phase of summer enforcement
DOVER, Del. — Delaware officials are launching the second phase of the annual campaign
against aggressive driving.
Tennessee ticket quota reported
Although the Tennessee Highway Patrol denies it, a Nashville TV station is reporting that state
troopers appear to have a quota system for issuing tickets.
Heads up truckers: here are some newly effective laws
No more split speeds in Ohio; new left lane rules in Kansas; hard enforcement on speed
limiters in Ontario and Quebec and more. Heads up, truckers, a load of new laws went into
effect on July 1.
Florida truck owners eligible for APU grants
Truck owners from Florida have to move fast if they want in on an APU rebate program
designed to help truckers comply with the state’s new idling regulation.
Summer protests are nothing new as it heats up
In the old days before air conditioning, May and June were when the women and children were
sent to the mountains or San Diego because it was just too hot here, and everyone went crazy.
There are certainly statistics somewhere that show the crime rate goes way up once
temperatures get around 100 degrees.
Sluggish Virginia port traffic triggers cost-cutting measures
NORFOLK, Va. — The operator of the Virginia Port Authority's terminals is attempting to cut
costs because of a slump in port trade.
Industry slams new truck rego system
A new system of heavy vehicle registration based on zone charges would create a tax
nightmare for truck drivers, the peak body representing the truck industry says.
Oakland Port Commission Seeks Resolution to Allow Local Officials Real Power to
Clean Up Diesel Truck Pollution; Improve Security, Safety
In a rebuke to the status quo in a deregulated trucking market, the Oakland Commission
acknowledged a critical need for Congress to modernize transportation policy so the Port has
the legal authority to set and enforce trucking industry standards to make goods movement
sustainable for local communities and workers.
LaHood asks states to redouble efforts to use stimulus funds in distressed areas
WASHINGTON — Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has asked the nation’s governors to
redouble their efforts to ensure that priority is being given to projects in economically distressed
areas when it comes to spending American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds.
Truck safety advocates push to mandate speed-limiting devices
Stephen Owings, whose 22-year-old son died when his car was rear-ended, is fighting to have
the federal government require the use of speed-limiting devices on all big rigs, saying: "We're
not against truckers; we're pro-highway safety."
[ Here it comes drivers...they're going to use a rear-end collision to push through speed limiters.
We feel for the family's loss...but what is speed limiters going to do to prevent rear-end collisions.
(~SS~) ]
Kool Rig APU System, Are you going green?
With, all the talk about how much fossil fuel we are using today, and all these idle restrictions
being put in place today, I am glad that there is somebody in the trucking industry looking out for
UCR enforcement blitz to begin in Michigan
The Michigan State Police Traffic Safety Division plans to launch a weeklong Unified Carrier
Registration enforcement blitz beginning Sunday, July 12.
Senate global warming debate starts with frosty divide
Last month the U.S. House of Representatives approved the nation's first cap-and-trade law
after barely a day of floor discussion. In the Senate, however, the proposed law appears to face
a tougher battle.
SC offers diesel emissions grant program, deadline Monday
Truckers in South Carolina have an opportunity to obtain a grant aimed at cutting emissions.
The state has $600,000 available for engine repowers, idling-reduction technologies, engine
rebuilds and other technologies.
Bossier to start weighing, fining trucks
July 20 is the start of Bossier Parish's new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, a weights
and standards division for commercial vehicles, and parish officials are warning local truckers
that if they come onto their roadways overloaded, they will be fined.
North Carolina could merge Turnpike Authority into DOT
Massachusetts isn't the only state merging its turnpike authority into another transportation
department to save money. A legislative effort in North Carolina would consolidate North
Carolina Turnpike Authority operations into the state DOT.
Kentucky authorizes bridge-authority plan, toll option
Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has signed a bill into law that will help the state pay for
mega-transportation projects. It also opens the door to the use of tolls to pay for new bridges.
BREAKING NEWS: Eligibility arguments to get court hearing
In what ultimately could prove to be a turning point in the legal challenges to Barack Obama's
eligibility to be president, a federal judge in California has planned a hearing on the merits of a
federal court case raising those questions.
Report says TWIC has cost 10,000 port workers, others their jobs
Most major U.S. ports now require the Transportation Worker Identification Credential for truck
drivers, longshoremen and other workers after the Transportation Security Administration rolled
out enrollment and enforcement during the last year.
In that time, however, at least 10,000 jobs have been lost because of delays and hangups in
the TWIC system, according to one study recently made public.
U.S. DOT Approves $386 million loan to build Triangle Expressway
WASHINGTON — North Carolina’s plans for congestion relief just received help from the U.S.
Department of Transportation through its approval of a $386 million loan to build two brand new
sections of the Triangle Expressway in the Raleigh-Durham area, U.S. Transportation Secretary
Ray LaHood announced today.
Feds loan North Carolina $386 million for tolled loop
The U.S. DOT has announced a $386 million loan for North Carolina to complete an interstate
loop in the Raleigh area. The North Carolina Turnpike Authority will pay back the loan with tolls.
[ I know this article is reduntant to the previous...but felt both should be posted. (~SS~) ]
Recession presses white collars into trucking
NEW YORK -- Just over a year ago, Patrick Greene was working for one of the nation's oldest
investment banks. Now he's driving a truck.
Oklahoma Turnpike affected by trucking downturn
A decline in truck traffic on the Oklahoma Turnpike system has officials there calling for a toll
Iowa 80 Truckstop, Jamboree celebrate milestones
The Iowa 80 Truckstop, which bills itself as the World’s Largest Truckstop with over 5,000
visitors each day, and the Walcott Truckers Jamboree, a nationally-known industry event hosted
each year by Iowa 80 Truckstop, both celebrated milestones July 9-10.
White House turns up heat on stimulus critic
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is firing back at Sen. Jon Kyl for calling for an end
to economic stimulus spending, and it's aiming where it hurts the most — at home in Arizona.
Senate panel OKs 18-month extension of highway bill
WASHINGTON — The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved an 18-
month extension of highway programs authorized under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible,
Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).
Americans favor heavier, but not larger, big rigs, survey shows
WASHINGTON — The Coalition for Transportation Productivity (CTP) today said that a majority
of Americans support raising interstate truck weight limits without making trucks larger.
[ And the propaganda begins... (~SS~) ]
ARRA having tremendous impact on return to prosperity, LaHood says
WASHINGTON — The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is having a
“tremendous impact” on the nation’s return to economic prosperity, Secretary of Transportation
Ray LaHood told an audience at the Center for National Policy Wednesday.
[ More propaganda...  What is the true impact?  Unemployment's going up and the government's
growing.  I don't know about y'all out there, but that's what I'm asking myself. (~SS~)  ]
Times are tough, Wyoming trucking couple says
RAWLINS, Wyo. — There's this saying Dan Rutledge remembers from time to time.
Monthly Trucking Index Declines
The trucking industry is towing too many empty trailers to gain the speed it needs to reach a
recovery, says FTR Associates.
Lawmakers continue to push long-term transportation plan
Several key lawmakers on Capitol Hill refuse to back down from pushing forward with a
six-year, $450 billion transportation plan. Meanwhile, the Senate Environment and Public Works
Committee is pushing in a different direction by supporting a White House proposal to extend
the current highway funding formula by 18 months.
Illinois capital bill secures $21 billion for transportation
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law Monday, July 13, a $31 billion capital bill that routes
two-thirds of the money to transportation projects.
Trucker's widow urges support for 'Jason's Law'
Already, two "Jason's Law" bills, which the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association
supports, have been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate. Each bill would provide $120
million in grant money spread out in $20 million increments over six years to help those
applying make improvements to their truck parking facilities.
Border patrol says drug seizures up 63 percent this year
The federal agency charged with managing and patrolling the U.S. border says its drug
seizures are way up, while illegal immigration has decreased.
Transportation's tug of war
To the winner of the transportation tug of war on Capitol Hill go full bragging rights for shaping
the foreseeable future of transportation. At one end of the rope are members of the Senate
Environment and Public Works Committee. With a firm grip on the other end are members of
the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Michigan House OKs more funds for local roads, discourages pranksters
While most state legislatures have wrapped up their work for the year, some states continue to
meet and pursue changes to policy and budgets. In Michigan, efforts to add funds for local
roads and discourage roadway pranks are on the move.
Rest area closures to begin overnight tonight; changes coming for truck parking
RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will close 18 rest areas
around the commonwealth overnight tonight as crews implement planned cost-savings
MTA to detail plan for Throgs Neck repairs, traffic
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will detail its plan Tuesday for future traffic
management and repairs after fire damaged the Throgs Neck Bridge more than a week ago.
Unions, CCSP Mislead Public in Oakland Clean Truck Program Vote
ARLINGTON, Va., July 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Unions and Oakland Harbor
Commission President Victor Uno are misleading the public in an attempt to pave the way for
the Teamsters to take over Oakland's waterfront drayage operations, which would send truck
rates there soaring as much as 53 percent. Increasing drayage truck rates would increase
consumers' costs for all products flowing through the port and make Oakland less competitive,
the American Trucking Associations said.
Say "No" to Bigger Trucks
The Campaign For Better Transport is urging concerned road users and organisations to make
submissions against the Government’s proposal to let larger and heavier trucks on our roads
from next year.
Nevada laws make several changes to truck rules
Several new laws on the books in Nevada are of note to the trucking industry. Among them are
changes to trip permits, vehicle depreciation, and size and weight checks.
TL Fleets Slash Driver Pay to Trim Expenses
About one-third of truckload fleets have cut driver pay over the past 12 months as carriers strive
to trim expenses during the extended freight recession, a new survey has reported.
Companies specializing in Alaskan cargo hang on
Trade with Alaska has always been steady and predictable business for Puget Sound ports
and companies specializing in sending cargo to the 49th state. While international imports and
exports have been more prone to dramatic ups and downs, the Alaska trade has chugged
along, typically growing by a few percentage points each year.
West Virginia lawmaker gives directions around tolls
While many lawmakers are scrambling to raise tolls in their states as transportation budgets
dry up, one lawmaker in West Virginia is telling his constituents how to avoid paying tolls.
Faced with a toll increase on Aug. 1, Republican Delegate John Shott of West Virginia has
outlined a plan for drivers there to avoid those higher tolls.
As Congress Debates Transportation Bill, New Study on Port Trucking Shows Need
For New Regulations For Clean Air, Worker Safety, And Economic Stability
WASHINGTON - July 21 - As the United States Congress considers the Surface Transportation
Authorization Act of 2009, which aims to establish national regulatory reforms for American
ground transportation, a newly published study details the widespread failures of port trucking
Missouri opens up $1.73 million diesel grant program
Truckers from the Show-Me State will soon be able to apply for grants to replace old diesel
trucks and to add idle reduction devices and other emission-cutting technology. The Missouri
Department of Natural Resources' Air Pollution Control Program was recently awarded $1.73
million from the federal government's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Dallas area tolls to increase ahead of schedule
Tolls will increase three months ahead of schedule on Dallas area toll roads, according to the
North Texas Tollway Authority. The authority's board voted Thursday, July 16, to implement toll
increases on two of its three roadways - the Dallas North Tollway and President George Bush
Turnpike - on Sept. 1 instead of Dec. 1.
Semis to sell travelers on S. Dakota
South Dakota's monuments are hitting the road and raising eyebrows as prospective tourists
watch them pass by.
Maine lawmakers continue pursuit of road funds
Lawmakers in Maine have renewed their efforts to boost fuel taxes to alleviate some of the
funding crisis. Less than a month after the Maine Legislature opted against raising the state's
fuel tax by 5 cents per gallon, the Transportation Committee gathered to hold the first of two
summer meetings to look for ways to pay for hundreds of miles of paving, patching and repairs
needed on state-maintained roads.
Is Healthcare Broken, or Does it Just need A Tune-up?
When your car isn’t running properly you take it to a mechanic. If your repair shop tells you the
car needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to fix a miss in the engine, you would call him an
idiot or crook and find another mechanic. America has the finest healthcare in the world but to
hear Obama and the Demigods, I mean Democrats, speak; healthcare in the US is the worst
healthcare system in the world. In fact, it is American research that has led the world in disease
prevention and cures.
[ Excellent Op/Ed on the health care reform issue. (~SS~) ]
Senate bill would restore Highway Trust Fund
A U.S. Senate bill would restore $26.8 billion to the Highway Trust Fund and keep the fund from
going broke sometime in August. Sen. Max Baucus, D-MT, chairman of the Senate Finance
Committee, introduced S1474 to restore foregone interest payments to the Highway Trust Fund
as well as money that has been diverted for disaster relief.
DOT closing 2 rest areas on I-85
ATLANTA — The state Department of Transportation will close two rest areas on Interstate 85
in northeast Georgia on Aug. 25 as a cost-saving measure.
Oakland Puts Off Trucks Vote
The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners put off for a week a vote on a plan calling for more
local control of harbor trucking regulation, but the board said its executive committee will
consider an amended version that makes it clear Oakland is not speaking for other ports. The
executive committee will consider the amended resolution on July 30.
Senator reintroduces bill to stop 'hot fuel'
A bill to halt the sale of "hot fuel" at the pumps has new life thanks to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill,
D-MO. McCaskill first introduced the Future Accountability in Retail, or FAIR Fuel Act, in 2007 but
it did not advance. She refiled the legislation on Tuesday, July 21. OOIDA supports the
McCaskill bill because the issue is about fairness to consumers.
Getting a taste of stimulus relief
Projects in Minnesota are taking off, but will the millions spent give the economy a lasting
Recession leaves Kentucky with fewer jobs
Kentucky’s jobless rate in June was close to topping the highest unemployment rate the state
has seen in over 26 years.
Ohio bill would allow paramedics to give BAC tests
Paramedics would be allowed to draw the blood of drivers suspected of being under the
influence, if an Ohio state lawmaker gets his way. Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chesterland, has
offered a bill that is intended to prevent repeat offenders from delaying a blood-alcohol test to
get a lower reading and avoid prosecution.
Trucking Stocks Still Broken Down
If the market truly is in recovery mode now, someone better explain that to the trucking stocks.
Why? If the projected numbers for the industry are even remotely close to being right then these
companies may mostly miss out on the bulk of any rebound. As such, perhaps investors
should look elsewhere for growth.
Delphi Gets $6.2 Billion Bailout of Pensions
The pension rescue is the PBGC's second-largest ever, ranked by dollars, after that of United
Airlines in 2005, which totaled $7.5 billion. As a result, the government will take over payments
for 70,000 workers and retirees that Delphi says it can't afford under its restructuring plan.
Truckers endure frustrating delays as port shrinks hours during recession
Edward McIntyre woke before dawn Tuesday, ready for a routine day of work behind the wheel.
Laredo, TX, port of entry busts net illegals, pot and cash
Border patrol agents at Laredo, TX, recently stopped two tractor-trailers from Mexico with cash,
marijuana and illegal would-be immigrants.
Mexican reefer hauler caught with $1.3 million in meth
Border agents in California say they recently busted a truck driver from Mexico with 120 pounds
of methamphetamine hidden in the wall of a reefer.
CARB TRU deadlines imminent despite heavy opposition from trucking
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California-based truckers and those who haul to and from the Golden
State continue to be plagued by California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, and
although the agency has extended part of its deadline for transport refrigeration units or TRUs,
the units have to be registered beginning in August for those based in California and truckers
based outside the state must meet compliance deadlines beginning Dec. 31.
House committees battle Senate on transportation
Members of Congress are drumming up support for their proposed $450 billion transportation
overhaul, but most of it is in the House. Three Senate committees, meanwhile, favor a different
plan that would extend the current transportation authorization by 18 months.
House approves $75.8 billion for transportation in 2010
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a transportation and housing bill that would
appropriate $75.8 billion for U.S. DOT programs in fiscal year 2010. House lawmakers voted
256-168 in favor of the bill on Thursday, July 23. The Senate has yet to take up transportation
and housing appropriations, so there's a long way to go before the bill becomes law.
Report: Logistics Salaries Up
Jul. 26--Some starting salaries in the region's growing warehousing and distribution sector
jumped dramatically in recent years, an industry group survey indicates.
NHTSA issues stringent new braking standards for big rigs
WASHINGTON —The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today issued stringent
new braking standards that the agency said would save lives by improving large truck stopping
distance by 30 percent.
LaHood: DOT has great deal to show for ARRA work
WASHINGTON — Less than six months after the enactment of the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, the Department of Transportation has a great deal to show for taxpayers’
investments, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood told members of the House Budget Committee today.
[ Does anyone else see the propaganda here to convince Americans a failed stimulus package as
being successful? (~SS~) ]
Two sentenced for bribes involving road projects
A federal judge has sentenced two people to jail and fines for bribing unions and laundering
money related to roads and public works projects in New York.
SPIN METER: 'Help Wanted' counting stimulus jobs
PORTLAND, Ore. — How much are politicians straining to convince people that the government
is stimulating the economy? In Oregon, where lawmakers are spending $176 million to
supplement the federal stimulus, Democrats are taking credit for a remarkable feat: creating
3,236 new jobs in the program's first three months.
FHWA chief: potential highway fund shortfall no surprise
WASHINGTON – Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez told state highway officials today
what to expect if the highway trust fund falls short in the coming weeks during a “no surprises”
Harbor Commission to ask Congress to let ports set trucking standards
OAKLAND, Calif. — The Oakland, Calif., Harbor Commission last week gave its initial approval
of a resolution urging Congress to update transportation policy “to clearly state that ports have
the authority to set and enforce trucking industry standards,” according to an E&E Publishing
report. The commission is expected on July 30 to approve a final resolution.
Retail group opposes local regulation of trucking industry
The ongoing legal drama surrounding the Clean Trucks Program at the Port of Los Angeles
prompted the National Retail Federation on Monday to urge Congress to oppose a plan that
would grant local governments the ability to regulate the trucking industry.
No clear improvement in nationwide trucking index
The American Trucking Associations’ advance seasonally adjusted index fell 2.4% in June,
which presents a mixed picture for the trucking sector when compared to the May index
increase of 3.2%.
Mexican truck program revival clears first hurdles
WASHINGTON -- A plan to allow Mexican trucks to once again cross the American border
beyond the longstanding 25-mile restriction zone moved another step closer to reality.
[ Caution truckers...this administration intends to make this happen. (~SS~) ]
Special interest largesse topped $24 million in state
INDIANAPOLIS — Interest groups spent more than $24 million attempting to curry favor with
state lawmakers during this year's session of the Indiana General Assembly. Though most of
that money was spent on lobbyists' salaries, it also covered state lawmakers' bills to high-
priced dinners, sports games, presidential inaugural events and more.
Biodiesel Powered with SunEco Algae Oil Reduced Emissions 82% with No Loss of
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another important report about the incredible "energy" potential of
algae. However, what makes this story so exciting is that the company, SunEco Energy, is not
presenting something that they believe will perfected 5, 10 or 20 years in the future; their
technology and the end product can be available RIGHT NOW.
Trucking news: ATA reports For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index down 2.4 percent in
ARLINGTON, Va.—After a 3.2 percent up tick in May, the American Trucking Associations (ATA)
advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index dropped 2.4 percent in June.
Port groups, shippers, weigh in against truck law revision
Several groups representing port trucking have written the president of the Port of Oakland’s
Board of Commissioners asking the commission not to urge Congress to revise long-standing
federal trucking law under the guise of clean air.
Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announces $1.7 BILLION in loan assistance available
now to help rural businesses
Loans Provided through Recovery Act Funds will Help Strengthen Rural Communities
Throughout America.
[ According to the "past examples" in this article...63 jobs were saved/created. Price tag?...$8.38
million (or $133,015 per job.)  I'm curious to know the salaries of these 63 employees. (~SS~) ]
Reflect Scientific Provides a High Tech Solution to New Emission Regulations
New emission regulations force refrigerated truck drivers to find answers to high emission
diesel cooling -- Reflect Scientific, Inc. (OTCBB: RSCF), exhibited its innovative cooling system
for use in refrigerated trucks (commonly referred to as Reefer Trucks) and the broader
transportation industry at the "2009 Great West Truck Show" (
The exhibit attracted more than 18,000 interested attendees.
[ For those that pay to go green...what's this going to cost? (~SS~) ]
The Journal of Commerce Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference Celebrates 10th
Anniversary in Long Beach, CA
NEWARK, N.J., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Journal of Commerce Conferences will host the
2010 Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference (TPM) March 1- 2, 2010 at the Long Beach Convention
Center & Hyatt Regency. For its 10th anniversary, TPM will return to Long Beach where the event
was held from 2002-2008. The major port city features a laid-back downtown that provides a
campus-style setting for the TPM and its attendees to network interact and learn.
FMCSA issues new carrier headquarters guidance
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is advising Houston trucking
companies, and others across the nation, how the agency expects them to designate their
principal place of business.