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What's News - March 2009
Mexico’s announced tariff hikes testing Obama on NAFTA, analysts say
Mexico’s announced tariff hikes on up to 90 U.S. exports to Mexico in response to the halting of
the Mexico truck pilot program is testing President Barack Obama’s “vague position” on the
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), says a recent trade analysis.
US law sparks Mexican trade row
Mexico will impose higher tariffs on a range of US goods in retaliation for a "protectionist" law
passed in the US, Mexico's economy secretary has said.
LaHood: DOT keeping promise to use economic recovery funds
WASHINGTON — The Department of Transportation is keeping its promise to use its economic
recovery funding to invest in the nation’s transportation system and create jobs, U.S.
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today.
Busted at the bridge
PAWTUCKET — Sixteen months after the state imposed weight limits and stiff fines on truckers
who drive across the deteriorating Pawtucket River Bridge, motorists may be surprised to see
state police still pulling over the big rigs
Senate endorses $3.7 billion road plan; fuel tax freeze awaits consideration
The Kentucky Senate unanimously approved a $3.7 billion road construction plan. An effort to
shore up more money for the state by freezing the fuel tax has yet to advance for a vote before
the full chamber.
Obama calls for new plan as Mexico slaps retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products
WASHINGTON  — The White House says it wants to work with lawmakers to restore a program
that allows a cross-border trucking program with Mexico.
VDOT proposal to close rest areas threatens safety on highways
ARLINGTON, Va. — Despite receiving $694.5 million for highway projects in the federal
stimulus package, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is planning to close 25 of
the state’s 41 interstate highway rest areas.
Truckers warned about U.S.-Mexico border violence
The Highway ISAC issued an “unclassified” alert the first week of March detailing the increase
in violence among Mexican drug cartels – on both sides of the border. The main area of
concern highlighted in the alert is in and around Ciudad Juarez.
Mid-West Trucker's Assn. Tackles Illinois Tollway Glitches
The Mid-West Trucker's Association reported that In recent weeks they received numerous calls
from members complaining that they have received fine notices from the Illinois Tollway for
missed tolls. Many of these fines go back as far as two years ago. But members also said they
never received notice of the missed tolls nor were they ever on an I-PASS bill.
OOIDA members, others blast VDOT’s rest area closure plan
Virginia’s cost-cutting proposal to trim nearly $12 million from its budget by shuttering 25 of its
41 rest areas isn’t sitting well with truckers and some state lawmakers. So far, more than 230
people have voiced concerns at two of the 11 public meetings the Virginia Department of
Transportation is having around the state to discuss the proposed budget cuts.
Oregon Weekend Inspection Blitz Focuses on Hours Violations
During a weekend inspection blitz in Oregon in early March, 27 percent of drivers were placed
out of service.
Alabama Ruling Holds Carrier Liable for Sales Tax in Lease-Purchase Deals
The Administrative Law Division of the Alabama Department of Revenue has held that an
interstate motor carrier based in Alabama was liable for sales tax on trucks it sold to its drivers
under lease-purchase arrangements.
California Transportation and Logistics Summit Scheduled
On April 9, the 2009 Southern California Transportation and Logistics Summit will address key
issues facing the Transportation and Logistics Industry in Southern California and the nation.
The event will be held in Ontario, Calif.
Alabama Senate defeats bill to allot $1 billion for roads, bridges
A bill in the Alabama Senate has come up short of the support needed to give highway
spending in the state a $1 billion boost.
Trucker petition filed against Ontario speed limiters
A provincial lawmaker in Ontario who sides with small-business truckers on the issue of speed
limiters has delivered the first 200 signatures of a petition to the Ontario Legislature.
Carrier unveils first reefer unit with hybrid diesel-electric technology
LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  Carrier Transicold today unveiled the Vector 6500, North America’s first
single-temperature trailer refrigeration unit to take advantage of Carrier’s exclusive hybrid
diesel-electric Deltek technology.
Mack chief says testing shows SCR technology ready, performing well
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Mack Trucks said today that extensive field testing had demonstrated that
the company’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for EPA’10 is ready and
performing well.
Harley-Davidson lends name, shares image with LoneStar
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Boys and their toys don’t get any bigger than this.
Government red tape is choking transport industry
Far from agreeing on uniform national road transport regulations as has been the forlorn hope
of the industry, the government is introducing yet another layer of complexity that has transport
organisations up in arms.
Truckers, lawmakers push ‘Jason’s Law’ for safe parking options
Less than a week since a petition started circulating, nearly 3,000 people have signed an
electronic petition titled “Jason’s Law,” urging lawmakers to provide safe truck parking for the
nation’s truckers. This comes after Jason Rivenburg, 35, of Fultonham, NY, was fatally shot on
March 5 while parked at an unlit abandoned gas station off Interstate 26, south of Columbia, SC.
Speeders with E-ZPass put on notice in New Hampshire
E-ZPass holders who don’t slow down at collection sites in New Hampshire risk having their
transponders revoked by the state DOT.
Study: independent port truckers struggling
KEARNY, N.J. - Kenel Hyppolite says driving an 18-wheeler isn't what it used to be for the
independent truckers that make their living carrying cargo in and out of the Port of New York and
New Jersey.
Trucking industry must act collectively: TCA president
The trucking industry "must act, and act decisively" to work with the Obama administration for
legislation favorable to trucking, Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) president Chris Burruss
said in his address March 10 at the group’s annual meeting in Orlando FL.
US legislation will stop Mexican truckers at the border
Cross-border commerce hit another red light late Tuesday when the Senate eliminated a pilot
program that allowed some Mexican companies to ship goods deep into the United States.
Truck driving sees growth in applicants, drop in demand
Two months after being laid off from Gerdau Mac Steel, Alfred Wright is on the verge of
graduating to a new career as a truck driver.
TCA announces ‘Best Fleets to Drive For’
Fremont Contract Carriers, based in Fremont NE, and Wannemacher Enterprises, Lima OH,
have been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) as the "Best Fleets to Drive
Trucker kills intruder in Knoxville, TN
Near Knoxville, TN, a 68-year-old trucker who was sleeping in his berth awakened to a noise
and then shot and killed an intruder early this morning as the man was climbing into the cab.
U.S. Court of Appeals rules in favor of ATA in lawsuit against ports
ARLINGTON, Va. – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of the American
Trucking Associations (ATA) today in its lawsuit seeking an injunction against the Ports of Los
Angeles and Long Beach Concession Plans.
Economic downturn slowing traffic at N.Y., N.J. ports
NEWARK, N.J.  — Business leaders at the Port of New York and New Jersey say the global
economic crisis is slowing activity at the East Coast's largest port complex.
Cross-border trucking program with Mexico
It’s officially done. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has pulled the plug on the
cross-border trucking program with Mexico.
Tariffs on 89 exports come in reaction to funding cut on trucking program
Tariffs on 89 U. S. agricultural and manufactured products that the country exports to Mexico
went into effect yesterday, as part of Mexico’s response to U.S. Congressional action cutting the
funding for a cross-border trucking pilot program. The tariffs impact $2.4 billion of trade and
could cost U.S. manufacturers and growers millions of dollars, while straining relations with
the nation’s second-largest trading partner.
Truckers awash in applications
As businesses continue to cut jobs in the recession, trucking companies say they are being
flooded with applications from displaced workers.
New law in Maine authorizes weight exception for APUs
Gov. John Baldacci has signed a bill into law that makes Maine one of nearly 30 states to offer
an incentive to reduce truck idling. It takes effect Sept. 17, 2009.
Trucker saves woman from crash
In a bit of positive news, a truck driver from Monroeville, WV, is being hailed as a hero after
using his truck to save the life of a woman who suffered a heart attack at the wheel.
Continental Unveils Five New Tires
Continental Tire North America unveiled its next generation of new truck tires during the
Mid-America Trucking Show Thursday in Louisville, Ky. The all-new entrants to Continental's
strong tire line-up include the latest technology designed to improve fuel efficiency and extend
tire mileage.
Western Star Introduces Limited Edition '67 Truck
Western Star Trucks announced a limited edition Western Star 4900 model. The Limited
Edition 67 - representing the year Western Star was introduced to the North American market -
will be equipped with a specially built Detroit Diesel DD15 engine and commemorative trim.
Grote’s Introduction of LightForm Technology Signals an Evolutionary Change in
Vehicle and Transportation Lighting
Grote Industries unveiled its breakthrough LightForm technology during a press conference at
the Mid-America Trucking Show today. "LightForm is a game changer that will dramatically alter
the way the industry uses lighting, while challenging all of our imaginations in the process,"
said vice president of sales and marketing, Dominic Grote, noting that it was also the 20th
anniversary of Grote Industries' introduction of the first commercially viable LED marker lamp.
143 drivers put out of service during Oregon inspections
SALEM, Ore. — One hundred forty three drivers were put out of service during a multi-day
inspection operation the weekend of March 7-8.
Federal, local law enforcement officials seize millions in cash bound for Mexico
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials recently made seizures of millions of
dollars in U.S. cash bound for Mexico, the most recent example hidden in rolls of carpet in an
18-wheeler, the Office of Homeland Security reported.
Obama Administration to Revisit Cross-Border Trucking
After President Obama signed an appropriations bill this week that cuts off funding for a
controversial cross-border trucking program with Meixco, the Obama administration has said
that it wants to come up with an alternative approach to cross-border trucking.
Wyoming chain law changes advance to governor
A bill on its way to the governor’s desk in Wyoming would specify how truck drivers must equip
tires with chains. It includes hefty fines for violations. Gov. Dave Freudenthal already signed two
other bills of interest into law.
ACS of Spain wins toll lane contract in South Florida
The Florida DOT has solidified a plan for ACS Infrastructure Development of Spain to construct
and manage tolled express lanes along a 10.5-mile portion of Interstate 595 in South Florida.
What separates this deal from other privatized infrastructure projects around the country is that
the Florida Department of Transportation will set the toll rates and retain revenue.
Illegal immigrants stow away on trucks in southern border areas
Truckers hauling in or out of southern border towns are sometimes unknowingly giving a ride to
illegal immigrants, according to the U.S. Border Patrol. OOIDA member Vickie Thomas, Mound
Bayou, MS, almost had it happen to her on March 4.
New Hampshire plans to cut nine rest stops; no truck parking affected
In an effort to save money, the state of New Hampshire announced plans to eliminate nine of
its 16 rest stops. Fortunately for truckers, none of the sites on the chopping block currently have
trucking parking.
Cross-border trucking program with Mexico
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 – It’s officially done. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration has pulled the plug on the cross-border trucking program with Mexico.
More turn to trucking industry as jobs disappear in Southern Indiana
Pick up a 4-year-old copy of The Evening News and browse through the classified
advertisements. Chances are you’ll see plenty of ads with the heading: “Drivers Wanted.”
Hard to keep on truckin'
Delivering raw materials to factories, hauling consumer goods to stores and supplying fuel to
gas stations, truck drivers call themselves the lifeblood of the economy.
CARB revamps in-use retrofit rule – small carriers given more time
The California Air Resources Board recently highlighted specific diesel engine requirements
for its on-road truck and bus rule – and at first glance small trucking businesses appear to
have gained some time to repower their fleets.
Economic concerns seem to outweigh safety in VDOT budget balancing
While the hundreds of public comments on the proposed budget cuts have been “valuable,”
Virginia Department of Transportation Commissioner David Ekern said the final decision
comes down to money.
Illinois bills would boost fines for idling violations and end truck fee
Two legislative efforts at the Illinois statehouse, which are likely to elicit different responses
from truckers, are on the move.
Ohio Senate approves uniform speed limits
Could truckers using Ohio interstates soon travel at the same speed as other vehicles? If Ohio
Senate Republicans get their way, split speed limits would become a thing of the past.
Slain NY trucker’s wife urges action by lawmakers
In the past week, nearly 4,000 people have signed a petition titled “Jason’s Law” in an effort to
encourage lawmakers to support legislation for secure parking options for the nation’s truck
Dorgan not opposed to Mexico trucks in U.S.; he just wants safety assurances
WASHINGTON — Sen. Byron L. Dorgan says he’s not opposed to having Mexican trucks do
long-haul deliveries into the U.S., he just wants to make certain that there is a reasonable level
of safety for such a program.
Alabama Passes Steel Coil Hauling Legislation
Legislation expected to be signed by Alabama's governor will stiffen fines for truckers found
hauling improperly secured steel coils in the state.
ATA files motion to intervene in HOS, opposes groups 3rd attempt to change HOS
ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations (ATA) Thursday filed a motion to
intervene in the third legal challenge by the Teamsters and three public advocacy groups to the
Hours of Service (HOS) rules first put in place in 2004.
Freight Transportation Services Index Falls 2.3 Percent in January
The Freight Transportation Services Index fell 2.3 percent in January from its December level,
falling for the third consecutive month to its lowest level in more than five years, the U.S.
Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported.
February Class 8 truck sales fall to record low level
Historically, February is a bad month for truck sales. In these tough times for trucking, a poor
report shouldn’t be a surprise — and the latest data lives down even to historically low
expectations. According to figures provided to The Trucker by Ward’s Automotive, February
Class 8 sales totaled 6,236 trucks in the United States, the worst one-month showing in data
dating to 1985.
Blizzard shuts down highways in Wyoming, Nebraska, S.D.
CHEYENNE, Wyo.  — A blizzard shut down major highways Monday in Wyoming and parts of
two adjoining states, and meteorologists said one mountainous area might get as much as 40
inches of snow.
NE lawmakers push bills to help trucking industry
DENVER — Northeastern Colorado legislators Greg Brophy, Cory Gardner and Jerry
Sonnenberg are working on truck-related bills that they hope will give an economic boost to the
eastern plains.
VINELAND -- The trucking industry isn't quite recession-proof, but it's one of the few job markets
still posting "Help Wanted" signs.
Hubometer tracks trailers without additional equipment
PLANO, Texas — GE Asset Intelligence has introduced a service that provides fleet owners the
ability to track mileage readings on trailers without any additional hardware.
Western Star Trucks and TravelCenters of America LLC Extend Western Star
ServicePoint to Petro:Lube Facilities
Western Star Trucks announced that it has entered into an agreement with TravelCenters of
America LLC to add Western Star ServicePoint branded repair services to Petro:Lube facilities
at Petro Stopping Center locations.
Continental Simplifies Truck Tire Buying with New Cost Calculator
Continental Tire North America Inc. is removing some of the confusion that exists in comparing
new truck tires with its new ContiCostCalculator for truck fleets, the company announced during
the Mid-America Trucking Show.
BREAKING NEWS: Teamsters, safety advocates petition court to review HOS
WASHINGTON — The Teamsters, Public Citizen, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, and
the Truck Safety Coalition have asked an appeals court to review “a dangerous Bush-era
regulation that increased the amount of time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel,” the
participating groups said Monday.
Truck missing after brazen rig-jacking in California
A California trucker is alive but shaken after three men in two separate trucks ran him off the
road, then tied him up and stole his tractor-trailer. It happened early Wednesday morning,
March 4, on the San Gabriel River Parkway – or 605 Freeway -- in Whittier.
OOIDA: Keep an eye on cash-strapped states
Desperate times can lead to desperate measures, so it’s important to keep an eye on cash-
strapped states as they prepare budgets and pass laws leading into next fiscal year that
begins July 1.
South Dakota bills advance, would create more money for highways
Multiple measures offered for consideration in the South Dakota Legislature are intended to
help ease a shortage of available dollars for the state’s highway trust fund. The fund pays for
roadwork and the state Highway Patrol.
Stricter seat belt rule advances to Arkansas governor
The Arkansas Legislature approved a bill that would allow for stricter seat belt enforcement on
roads in the state. Passage of the bill also will secure federal money for the state.
Truckers score an eagle, which is below par but recovering nicely
Contrary to first news reports, an eagle that flew through the windshield of a tractor-trailer on
I-80 in Nevada on Monday, March 2, appears to be recovering nicely and may be released back
into the wild before long.
L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa responds to court’s port decision
LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Making the best out of what could have been considered bad news for
California’s clean truck program from the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals last week, Los
Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa defended efforts to clean up harmful emissions, adding
that, “We are committed to fighting this case because our clean truck program is the most
sustainable plan for ensuring a clean, safe and secure trucking system for the long-haul at the
Port of Los Angeles.”
White House unveils anti-cartel effort for border
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration plans to send more agents and equipment to the
southwestern border to fight Mexican drug cartels and keep violence from spilling over into the
United States
Mexican trucker strike called off
The Monday, March 23, strike by Mexican motor carriers was called off thanks to an 11th hour
deal struck between the National Chamber of Autotransporte de Carga – Canacar -- and the
Mexican government.
Port offices expanded to process TWIC cards at Long Beach, Los Angeles
Many major U.S. ports are about to begin mandatory enforcement of the Transportation Worker
Identification Credential, and at least one office will be working rapidly to activate many TWIC
cards. To keep up with demand, TSA announced that a temporary TWIC processing office at
Los Angeles and Long Beach has opened as of Monday, March 23.
Downturn puts trucking firms in driver’s seat
Two months ago, Todd Smith of Metropolis, Ill., had never been in the cab of a semi rig.  Now it
is his office and his home away from home.
Trucker shuts Philadelphia site
USF Holland Inc. is closing its Philadelphia truck terminal on April 3 and will lay off the 72
employees there during the two weeks after that.
7-inch Round LED Headlamp Introduced by Truck-Lite
A 7-inch round LED headlamp was introduced by Truck-Lite at the Mid-America Trucking Show.
This LED headlamp innovation provides a new level of performance for 12-volt applications,
offering the extended life and energy efficiency of light emitting diode technology.
VDOT announces public meetings on plan to close 25 rest areas
As Virginia’s cash-poor budget looks to make up for an estimated $2.6 billion shortfall in
transportation revenue, the Virginia Department of Transportation is pushing forward with its
proposal to close 25 of its 41 rest areas in the state. On Tuesday, March 10, VDOT will have its
first of 11 public meetings on the proposed rest area closures.
Illinois bills would boost fines for idling violations, end collection of truck fee
A legislative effort in Illinois is likely to make the blood of truckers boil a bit while another bill
seems more likely to receive applause.
Obama budget: no money for Yucca Mountain
Truckers who have piloted loads of nuclear waste will be interested to learn that the Yucca
Mountain proposal may be on the Obama administration’s chopping block.
Missouri seeks comments on proposed truck-only lanes
Truck-only lanes are at the top of the Missouri DOT’s list to expand lane capacity on 200 miles
of Interstate 70 from Kansas City to St. Louis. State transportation officials are accepting public
comments until March 16 on the proposal.
Con-way president has concerns about oversight of trucking in Mexico
WASHINGTON — At a time when Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has gone to Capitol
Hill in an apparent effort to come up with a new cross border trucking plan, the president of one
of the nation’s largest truckload carriers says given the present conditions in Mexico, now is not
the time to be thinking about opening the border.
LaHood Pitches Mexico Truck Plan to Skeptical Lawmakers
WASHINGTON -- Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood met with lawmakers to hammer out a
new program to let Mexican truckers cross the border, but it was unclear whether two leading
Democratic opponents would lend their support.
Bill aims to freeze truck size, weights on interstates
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 – Given the state of the nation’s infrastructure, a bill introduced in
the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to lock down the current size and weight of trucks and
ATA Truck Tonnage index rose 1.7 percent in February
ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted For-
Hire Truck Tonnage Index edged 1.7 percent higher in February 2009, marking the second
consecutive month-to-month increase.
ATA claims L.A. mayor, others, distorting group’s lawsuit
ARLINGTON, Va. — American Trucking Associations (ATA) Vice President of Public Affairs
Clayton Boyce today levied stinging criticism at officials of the City of Los Angeles, the Port of
Los Angeles and the Natural Resources Defense Council for “misleading the public and press
about the purpose and results of ATA’s lawsuit against the concession plans of the Ports of
Los Angeles and Long Beach.”
Oil prices fade as storage levels hit 16-year high
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Oil prices faded Wednesday as a government report showed U.S. crude
inventories rising to levels last seen in 1993.
Technology Initiative is Bringing Shift to Global Shipment Documentation Process
The global IATA e-Freight initiative launched in 2004 to create a simpler, electronic, paper-free
documentation process, continues to gain momentum throughout the freight forwarding
industry, according to Mike Coney, vice president of Business Development Asia for CargoWise
edi, a leading provider of integrated international supply chain logistics management systems,
This is helping eliminate the old pre-printed "original" Master Air Waybill (MAWB) concept while
ushering in a cleaner, greener and more efficient paperless supply chain documentation
APTA increases opposition to tolls
SAINT JOHN -- Last week, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association made it known any new
tolls would cripple the Maritime trucking industry, and now they’ve taken aim at current tolls.
Colorado governor signs road-funding bill; toll option included
Truckers and others are leery about a transportation omnibus bill signed into law in Colorado,
which includes the option of charging tolls to access existing free routes.
OOIDA members, Washington state lawmakers support relief for truckers
Soaring fuel prices in 2008, followed by a collapsing housing market that continues today, have
forced many log haulers in Washington state to shut down or reduce the number of trucks they
run. Despite this “perfect storm,” OOIDA members Sherrie and Bob Bond of Chehalis, WA, are
not going down without a fight.
Alabama Senate panel advances bill to allot $1 billion for roads, bridges
Highway spending in Alabama would get a $1 billion boost, if an effort making its way through
the state’s Senate becomes law.
Volvo: 2010 emissions standards add nearly $10,000 to truck stickers
With the rollout of 2010 engines nearing, Volvo Trucks North America became the first OEM to
announce its new pricing structure for the EPA compliant equipment. Volvo Trucks says its
diesel trucks equipped with engines that meet the EPA’s 2010 standards will come with a
$9,600 surcharge.
Today’s tax tip: Get a jump on your taxes
Twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from now until April 15, Land Line will bring you tax tips
from PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service. Today’s tip concerns keeping a checklist.
Mass. Congressman introduces bill to freeze truck size and weight
Congressman James McGovern, D-Mass., has introduced legislation to freeze the size and
weight of trucks on 161,000 miles of the nation’s roads.
Clinton calls for quick resolution of Mexico truck dispute
MONTERREY, Mexico — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Thursday called for a
quick end to the dispute that has emerged in the wake of the culmination of the Cross Border
Demonstration Project, saying both sides need to ensure that traffic across the border is safe
and legal.
Next authorization of surface transportation funds one of highest priorities, LaHood
tells Congress
WASHINGTON— Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told members of Congress
Wednesday that the next authorization of surface transportation programs is “one of my highest
DeFazio asks Obama not to cave in to 'illegal' Mexican tariffs
WASHINGTON — Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., has sent a letter to President Barack Obama
urging him to take action against tariffs imposed by Mexico after Congress passed and Obama
signed a bill that killed the Cross Border Demonstration Project.
Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to Address International Border Trade
Border Trade Alliance (BTA) announced that U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Secretary Janet Napolitano will deliver the keynote address at the BTA 2009 International
Conference and Congressional Briefing, "New Administration, New Border Policy," in
Washington DC, April 20 & 21, 2009.
Crude prices surge despite oversupplied market
NEW YORK — Oil prices rose above $53 a barrel Thursday and gas prices jumped above $2 a
gallon for the first this year as investors wagered that there would be a new run on crude stocks.
ATA Charges Los Angeles Mayor, Port Officials Mislead Public, Distort Purpose of
Clayton Boyce, American Trucking Associations vice president of public affairs, criticized
officials of the City of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles and the Natural Resources Defense
Council for misleading the public and press about the purpose and results of ATA's lawsuit
against the Concession Plans of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
LaHood wants all funding options on the table except fuel tax
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he wants all options for funding transportation
on the table for discussion … except increasing the fuel tax. In reaction, the Owner-Operator
Independent Drivers Association continues to say that the federal fuel tax remains the easiest
and fairest way to pay for transportation infrastructure and programs.
Snow storms makes travel treacherous through Oklahoma
OKLAHOMA CITY  — More than 10 inches of snow was on the ground and more was falling by
the hour, but Melvin Chaloupek had seen worse.
Oklahoma to award $250 million in road stimulus contracts next week
OKLAHOMA CITY  — Gov. Brad Henry and state transportation officials announced Friday that
contracts will be awarded next week for $250 million in road and bridge projects, providing a
boost to the Oklahoma economy.
Ohio to build new Interstate 90 Innerbelt bridge with stimulus money
CLEVELAND  — Ohio transportation officials will use $200 million of federal stimulus money to
help build a new five-lane Interstate-90 Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland.
Subcontractors dominate crowd at Colorado road stimulus meeting
DENVER — A meeting Friday where state transportation officials described road projects
getting federal stimulus money drew more than 200 people, mostly subcontractors who have
watched private projects dry up in the weak economy.
Virginia lawmakers approve notable truck bills
Gov. Tim Kaine signed a bill into law that makes Virginia one of about 30 states to offer an
incentive for truckers to reduce idling. It takes effect July 1, 2009. Other bills of interest to
truckers that have made their way through the statehouse and moved to the governor’s desk
address truck parking, UCR violations and overweight truck permits.
'Operation Safe Driver' Takes Commercial Vehicles, Drivers Off the Road for
Pennsylvania State Police personnel and police officers from more than 20 municipal
departments statewide conducted 2,419 commercial motor vehicle roadside inspections and
placed 118 vehicles and 114 drivers out of service for violations during Operation SAFE
(Seatbelt And Fatigue Enforcement) Driver on March 24, State Police Commissioner Frank E.
Pawlowski announced.
Dometic Introduces New Space-Saving Under-Bunk Refrigerators
For 2009, Dometic Automotive is expanding its line of truck refrigerators and freezers with a
new under-bunk refrigerator unit.
SPECIAL REPORT: Truckers protest Ontario speed-limiter law
Monday, March 2, 2009 – Modest in numbers, but certainly not lacking in energy and
dedication, a group of truckers made the most of a cold Monday morning by descending on the
provincial government headquarters in Toronto to protest a law they say is unfair to all
professional truck drivers.
SPECIAL REPORT: Senate considers cross-border program funding
Monday, March 2, 2009 – The debate over funding for the cross-border trucking program with
Mexico is heating up as the Senate gets ready to vote on the bill that contains the funding cut.
The bill was passed by the House of Representatives this past week.
UCR fees adjusted for 2010
An increase in the 2010 UCR fees was inevitable. The need for increases in the UCR fee
schedule for 2010 can be blamed in part on a legislative change in the language of the
program and on noncompliance by some motor carriers who aren’t paying their fees at all.
Scam alert for Ohio trucking businesses
OOIDA’s Business Assistance Department is advising small business truckers to be on the
lookout for a letter pushing an unneeded service from an entity that calls itself “Ohio Corporate
Utah trucker called hero for driving off with burning trailer
Police and fire officials in Ripon, CA, credit a trucker with preventing a potential disaster.
Indiana Senate OKs bill to authorize red-light camera pilot program
The Indiana Senate voted 28-22 to advance a bill to the House that would allow towns in the
state to place cameras at intersections to catch red-light runners. The Owner-Operator
Independent Drivers Association questions the motives behind the effort.
CARB reefer rule includes March registration deadline
The deadline for California-based trucking businesses that operate reefer units to sign up with
the California Air Resources Board is fast approaching. The Environmental Protection Agency
has approved California’s new limits on reefers entering and operating inside the Golden
State, giving truck owners and drivers less than five months to prepare before enforcement hits
on July 17, 2009.
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North Dakota, Minnesota suspend rules for truckers providing relief efforts
With the widespread flooding the governors of both North Dakota and Minnesota have
temporarily suspended various trucking regulations for truckers providing relief efforts.
Independent Trucker Group Asks President to Suspend Plans for Mexican Trucks
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has asked President Obama to suspend
any immediate plans to establish another cross-border trucking program.
Secretary LaHood signs a cooperative agreement with Chinese on safe transport of
dangerous goods
WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood joined China’s Minister of
Transport Li Shenglin today in a historical signing of an agreement to cooperate on the safe
transportation of hazardous materials.
Illinois lawmakers advance bills to eliminate split speeds
Friday, March 27, 2009 – Illinois House and Senate lawmakers approved bills Thursday, March
26, to bring an end to split speed limits on rural, interstate highways.
New Report Details Impact of Crumbling Infrastructure
A report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers shows that with ingenuity and the
right amount of commitment on the part of the nation's leaders and the American people, the
infrastructure crisis is a solvable problem.
Oklahoma agency awards stimulus road projects
OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Transportation Commission has awarded $228 million in
road and bridge projects funded by federal stimulus funds.
Groups give Georgia legislature an extra push to pass transportation funding
ATLANTA  — Georgia lawmakers speeding toward the end of another legislative session
without a deal on transportation funding got an extra push Monday from business leaders,
environmentalists and other advocates eager to help the legislators break the impasse.
Mississippi outlaws red-light cameras
Mississippi lawmakers have put a stop to the use of red-light cameras in the state. Other states
also are looking into rule changes on camera use.
Oil tumbles below $49 on gloomy economic outlook, settles at $48.41
HOUSTON — Oil prices tumbled below $49 Monday as unease about the economy — from
Asia to Wall Street — raised doubts about the global appetite for energy.
Deborah Lockridge Named Heavy Duty Trucking Editor
Veteran journalist Deborah Lockridge, well known in the trucking industry for her concise
reporting and editing, has been named Editor of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. Her career in
trucking journalism spans 19 years, the last 11 with Heavy Duty Trucking.
Midwestern LTL Closes Doors
Mid-States Express, a regional less-than-truckload carrier based in Aurora, Ill., shut down all of
its 26 facilities in nine states last week due to a lack of funding, according to several published
Zero-Emission Trucks to Be Assembled in Kansas City
Smith Electric Vehicles plans to assemble all-electric zero-emission commercial vehicles in
Kansas City, Mo.
Court Sets New Clean-Truck Arguments
Federal court will review concession requirements for ‘egregious elements’ April 27
Bracing for Higher Fuel Costs — Again
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are reviewing legislation calling for tougher pollution standards on
cargo and container ships that would require ocean vessels to tap the distillate fuel supply
already used by the trucking industry for low-sulfur diesel. Requiring a switch from bunker fuel
— considered the dirtiest, highest sulfur fuel on the market — to higher grade distillate fuel
could pressure ultra-low sulfur diesel prices upward and sharply increase costs for shippers.
NAFTA trade 27.7% lower in January
WASHINGTON — Surface transportation trade between the United States and its North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners Canada and Mexico was 27.2 percent lower
in January 2009 than in January 2008, dropping to $47.5 billion, the biggest year-to-year
percentage decline on record, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the
U.S. Department of Transportation.
Recession puts the brakes on vital industry
It's been a long, tough road to haul for truckers.  If the recession hasn't wiped them out - like it
did the 3,065 trucking companies that went bankrupt in 2008 - tough emissions standards
Time to Move On
Enough already. Enough of the unnecessary distractions casting a pall over the future of the
nation’s largest trade gateway as anything more than a regional port for California and the
Southwest. That is not a preordained future for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which
together handle 40 percent of U.S. international container cargo.
Aspiring truckers driven to try new job
RALEIGH — Every student at Carolina Trucking Academy was either laid-off or fed-up, so they
lined up to take nerve-racking turns driving an 18-wheeler in reverse — all betting that life as a
trucker will make a sweet Plan B.
Univision's Primer Impacto Investigates Plight of Port Drivers
On Wednesday April 1st, Primer Impacto, Univision's award-winning news program, will air an
investigative report on the dangerous lives of port drivers. The report reveals the daily struggle
these workers endure as they search for their American Dream.
FleetPride Opens 15th Location in Texas
FleetPride has acquired the assets of Pro Truck & Trailer Supply, which is FleetPride's 15th
location in Texas. The acquisition includes a 21,000 square foot retail and warehouse facility in
It's All But Official: GM = "Government Motors"
Today marks an historic day in the annals of American business.   As U.S. taxpayers, we're all
now in the automobile business.  GM and Chrysler, through President Obama's U.S. Auto Task
force now report to us.  And, we've decided their restructuring plans are inadequate.  To make
the point, we've fired Rick Wagoner, the Chairman and CEO of General Motors.  I'm glad we got
that hard decision out of the way, aren't you?